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  • I enjoyed Bratz, Screw all the crappy as reviews down here. (Trust me I have seen better

    Nothing to serious but the fact that...

    Half of these people work for bird freak. All Bratz fans would know who I am referencing to..


    A little hint. She looks like a Mutated 40yr old barbie...

    Anyways; This show was mainly my childhood, and I am glad.

    I must say I enjoyed it better than barbie anyday :3

    <3 Bratz! :3
  • You guys are all wrong -.-

    Well, first, Bratz IS NOT a show! It's movies on the different adventures they've gone through. Example ? There is Bratz BABY'z, Bratz Kid'z, and Bratz Teen''z. The people who are saying they dress badly...IT'S A C A R T O O N! You don't want your kids to dress like them? Then don't let them. Point blank. Oh, and the outfits are not inappropriate (yes I spelled it wrong), Yes, there shirts are SOMETIMES a bit above their belly button, does that matter? Teen's these days wear worse! Instead of complaining on how the look, think about what they teach kids. Bratz teach kids that anything can happen if you put your mind to it! Or doesn't matter how tall, small or anything to try and win. Bratz also shows how friendships can have its days, but in the end, your BFF's and you can do anything. It also shows loyalty, trust, girl power, being nice to one another, and teamwork! C:
  • This show must come back! I know many may disagree but i know they are people out there who do agree

    This show was so much fun to watch. I am so mad that it does not go on but I refuse to beleive it's not coming back. i love this show. it's one of the best shows ever! i love you all who agree! all the characters are so much fun and interesting and unique. i love the couples. they are all so cute. i could never get enough of this show. it is filled with romance comedy dram and more. the stories are all well put together. it's the perfect show for girls everywhere! i love the bratz. Go Bratz!
  • good show

    i love the theme song. the animation is really well done and i love how it is computer animation. this show has sasha, jade cloe and yasmin. 4 girls who work on there magazine which they call bratz. snd how they got the name bratz, i'll explain in a minute. ok so here's how they got the name bratz. thanks to burdine, a rich lady in the show hates them and in one episode burdine called them bratz and if i'm not mistaken i think that's how they got the name for there magazine. this show rocks. i love it. it's my favorite show on tv, the bratz rock!
  • The best show ever

    The is the perfect show for any body. I don't cxare if any one has somthing bad to say about it. I love this show. It's my favoritte show ever. I cant wait for the third to start. I never ever wnt to miss an episode. They always keep me at the edge of my seat. I am always just so exited to see what will happen next. I love all of the romance and drama that comes with the episodes. I would nevr ever ever stop loving thus show. It is my all time favoritte. there is absolutly nothing to hate about it. that's why this show deserves a hundred percent!
  • The greatest show ever based on friendship,romance comedy and drama. Four best friends, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha start their own hip teen magazine and spend their time finding the biggest scoop for it. This is definatly the best show for anyone!

    OMG! This is the best show to ever hit the face of this Earth. I love it so much I wish I could watch it every single day, nonstop!! Thank you, who ever made this show, and whoever agrees with me, hi-fiving! Anyone who dissagrees is just plain crazy, SERIOUSLY!!! This show is totally the best show on Earth. There is suspence, comedy, romance and more! It is practically impossible to hate this show. There is nothing not to like, unlike those other shows that even though you like it alot, you can still find at least one tiny flaw. Well, not this show. This is truly the best show ever. The day this show goes on 24/7 is the day I really live. Give it up Bratz fanz! I know you out there!!!
  • SHUT THE F UP EVERYBODY! Aint nothin wrong with the show. Even though I hate the dolls, I love the show!!! Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha and Jade try to find different ideas to put into Bratz magazine.

    I love girly girl shows and this one is great! Yazmin and Sasha are my favorite but all of the girls are great. I loved the episode when Eaton wanted to ask Yazmin out but couldn't find the right words to say to her. I thought it was so romantic especially at the end when they went to the party. I think this show is really cool and it's not a bad show for the girls that love the bratz dolls. If I had a daughter I would make her watch the show because I would want her to grow up and act like a girl, not a tomboy like the girls of the show W.I.T.C.H. Then on top of that my daughter wouldn't even think about telling me that she's a lesbian because the girls of BRATZ like boys.
  • my daughters first real show she will not miss and everything s a passion for fashion, good job as she loves her wardrobe I asked if she would like a bratz dvd the reply mom you dont need to ask if it bratz i would like it.

    This fun and funny show entertains my 6yr then thats all the vote I need no violence no rudenes great i can relax, knowing it not going to upset her or me.

    The storys do have an importance of friendship message, they show they dont always get on but always make up which is what does happen in life.

