Brat Camp (US)

ABC (ended 2005)


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  • Entertaining and hilarious!

    You know I shouldn't really say that because these kids who end up on this show are spoiled brats even but seriously it is a good show!
    I've watched it a few times and in it is always interest, it never bores me, probably because the nasty things that the children do to but seeing them having to learn how to be good is just a major LOL! It is their choice on how they behave in life and at home under the care of their parents and they're only embarrassing themselves even more for having their parents force them to be on local Television because of their despicable attitudes towards their parents and other people. Who knows why they do it; It could be for many obvious reasons eg. teenagers, Bossy, brat etc. In conclusion they're only making it harder for themselves by behaving in an appropriate manor and for it to be soooo bad, they are put on local/worldwide television and forced to camp out somewhere to make up from their despicable behaviour. The kids are only making it more embarassing and worse for themselves by disobedience but it is hilarious! LOL
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