Brat Camp (US)

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2005 on ABC

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  • In the special two-hour premiere we meet the teens as they arrive at SageWalk and we learn about their behavioral issues that brought them here. The kids have to hike 10 miles through the wilderness with loaded 40-pound packs and celebrate Thanksgiving.

    This is a great show for teens to watch. It can teach them not to do drug or lie or disobey your parents or else they will send you to Brat Camp. This is an inspiring show for teens. It show the troubles of the teens today. It is a great show and I hope a lot of people will watch the show.
  • I'm OK; Your a BRAT!!! This is a show that families need to watch together.

    WOW...I love this show already. Having worked as a clinician and MHT at various inpatient and out patient facilities, in the adolescent unit, I have seem MANY kids JUST like the ones in this show. (And some who are worse and better- runaways/ suicidal teens who were upset because "daddy too the the cell phone away" or "mom won't let me have the keys to the SUV anymore"). And let me tell you, I have seen the work of organizations like the one in this show- and they work. (For most...for some, it can also be a case of a medical condition as well).

    I watched the pilot with my father and he kept on asking me "is she for real?" or "did you have any like that?" And I had to say yeah. We had the compulsive liar, who would break down in tears went confronted with the harsh reality of a therapeutic setting. I have worked with (and a few cases, had to duck and restrain) the angry, impulsive teen who thinks that he can take on the world. So watching this show was, for once, a real glance into a reality show that I know something about.

    Sure, some of the show was a bit predictable- the one girl getting confronted by the counselers/ peers about lying about her cocaine use; the anger management teen who keeps lashing out and having to isolate himself (good first step; I LOVED how he kept having to put rocks in his pockets!!); the respondible party for the phantom dookie; and the deep, dark secret of one of the girls. But that could be a case of having seen so much of it and experienced it first hand.

    And I am so looking forward to some of the future episodes of the show- during the previews of future shows, I LOVED the one where the teens are put on a solo night, and one of them (not sure which on), was in their sleeping bag and sits up and keeps saying "I want my mommy...I want my mommy..." PRICELESS!!!

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