    And I will say the music is good too Its not loud with no lyric you dont understand and it has a beat. the nasty berdeane is funny and so pink it is cool more episodes please i am a little tired of the same one over and over
  • Best Show on earth next to Brandy and Mr.Whiskers.

    This show is so great I love it and wohever dosent sucks really bad it is really good and really funny its just as cool as the dolls I love it so much it also is about freindship and tellig you you can do anythig if you set your mind to it it is verry great I will most likely always like it you should tune in!!!!!!!
  • the Bratz are the girls with a passion 4 fashion!

    i totally LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I AlWaYs RE-CORD It AnD EvErYtHiNg!!! MY fAvOrItE SHOW iN THE WORLD!!!! The girls with a passion 4 fashion are the girls with a passion 4 fashion!!!! anyone who dislikes it are crazy!!!! cuz Bratz is the best thing in this world!!!! actually, in this solar system!!!!
  • It is one of the most greatest shows staring 4 girls

    Bratz is a great show as teens we should'nt follow what everyone thinks about the show, and just write a bad review without watching it. All of the girls hav diferent traits that make the show great. Cloe is a drama queen, Jade is is a laid back koolkat, Yasmin is a nurture of the4,and Shasha is justa hip hop dancing diva. all this eximent+action adds up for a recipe for fun.
    I give Bratz a 10 out of ten
  • Why are you guys dissin Bratz?

    I'm gonna tell it like it is on this one. You guy gave it a bad review because you are over at least 12 and you are not a kid at heart. I'm turning 15 July 31, and I'm a big kid, so I love the show. This show is targeting the ages of those who buy the dolls, books, and cd's. So truley it is for those under 12. I mean sure I bought both cd's, dvd's, dolls, and a book. You have to be a kid or an over aged kid to like the show. If you aren't one or the other you won't like the show. If you don't like the show then change the channel. No one said you have to look at it. I have friends around my age who are in the same vote. We watch cartoons all the time. We watch Bratz, Winx Club, and some others. Only a kid or big kid would like this show. I would say this show is underappreciated.

    The cd's are real good also. They actually put some of them on radio. They have unknown artist sing on the tracks and some sound familliar. Unlike some other artist they don't sing about money they make, and stuff like that.
  • C'mon! Just because it's based off of dolls doesn't mean that it's automatically a bad show with creepy smiling dolls saying "I'm happy! Are you happy?"

    This show is very underrated, why? Because it was based off a popular doll line. That's probably it. But there might also be other opinions on this matter, but who knows? But it'll probably not get much of a fair chance if somebody would only look for the bad in it.

    Now, onto my thoughts on the series. I think that this show has a good voice cast. I felt like I had to see it when I saw that Tia Mowry was the voice of Sasha, being a big fan of the TV series Sister, Sister. I like the different personalities the Bratz have, though I think it goes on a little thick when Yasmin always wants to donate her winnings to a local charity.

    The only thing I don't like is the twins. Though I'm pretty certain that they are just really annoying because they might be based off of a certain doll competitor.
  • Move over Barbie! It's time for ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! This show is very inspirational, educational, and it's loveable to watch! Eve

    Move over Barbie! It's time for the ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! They've been asking for a BRATZ tv series for years! This show is very inspirational, educational, and the characters are very loveable. To know the whole beginning, you have to watch BRATZ new movie "Rock Angelz"! It's also a great movie too! This show has comedy, romance, drama, adventure, and a whole lot of fashion! Plus, cool music. Everyone should watch it! Recommend it!
  • Nobody knows I watch this!

    Seriously, nobody knows I watch this! I am not huge fan of Bratz. The only reason I watch this is because of my little cousin. She always watches this and makes me watch it. She is a huge bratz fan and has loads of bratz items. A lot of people here like this show and don't like it. And i will be in the middle! The Bratz show is very fashionable, and fashion!. This show is about four, best friends, - Cloe,Sasha,Yasmin,and Jade, The Bratz.
    These girls just love fashion and also they have their own magazine! These girls solve mysteries, travel around the world, throw parties and lots more. . I give this show a 5 out of 10.
  • four teenage girls start to make their own magazine where they meet many famous people in order 2 keep theri magazine going but they have to beat out their compotition burdine kursey and kacey from your thing magazine trying 2 stop the bratz from being #1

    i'd say its good but maybe whenever a new bratz doll comes out have a newlook based on the doll other than that it is very awsome oh and make them have boyfriends that last and have more drama thats what it could use yea well writers should think about that
  • This Show rox and it shows girls how to follow there dreams!

