Season 2 Episode 2

New Kid

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 16, 2006 on FOX

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  • I could watch this episode over and over forever!!!

    This is one of the coolest episodes of Bratz. I totaly love this one. I watch it over and over on okay, so what happens is there is this new kid, Shane, and all of the Bratz are madly crushing on him. After fighting over him, they deside to take turns dating him. But that wasn't such a good idea because Jade was saying how boring and self-centered he was on their date which gave Sasha the idea that Jade was done with him so she started dating him. Then Yasmin decides to have lunch with him, thinking it's not exactly dating him, but to Sasha it was. that's why she called her a two-faced back-stabing boyfriend-stealing she-devil. after all that mayhem, the Bratz found out that he has been planning on secretly dating all of them at once-along all of the other girls in stiles high- and rating them on a chart in the boys bathroom. so then he gets busted when all of the Bratz "coincidentally" meet in the same place while dating Shane. I hope everyone who read this has already seen this episode or else i just ruined the surprise. LOL
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