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  • this was a great show!

    I watched every episode of this show...well, there weren't a lot, but still. I loved the idea of it. They stuck several children that were...well, they were just going the wrong direction in life, and put them out in the middle of no where with some mentors. They had to take care of themselves, and each other. I really think it was a good experience for most of them and it was a wake up call. Some of the children didn't change...but most did. I really just loved the idea of the show and the honesty of it. Just kids in nature. Great show and I hoped to see another season...oh well.
  • Entertaining and hilarious!

    You know I shouldn't really say that because these kids who end up on this show are spoiled brats even but seriously it is a good show!
    I've watched it a few times and in it is always interest, it never bores me, probably because the nasty things that the children do to but seeing them having to learn how to be good is just a major LOL! It is their choice on how they behave in life and at home under the care of their parents and they're only embarrassing themselves even more for having their parents force them to be on local Television because of their despicable attitudes towards their parents and other people. Who knows why they do it; It could be for many obvious reasons eg. teenagers, Bossy, brat etc. In conclusion they're only making it harder for themselves by behaving in an appropriate manor and for it to be soooo bad, they are put on local/worldwide television and forced to camp out somewhere to make up from their despicable behaviour. The kids are only making it more embarassing and worse for themselves by disobedience but it is hilarious! LOL
  • Great show, awesome and very informational.

    This is not just a great show, It is informational, and awesome to watch! This show has everything that a good show has and needs to have! It is not only great that you can watch it but it is great so people can learn techniques to deal with their children and can deal with their children before major problems start to occur. I am so upset that this show is canceled because it was so great and it was a show that I always thought would last and last forever. There is no other show that I would rather see on that is as informative and great as this one! Great show, keep going!
  • A show that takes out of control kids and breaks them down in order to bring them back to reality.

    Wow what can I say. I was hooked on this show and wish that another season would of been on the way. The cool thing about this show was that the kids did not have a timeline on how long they would be in the program. They were there until it was felt that they were ready to go home.

    They were basically on a camping trip for months it seemed and had to learn skills to survive. Of course the letters to home making up how bad it was kinda made me laugh at the parents that really believed everything being said.

    The kids had to face their demons. There was no where for them to go. Either comply with the rules or you would be there util you did comply. It was a heeling process for alot of them and a confidence booster for others. It was great to watch hem grow. It reminded me of a episode of Maury where the kids go to boot camp and you always wondered what would happened off the camera and how long it really took. This gave you more of a up close and personal look. You got to see first hand what the kids were dealing with and how they were dealing with it. Also it showed how their attitudes changed over the course of time.

    I think the kids on this show really accomplished something. It is better then the kids that are snet to detention centers that no one seems to care about them and no one really tries to open their eyes other then by demanding respect.

    This show let the kids come around on their terms. They were pushed to but not like you see in other shows. It was great and is really missed.
  • See Mom? I'm not a screw-up after all!

    Brat Camp is a great concept. From what I can remember I remember liking this alot. These kids need to be fixed and who better than ABC? Crazy kids gone good is always a winning formula I just wish it was used more often. People didn't like it I guess cause it lasted one round of brats. I shouldn't laugh at this show but I do. This hasn't been done before at least from what I have seen but I like it. I love to see people rough it in the woods as I sit in my couch compfy. Breakdowns, yelling, crying, roughing it, everything I love to see.
  • I got more problems in a toe nail then these worthless kids have all together.

    Send them to jail or tell them to suck it up. Because having a show on society draining kids isn’t going to get my vote any time soon. Plus give me a break you call those problems? I got worse problems then that and I suck it up and don’t see a therapist. these kids need a good beating to wake up and smell the coffee like I got. The person that pisses me off the most is the compulsive lying girl. If she had strict decent parents she wouldn’t lie. But when you put a dumb girl with even dumber parents. The results are never to good. Overall if you want a good show see Intervention.
  • this show is so funny but its very serious i think but its still funny as heck! i didnt watch every episode but i thought i was funny when i watched it with my cousins we laughed the whole time...

    this show is so funny but its very serious i think but its still funny as heck! i didnt watch every episode but i thought i was funny when i watched it with my cousins we laughed the whole time we thought how they ran away was so funny but its cool i mean i have many friends who should be there i would love to go cuz its seems funny i mean u probly get to miss school i think it would be so funny to go... also i thought how that one girl like shit on the ground and then she had to dig a whole and she made a big deal about it or whatever and how that adhd thing and how he was jumping and running around and stuff and then how he was walking the miles and he was like i'm tired and i want to take a rest well you should have been like that to your mom in the first place... what about that kid who like didnt like his twin brother and tried to stab him that was so funny we were like well if i looked that ugly i would be mad at my family too
  • I am not a fan of reality TV. But, this show rocks.

