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Brat Camp (US)

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Brat Camp follows nine families as they make one of the toughest choices and send their out of control teens to SageWalk, The Wilderness School, in Oregon. When faced with teens who do not follow the house rules, and are cursing, partying, and getting in to fight,s these parents are at their wits end and make the decision to do what they feel is best for their child and they will have to realize that this is just tough love.

    Brat Camp kids revisit lives of crime

  • Nick (Brat Camp)

    Nick (Brat Camp)

    Himself Aka. Insightful Young Hawk

    Frank (Brat Camp)

    Frank (Brat Camp)

    Himself Aka. Reluctant Bison Charging

    Scott Fitzwater

    Scott Fitzwater

    Himself Aka. Fire Bear

    Tony Randazzo

    Tony Randazzo

    Himself Aka. Glacier Mountain Wolf / Narrator

    Cindy Fogel

    Cindy Fogel

    Herself Aka. Mother Raven

    Shawn (Brat Camp)

    Shawn (Brat Camp)

    Himself Aka. River Carving Canyon

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    • this was a great show!

      I watched every episode of this show...well, there weren't a lot, but still. I loved the idea of it. They stuck several children that were...well, they were just going the wrong direction in life, and put them out in the middle of no where with some mentors. They had to take care of themselves, and each other. I really think it was a good experience for most of them and it was a wake up call. Some of the children didn't change...but most did. I really just loved the idea of the show and the honesty of it. Just kids in nature. Great show and I hoped to see another season...oh well.moreless
    • Entertaining and hilarious!

      You know I shouldn't really say that because these kids who end up on this show are spoiled brats even but seriously it is a good show!

      I've watched it a few times and in it is always interest, it never bores me, probably because the nasty things that the children do to but seeing them having to learn how to be good is just a major LOL! It is their choice on how they behave in life and at home under the care of their parents and they're only embarrassing themselves even more for having their parents force them to be on local Television because of their despicable attitudes towards their parents and other people. Who knows why they do it; It could be for many obvious reasons eg. teenagers, Bossy, brat etc. In conclusion they're only making it harder for themselves by behaving in an appropriate manor and for it to be soooo bad, they are put on local/worldwide television and forced to camp out somewhere to make up from their despicable behaviour. The kids are only making it more embarassing and worse for themselves by disobedience but it is hilarious! LOLmoreless
    • Great show, awesome and very informational.

      This is not just a great show, It is informational, and awesome to watch! This show has everything that a good show has and needs to have! It is not only great that you can watch it but it is great so people can learn techniques to deal with their children and can deal with their children before major problems start to occur. I am so upset that this show is canceled because it was so great and it was a show that I always thought would last and last forever. There is no other show that I would rather see on that is as informative and great as this one! Great show, keep going!moreless
    • A show that takes out of control kids and breaks them down in order to bring them back to reality.

      Wow what can I say. I was hooked on this show and wish that another season would of been on the way. The cool thing about this show was that the kids did not have a timeline on how long they would be in the program. They were there until it was felt that they were ready to go home.

      They were basically on a camping trip for months it seemed and had to learn skills to survive. Of course the letters to home making up how bad it was kinda made me laugh at the parents that really believed everything being said.

      The kids had to face their demons. There was no where for them to go. Either comply with the rules or you would be there util you did comply. It was a heeling process for alot of them and a confidence booster for others. It was great to watch hem grow. It reminded me of a episode of Maury where the kids go to boot camp and you always wondered what would happened off the camera and how long it really took. This gave you more of a up close and personal look. You got to see first hand what the kids were dealing with and how they were dealing with it. Also it showed how their attitudes changed over the course of time.

      I think the kids on this show really accomplished something. It is better then the kids that are snet to detention centers that no one seems to care about them and no one really tries to open their eyes other then by demanding respect.

      This show let the kids come around on their terms. They were pushed to but not like you see in other shows. It was great and is really missed.moreless
    • See Mom? I'm not a screw-up after all!

      Brat Camp is a great concept. From what I can remember I remember liking this alot. These kids need to be fixed and who better than ABC? Crazy kids gone good is always a winning formula I just wish it was used more often. People didn't like it I guess cause it lasted one round of brats. I shouldn't laugh at this show but I do. This hasn't been done before at least from what I have seen but I like it. I love to see people rough it in the woods as I sit in my couch compfy. Breakdowns, yelling, crying, roughing it, everything I love to see.moreless

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