    It\'s funny cool HOT! and amazing! 4 regular teen girls stride closer to there dreams like having there own fashion magazine! this show proves that dreams can come true! no matter if you have to beat the reining queen of fashion! also is great for teens because the Bratz share everyday problems like us! it also can help show you whats in style like where to go what to wear! awesome show and one of my personal faves!
  • Four friends Come together to form the Bratz magazine while going through everyday life in high school.

    I was trying to put up a Bratz page but I see someone beat me to it! See I'm mad now! But I'm cool. I'll contribute something cause this is my show! I've been there sincer day 1 ! I'll gonna put up some pictures or somethin'!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I'am all about lookin' good, dancing, shopping, music and singing!
  • It is a good show, but aimed at a younger audience....

    Bratz is a good show aimed at a younger audience but I think the people who watch it most are the audience it's not aimed at. Lots of people think it's sad but some of the messages in it are really good. As with a lot of shows you have to read in between the lines witch can be harder than it sounds. In this the main messages are respect, don't lie or try to be the best, look out for your friends and other important stuff like don't ditch your friends if they wont ditch you. So treat others as you would want them to treat you.
  • This is one of my daughters favorite shows and I have to say that I enjoy it as well.

    My daughter and her friends are HUGE Bratz fans and they love this show. We capture it every saturday on DVR and they are planning a Bratz marathon for Christmas Vacation. Yes it coud use some fine tuning on the graphics but other than that its a good kids show.
  • Better Than Nothing

    This show was canceled a long time ago, but I still wish it were here. Yes, I can understand most of the reasons why people didn't enjoy the show, but when I look back on the times when nothing but 'play time' was important to me and my best friend, there were always Bratz. I may be too old now to watch the shows, but I have numberous girls that I babysit that are always asking me to watch Bratz on my iPhone. I wish the show was still here because when I was younger and loved Bratz, I was only allowed to buy and play with certain dolls due to the fact that Bratz were a huge introduction of (too much) makeup, teaching young kids 'attitude', and innapropriate clothing. I would have watched the show over buying the dolls because I do not recall the bratz in the T.V. series acting 'braty', unless you were counting the annoying pink twins, and alot of the episodes had good morals like; one-on-one problem solving, excepting others opinions, working together, encouragement, and many more things I didn't learn until later on in life. Sure there were other shows I could have watched, but I was in a stage in life were I had grown out of Barbie and was too young for Full House, Bratz were my only option and I loved it! I just wish that Bratz could have been a little more appropriate for young viewers, we dont want to shape girls into half dressed women with personallities that say 'what you look like is more important than who you are on the inside'. I still gave an 8 on rating for me and my best friends favorite pass time show, I miss you Becky! (1996-2007).
  • The dolls might give me the creeps, but the show doesn't.

    As much as I dislike the dolls, and as much as it pains me, I must say that I am rather fond of this show. It shows the misadventures of four teenage girls and three teenage boys as they publish a struggling fashion magazine. Sure the girls may seem a bit shallow, but the show makes them look shallow in a good way. It gives them each a heart of gold, and it doesn't make them mean-spirited like the evil head of a major rival magazine and her twin bimbo flunky interns.
    I think that this is a pretty nice show.
  • it is a pretty good show!! read my review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    most boy hate it and i mean hate it now i dont i just dont get to see it a lot the only way i can see it is by youtube!! But my brother was the 1 who made me want to watch it because he was the 1 who gave me a video game of bratz!! so can someone tell me what channel is it on!!! thank you and have a nice day! and also it should not be canceled !! so boys back of girls. leave us be. and back of of us. why do you even care what we watch.... thank you very much!
  • its based on dolls and a bad message......

    well this show about 4 good friends going throw high school and telling about life well now that i think about those girls are barbie girl there nice and all but they care way to much about looks man its a bad message for little kids the message is care alot about looks and become cool thats a bad message i mean there are some poeple plus high school is not like that they are going to find out the hard way life not like that you dont need a pretty face to get throw life you need to be you over all dont watch this show and get a bad message
  • Decent, but much improvement needed.

    Bratz was the more "Modern" version of Barbie. More exagerated, more daring in clothing design, and more suberficial in some ways. While Barbie has been the hero of a variety of specialties and the icon of half a century of girls' toys, the Bratz are what Barbie was when she first came out: purely a fasion line. So when the show started airing, it didn't exactly have much of it's own line to go on. So it ran on more stereotypes than substance, and it SHOWS, till it got a foothold in good media. Unfortunately, that foothold is still in the process of being found, so to that it's own.