    This show is good. It's sad seeing teens not much older than me dealing with problems. I kinda like seeing those teens suffer their harsh punishment. It was pretty cool seeing them dovercoming their fears. It wasn't shocking to see that a few would get in trouble again. I think they need to have another group of teens going to Sagewalk.
  • I think the understanding and kindness the therapists show for these kids is worth the pain of watching them act out and suffer anguish. Its hard to watch a young girl talk about molestation, but think of how she can inspire similar victims.

    I don't like the reality TV format of the show that titillates the viewer with the petty drama of temper tantrums and emotional outbursts. But the redeeming value is the positive influence of the kindness and patience of the therapists. Most of the kids acting out had real issues to address - unresolved grief, learning disabilities, past traumas. Some were just spoiled brats - but they were the minority. Although this was probably over-edited for marketing purposes, it still showed the sometime ugly and ordinary face of everyday growth. THe kids that started out as self-indulgent brats ended up brave warriors in the face of adversity (maybe an exception or two there). Funny to see the audience become squeamish over bathroom issues, after Fear Factor and so many other vulgar emanations on primetime tv these days. I think this is a good show - and I liked to see the kids grow up and mature before our eyes (well, in most cases, anyway). But I would rather see it in a documentary format than a reality TV show format that seems to cheapen it more than anything.
  • hmmmmmmmmm

    i really dont get why the kids would agree to be filmed and then express their feeling on national TV! i dont get it!! at first i thought this show was just a fake but alot of people are saying it is very real? i dont know if these kids are actors or if its real
  • This is the best "teen focused" show yet.

    This has teririble teens that have no where else to go be filmed at a camp for these kind of teens.

    It was really good and very emotional for me and well I don't cry offten.I thought the time times where off somedays like one day it would be on at 9 30 then 10 then oh yeah we moved it to sunday night at 8 like wtf keep it the same.

    The secound draw back from this show was that,for some of the kids, the camp did nothing for them and they went on there destructive paths and well that really sucks big time. ahh well I can't work for everyone.
  • Great Show!

    I thought the show was great! It even inspired me to go to the sagewalk website and learn more about the program. Instead of sitting in an office for an hour on a little chair talking to a therapist, these kids were constantly dealing with the problems 24 hours a day and a therepist was there at the drop of a hat if needed. I would think this show would be much more affective than other therapy.
  • The kids my momma would smack

    This show is really quite interesting to watch if for no other fact that during each episode, there's always that one moment when I have to just say out loud...

    "If my mom were your mom, she'd give you the spanking you deserve."

    None of these kids would get away with any of the stuff they're used to getting away with. I'm constantly shocked at how Jada's parents continue to believe everything she writes in her notes, despite the fact that she's been sent to the camp due to her constant lying.

    My best friend was sent to one of these types of camps as a teenager and he says that this show is bringing back quite a few memories of what he went thru and that the show is quite realistic in what each kid goes thru and how the counselors handle their issues.

    I still say all the world needs is to have my mom let loose on them. She'd straighten all of them right quick. Including Frank "The Violent". My mom's an amazing discipliner at a towering height of 5'2". If he ever raised his hand to her, he wouldn't be sitting comfortably for MONTHS. (Trust me on that one... experience talking.)
  • Just do a TV special on it. No need for a series.

    Any show of this sort, on this topic, will be considered exploitive and self-congratulatory, no matter how it\'s run. A better idea would\'ve been to do a newsmagazine show on it. It\'d be more credible.

    I have to object to what another reviewer said about the girl revealing her molestation, though. It shows that he considers it shameful. Embarrassing, maybe, but so would it be if someone were to reveal on national TV that he was victim of ID theft or a robbery. If you think a woman revealing her rape is bad, what does it say about your belief in her culpability? If that\'s what he got from her revelation, then I\'d have to thank ABC for bringing up the issue.
  • Not a lot of people like this show, but I think its rad.

    I actually love this show, its not my favorite but its just so interesting to watch. I like to see the kids before they go to the camp and see like what they did wrong. If someone asked me why I rated this show 8/10 its because its informative by showing what some cosequences are to being wild and rude. Its interesting because you watch them go through a transition stage and you can see them chaning each episode. Its dramtic when they try to escape or when something shocking happens. Its entertaining because it makes you want to watch the next episode.

    Overall, its a pretty good show. I didn't rate it 10/10 because I heard about what Jada and Isiah (or frank, i forgot) did.

    You have to realize not all treatments work for people, and this treatment didn't work for them.
  • This is definitely going to influence parents to ship off kids/brats of their own to similar camps.

