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  • Mother of pink! This show stinks!!!

    The Bratz merchindice has definetly a long way, but who's idea is it to make them have their own TV series? It's unbelivably dull.
    They have their own magazine, and whatever that company is is planning to shut down the Bratz magazine. The charaters are stupid, in fact, all of them are, especially Dillan. Dillan's an idiot. They try jokes to make it funny, but neither of them are good.
    The animation graphics is worse than the story, they all stunk. These girls with the passion for fasion are acting like female pop stars.
    Come on guys, I've seen other shows that don't stink that hard. If you ever see a Bratz doll, think to yourself: The Bratz show is stupid.
  • A guys review for this crap

    Choppily animated, ugly characters, bad dialouge and being made after a gheddo street trash doll. what prloblems do you see here. It is animated much like that crappy movie \"HoodWinked\" and should suffer the same fate. But 4 Kids is known for crap so they prlobly wont kill this #### anytime soon.
  • What the hell

    What the hell is this show oh im a girly girl who loves make up and junk lol just joking im a guy but bratz arent they damn dollz and not to metion it a crapy like barby toy i know this i wacht teletoon and hav seen those crapy comercials.
  • I keep saying theres nothing good on television anymore. Sadly, I could never be so right. This show is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell dolls.

    I always give every new show the benefit of the doubt before passing judgement. Unfornately, I show have gone with my gut instinct and turned off the television. I saw about 3 or 4 episodes before I called it quits completely. The way the charcters are depicted is completely unrealistic. I'm a guy and the way these girls behave are exactly what I DON'T like in a girl. In their attempts to act selfless and independent, these characters fail and still give off the impression they are self absorbed and obsessed with material issues. The twins in pink are by far the worse. Granted, they're supposed to be comedy relief, but they could've been handled much better. Its sends the wrong idea that blond girls who wear pink are nothing but airheaded bimbos who think of only but themselves. Speaking of wrong messages, the whole show gives off the idea that girls only need to concentrate on clothes, makeup, and boys. Those vices are okay, but the they emphasize it on the show.
    The animation itself is also below quality. The characters pretty much share the same archetype body with little to no uniqueness and/or originality; like the dolls. Plus the shapes of the bodies give off the idea that that's the way teen girls should look these days. Animation doesn't need to be Pixar level quality, but still, there's been better 3D programming out there.
    This series is one I would not show to any young female audience.
  • Four friends Come together to form the Bratz magazine while going through everyday life in high school.

    I was trying to put up a Bratz page but I see someone beat me to it! See I'm mad now! But I'm cool. I'll contribute something cause this is my show! I've been there sincer day 1 ! I'll gonna put up some pictures or somethin'!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I'am all about lookin' good, dancing, shopping, music and singing!
  • This is one of my daughters favorite shows and I have to say that I enjoy it as well.

    My daughter and her friends are HUGE Bratz fans and they love this show. We capture it every saturday on DVR and they are planning a Bratz marathon for Christmas Vacation. Yes it coud use some fine tuning on the graphics but other than that its a good kids show.
  • UGH!

    The Bratz doing a fashion magazine? Do I need to comment? This just shows that girls are shallow nowadays and obsessed with fashion. How pathetic. This is just too sad for words and Walt Disney would even turn in his grave over this utter pile of donkey droppings. Kill it now.
  • Move over Barbie! It's time for ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! This show is very inspirational, educational, and it's loveable to watch! Eve

    Move over Barbie! It's time for the ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! They've been asking for a BRATZ tv series for years! This show is very inspirational, educational, and the characters are very loveable. To know the whole beginning, you have to watch BRATZ new movie "Rock Angelz"! It's also a great movie too! This show has comedy, romance, drama, adventure, and a whole lot of fashion! Plus, cool music. Everyone should watch it! Recommend it!
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