Brat Camp (US)

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 103

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2005 on ABC

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  • This is the episode when one of the young girls reveals that she was molested. I have read reviews that claim this to be exploitative. But I think it is liberating to speak about such incidents, and let truth heal you and shame die.

    I don\'t think this show is exploitative any more than any other reality show, like American Idol, who heartlessly mocks and ridicules its participants that don\'t make the grade. What I like best about this show is not its reality-TV format, which in my mind cheapens it, but its willingness to deal with unpleasant reality that is not necessarily ratings material.

    The victims of molestation are not to blame, and should not be ashamed. For victims to speak their truth, to express their feelings however emotional, is the way to heal. This show gives its participants the emotional space and permission to do just that. And while it may be uncomfortable for viewers, it is closer to truth than anything they usually see on television. I think this is a breakthrough in culture that is extremely important - this is reality and a reality that so many need to face. It could very well serve as life-saving inspiration to many other victims of such crimes in the viewing audience. The truth will set you free, and we should learn not to cringe at it because it takes us out of our comfort zone.

    Authenticity is a rare thing on television, where reality is consistently manipulated and twisted to please the networks and the sponsors, and to enhance ratings and profits. In the rare moments that it is allowed to escape out to the viewers, don\'t turn away!
  • After a failed escape attempt it is decided that the kids need more supervision and two new instructors are brought in. A seven-mile hike through the snow leads the kids into a blizzard and Derek has a difficult time with it. One-on-one sessions are held

    This was an exciting episode for me. The had to hike a seven mile hike in a blizzard. That was scary. I could have never had done that. I would die before I did that. But they all came thourgh it. Derek did the best with me. He struggled at the begging and held everyone up but in the end he proved to himself that he could do it and made it to camp.
  • A hike in a blizzard proves to be too much for some.

    I thought this episode showed some real change. One boy started thinking that his behavior might be related to the new knowledge of being adoped. Another BAD ASS teen helped a smaller teen up to his feet and decided not to allow the others bully him. These were great breakthrews for the two teens. It shows that even horriable angry teens can change when the time comes. That sometimes the problem is just being 17.
  • Interesting show.

    What an interesting show! I dont exactly see the "point" of this show which is why I dont see too many reviews on this show. I think the show is more of an adverstising scheme than anything. Although I do enjoy watching little brats brake down, I can see how it does not appeal to many people.It's interesting how Frank helped Derek out last night but I dont feel he truly found a new sense of compassion. The thing about the kids is that they probably try to be really nice and do everything right so that they can leave early. Oh well!
  • this will not last long

    kids at camp who's great idea was that. that has all ben done before. all the crying it's like jerry spriger's show. The show is not that good from what i have sean so fare. A nice try what where they doing to the kids a littel foot work very "WEAK"