    I had a friend back when I was in high school that got sent to a similar camp as brat camp, due to his misbehavior (setting trash cans on fire, ditching school, joining a gang, etc.). I don't think this show is such a bad idea. The way many kids are raised on videogames and television these days is really a bad thing. Some of these kids definitely needed the reality check that Brat Camp is. I can see it being a good show for a family to watch together, to straighten out brats before actually shipping them off. I'd watch it again for sure.
  • This show is too exploitive for minors struggling with personal inner pain. How could ABC and this camp air that young 16-year old girl admitting she was sexually molested to everyone!? This is doing more harm than good for these troubled teens as everyon

    I understand the moral of the series of showing troubled teens being transformed through this \"Boot Camp\" since many are leading into troubled lives and need intervention and \"Brat Camp\" (who came up with that?) is trying to save them, but the show still comes off as very exploitive on so many levels.

    I don\'t care if some 30-year old wants to be on reality TV and make a fool of himself/herself but these kids have real personal issues who are struggling in their teens and the fact that this is being broadcasted for the world to see their pain is just awful.

    And some of the kids are not even THAT bad that they need to be at \"Brat Camp.\" Again, who came up with the name. Why was the ADHD kid there? He didn\'t seem really troubled; maybe some therapy and something to do as he seemed bored at home---BUT not Boot Camp.

    The girl who is a \"Compulsive Liar\"? So what?! Most teenagers are compulsive liars. I was. But you grow out of it. And some of those parents needed just as much boot camp as their kids did.

    How could ABC and this camp air that young 16-year old girl admitting she was sexually molested to everyone!? I won\'t even go there with the bowel movement segment and the girl being embarrassed to clean it with everyone knowing.

    I\'m sorry, I just don\'t like the series. These kids will be more hurt and mortiful and living in fear than helped. I feel sorry for them and angry and ABC and these \"Brat camp\" hippie specialist! Ugh!
  • Unlike anything you have seen before.

    This show is good because it teaches mean teens a lesson, I am a teenager and I cant stand mean people so I like to watch this show because it is good to see how the mean teens that are at the camp regret what they did in the past and its nice to see people trying to change their bad image
  • I love this show. I was addicted right from the start. These kids are dealing with some of the same things I am and most teens are...

    This show is really very good. It doesn't just help the kids in the program, it gives parents and teens and open mind about some things. The things the teens have to do to figure themselves out and make progress are really great. The medaphores in the hikes and the activites are very infuential too. Plus, it is original, there hasn't been almost anything like this in my time and I really enjoy it. The teens problems are very similar to mine and many other teens out in the world. I think it's nice to see that you can get past all of those bad things in your life and move on and be happy.
  • Exploitive, Sad, Unethical Infomercial! Kids have died in these places

    I understand that shows like these can be interesting and at times heartwarming (to some). But, these are kids! I mean ADHD, Dyslexia, molestation, grief? Does that = Brat? I do not see how having children break down and cry in front of the group and television viewers due to their past abuse, forcing a child with dyslexia to read (or attempt to), death of family members, issues around abandonment, ADHD and being the smallest and youngest in the group can be \"healing\". And the \"therapy\" with the therapists being taped and shown to the public, hello confidentiality! This might work for a short period (especially since the children are completely removed from their enviornments), but how much you wanna bet a few months after, same behaviors. Excuse me, but I think relationships are always a 2 way street - maybe their needs to be a Parent Camp, too! Couldn\'t continue watching it - made me sick to my stomach. If I wanted to watch an infomercial, I wouldn\'t have tuned in to ABC primetime!
  • Okay Show

    I didn't like it at first. I thought it was the most stupidest thing on TV. After a while I saw it seem to help some of the kids. Therapy like Having a camera in a therapist office.
    However, I don't like the fact of kids revealing personal secerts on TV. Airing Family's Dirty laundry seems a bit much regardless of this helping them deal with anger or desructive behavior. I rather not hear these issues like this. But ALL and all it's an okay show
  • Another pathetic pseudo-reality show that exploits the pain and troubles of others for ratings. I found myself wondering how completely and accurately these "counseling" programs are presented, and I tend to agree with the view that the it comes across as

    an infomercial for them. It's interesting that the narration is done by a "Sage Walk" exec, rather than a neutral third party who could interview, and present it without bias. It also gives me pause that this involves teens being coerced into exposing their issues on national TV, and that adults lied them into it (a good lesson for kids like Jada). And as "Nihilanthic", a poster on another message board noted, "How the f*** is marching in the desert and eating burnt oatmeal going to fix or address any of this?" I too wondered how effectively their actual issues are addressed. Certainly they might be singing the right tune for awhile to avoid going back (and perhaps because they now fear their parents?), but the long-term effectiveness, and other aspects of these camps, is worth questioning, as noted at

    A definite thumbs down from me - just too tacky.
  • While I don't think Brat Camp is the best reality show ever, it's still far from the worst.