    Premise: The "Bratz", a group of friends, go on adventures while trying to find substance to work with for their magazine. Fair premise, at least in idea. They have an end goal, they have a job, and they (Should) have characterization beyond stereotypes. Unfortunately, it hits only a few of these ideas, and never all the way.

    Characterization: Lacking, but not invisible. Some of the episodes, such as Cinderella or Kidnapped, give more insight into the characters, but it's far inbetween and usually of another person than the main main character. Had some of the characterizations been expanded upon, there could have been some really interesting situations to it.

    Dialogue: Unnatural and stilted at points. It really depended on the point in the episode.

    Plot: Usually pretty cliche with an aesop at the end. Sometimes ran thin, but typically not too bad in terms of length.

    Setting: Fair, but with no variation from the movies.

    Animation: On par with Barbie. Read: not at all impressive, and it times laughable.
  • I can't believe I used to watch this show!!!!

    I used to be a huge Bratz fan. After looking at those uh, "things", again while cleaning my closet, I wondered why they made those for children in the first place.

    I remember waking up to Saturday mornings for Winx Club, Magical DoReMi, and Mew Mew Power back in 2005. I LOVED this show, had all the direct-to-DVD movies, and watched it religiously.

    I really wonder why I did now. The show is very cliche`, the CGI is terrible (though it's beautiful if you compare it to anything made by Video Briquendo or Spark Plug Entertainment, ugh), and the messages aren't as good as they seem. They're all like, "Hey! You're beautiful just the way you are! Now let's take out those braids and swap your glasses for contacts!" (As a child, I hated that scene, because they thought said girl looked bad in her glasses. I wear glasses, thank you very much)

    I'm giving it a five. Why five? Because there are MUCH worse out there. *cough*Fanboy & ChumChum*cough*iCarly*cough*
  • We had the dolls and now a tv show of it.....

    Bratz is stupid i don't know why they had a television show of it even worse 4kids made it which sucks yet it's about these stupid girls with a fashion for passion i hate girls' stuff i have suffered enough with the toys why make a television show of it? since the dolls are not a big success i do not know anyone in my school who likes Bratz and i'm glad they don't cause it's annoying next to My Scene and Barbie(she's also in My Scene) just cancel this damn show so i can be happy.
  • NO MORE BARBIE! Kick in Bratz....the show is okay, however I love the dolls. It's a little girly for me. though...Hello. let's crank up the tunes, let's party, lets shop till we drop. ??????

    Bratz is okay BUT I don't really like it, I especially liked the Rock Angelz special. They really could make it better however. It's an okay show with....okay characters.....but seems a little kiddish to me, but my friend loves the Bratz show, however, I just say its okay. Also a though occured to me...Kaycee and Maycee dolls! Wouldn't that be weird? So the Bratz show is an
    okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay show and it is FAAAR from perfect. Needa a lot of work to catch up with the other shows, but I'm not saying it doesn't have the potential, but it needs a LOT of work.
  • No wonder they are called Bratz, that's what they are!

    It's about spoiled big-headed girls that spend money on useless things. These dolls would teach the little girls to be spoiled and rotten! What happened to just plain old Barbie? Now they are into this Bratz crud. Which brings up a matter, Bratz is just a stupid-looking rip-off of Barbie. Now they have their own show. Oh God no! TV is failing as it is, do we really need the Bratz to make it worse? Exactly what's the point of Bratz? They're just Barbie wannabes with a stupid cartoon! This show really describes the Bratz, they're spoiled and rotten! No offence to any fans, this show is just meaningless to me.
  • I keep saying theres nothing good on television anymore. Sadly, I could never be so right. This show is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell dolls.

    I always give every new show the benefit of the doubt before passing judgement. Unfornately, I show have gone with my gut instinct and turned off the television. I saw about 3 or 4 episodes before I called it quits completely. The way the charcters are depicted is completely unrealistic. I'm a guy and the way these girls behave are exactly what I DON'T like in a girl. In their attempts to act selfless and independent, these characters fail and still give off the impression they are self absorbed and obsessed with material issues. The twins in pink are by far the worse. Granted, they're supposed to be comedy relief, but they could've been handled much better. Its sends the wrong idea that blond girls who wear pink are nothing but airheaded bimbos who think of only but themselves. Speaking of wrong messages, the whole show gives off the idea that girls only need to concentrate on clothes, makeup, and boys. Those vices are okay, but the they emphasize it on the show.
    The animation itself is also below quality. The characters pretty much share the same archetype body with little to no uniqueness and/or originality; like the dolls. Plus the shapes of the bodies give off the idea that that's the way teen girls should look these days. Animation doesn't need to be Pixar level quality, but still, there's been better 3D programming out there.
    This series is one I would not show to any young female audience.
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