    While I don't think Brat Camp is the best reality show ever, it's still far from the worst (ex: Temptation Island). Like almost all reality series it is full of drama and crying and of course, troublemakers. While not great, it is something to waste time on during the dog days of summer. Besides, this is actually real, not like other so-called reality show (ex: The Simple Life... where almost everything is planned)
  • I don't usually like reality show but I'd have to say this one is amazing it has a purpose in this world. Amazing Show !!!!

    Brat Camp a place where troubled teens go to work out the problem. I like this show alot it actually has troubled teens unlike alot of those others in my opinion. This whole show serves a purpose, it's not just showing the kids trouble but it's showing the viewers how to get past you'r troubles whenyou feel that the world is treating you unfairly. Like Laren had said in episode 2 after the hike "No ones going to help you up and carry you on you'r way" and with that you can eccomplish more then you ever thought possible. So overall this show is not just something to watch it sends an important message. Amazing.
  • It makes me feel better about myself.

    I could live without it. Seeing these kids' parents fall for the puppy dog eyes and lies are very unbelievable. I love the little blurbs underneath their names. Isaiha, Angry Punk. Derek, Hyperactive. Nick, Tried to Stab His Twin. An okay show, I just can't sit through two episodes in one night...
  • Excellent show!

    This has become my new "anticipating to sit down and watch it" show. It's awesome. The kids, when they first arrived at SageWalk, were likeable even in what they did, and now as the series progresses, they're becoming even more likeable, and they're learning. Becoming better people. Helping each other out. It's awesome.

    I've never been in the situation that any of these teens have been in, but I can feel for them in what they're doing. When they overcome obstacles, it's great to see. I'm rooting for them. The people who work at the camp say that they won't be home by Christmas going by some obstacles that they have yet to overcome... But we'll see as the season continues.
  • This show is just plain mean.

    "Brat Camp" (which I think is a very bad name for this show.) Is about troubled teenagers who go to "Brat Camp" to stop their distructive behavior. Their parents don't know what else to do so they send them to a camp where cameras follow their every move and the whole world would be watching them. I think family therapy sessions would be much better.

    This show is just appaling. First we have a girl that was sexually abused when she was a kid. She was forced to admit it, with cameras on the whole time. They didn't even recpect her privacy. That is just sick.

    In another episode a girl that lost her dad started crying about losing him at such a young age. Things like this are personal, and should be delt with by their families only. Not with millions of people watching them that they don't know.

    I don't get how this would help kids. This show is sick, appaling, and shouldn't be used for entertainment.
  • This show is about these kids who need some disaplent but they are too out of controle for the parents to handle. So the parents send the kids off to boot camp..But for teens.

    This show is pretty good. I like this show alot. It shows the real life of bad kids today. And shows how the parents can not handle their kids so the parents send the kids off to boot camp. This show is like real life. Considering the fact that theres so many kids out there today who are bad, And need some strict people in their life. They think they can get away with anything at home, But then they get sent to a boot camp. Just like real life. More kids need to go here. Hell I should have gone here when I was younger. But all jokes aside, This is a real life show. Shows the lives off teens strugaling with life and how to cope with it when some real athority comes in to their lives.
  • I got interested when I heard that parents were putting VERY destructive kids in a camp to cure their problems.

    ABC has been turning it's eye over to SageWalk, a camp in Oregon which trains teenage drug abusers, trouble-makes, and just kids who are not following the rules, to calm down and get in control. The counselors at SageWalk take them on a trip in the wilderness. Some of the teenagers get very emotional and aggravated because they do not wanna be there. The counselors keep their cool and try to get through to them. It's a very interesting show because you wanna know what will happen. What they will do next. If they pass or fail a test, if they don't disobey the rules, and just the methods that counselors use to calm these kids down is interesting. There is some violent stuff and some adult language that people would not enjoy. Very interesting stuff. 8.8/10.
  • A show that really provides a look at what teen issues really are all about. Brat Camp, although their participant's situation are more extreme than average, really shows, to some extent, what the teen years can be.

    I watched this show for the first time tonight. I'd been planning to watch it ever since it started but, tonight was my only chance. And I'm glad I finally did. After watching this show, I've gained a lot of respect for the participants. I know I'd probably never be able to have the perseverance and strength to complete those tasks. Although some of the tatics can seem a bit extreme and the teens can be considered "hard cases", the show gives a lot of positive messages. It shows that everyone has a good side, that anything can be accomplished when you put your mind to it, there are no bad people - just people who make mad decisions and it shows what many teens, although on different levels than those participants in the show, go through. Many of these emotions are completely relatable to their teen viewers. And those at any age for that matter. It really is a great show and has the power to touch and affect many lives.
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