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  • Move over Barbie! It's time for ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! This show is very inspirational, educational, and it's loveable to watch! Eve

    Move over Barbie! It's time for the ONLY Girls with a PASSION for FASHION to get the spotlight! It's BRATZ and it's time for them to shine! A dream has come true for the BRATZ fans! They've been asking for a BRATZ tv series for years! This show is very inspirational, educational, and the characters are very loveable. To know the whole beginning, you have to watch BRATZ new movie "Rock Angelz"! It's also a great movie too! This show has comedy, romance, drama, adventure, and a whole lot of fashion! Plus, cool music. Everyone should watch it! Recommend it!
  • UGH!

    The Bratz doing a fashion magazine? Do I need to comment? This just shows that girls are shallow nowadays and obsessed with fashion. How pathetic. This is just too sad for words and Walt Disney would even turn in his grave over this utter pile of donkey droppings. Kill it now.
  • This is one of my daughters favorite shows and I have to say that I enjoy it as well.

    My daughter and her friends are HUGE Bratz fans and they love this show. We capture it every saturday on DVR and they are planning a Bratz marathon for Christmas Vacation. Yes it coud use some fine tuning on the graphics but other than that its a good kids show.
  • Four friends Come together to form the Bratz magazine while going through everyday life in high school.

    I was trying to put up a Bratz page but I see someone beat me to it! See I'm mad now! But I'm cool. I'll contribute something cause this is my show! I've been there sincer day 1 ! I'll gonna put up some pictures or somethin'!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I'am all about lookin' good, dancing, shopping, music and singing!
  • I keep saying theres nothing good on television anymore. Sadly, I could never be so right. This show is nothing more than a marketing gimmick to sell dolls.

    I always give every new show the benefit of the doubt before passing judgement. Unfornately, I show have gone with my gut instinct and turned off the television. I saw about 3 or 4 episodes before I called it quits completely. The way the charcters are depicted is completely unrealistic. I'm a guy and the way these girls behave are exactly what I DON'T like in a girl. In their attempts to act selfless and independent, these characters fail and still give off the impression they are self absorbed and obsessed with material issues. The twins in pink are by far the worse. Granted, they're supposed to be comedy relief, but they could've been handled much better. Its sends the wrong idea that blond girls who wear pink are nothing but airheaded bimbos who think of only but themselves. Speaking of wrong messages, the whole show gives off the idea that girls only need to concentrate on clothes, makeup, and boys. Those vices are okay, but the they emphasize it on the show.
    The animation itself is also below quality. The characters pretty much share the same archetype body with little to no uniqueness and/or originality; like the dolls. Plus the shapes of the bodies give off the idea that that's the way teen girls should look these days. Animation doesn't need to be Pixar level quality, but still, there's been better 3D programming out there.
    This series is one I would not show to any young female audience.
  • What the hell

    What the hell is this show oh im a girly girl who loves make up and junk lol just joking im a guy but bratz arent they damn dollz and not to metion it a crapy like barby toy i know this i wacht teletoon and hav seen those crapy comercials.
  • A guys review for this crap

    Choppily animated, ugly characters, bad dialouge and being made after a gheddo street trash doll. what prloblems do you see here. It is animated much like that crappy movie \"HoodWinked\" and should suffer the same fate. But 4 Kids is known for crap so they prlobly wont kill this #### anytime soon.
  • Mother of pink! This show stinks!!!

    The Bratz merchindice has definetly a long way, but who's idea is it to make them have their own TV series? It's unbelivably dull.
    They have their own magazine, and whatever that company is is planning to shut down the Bratz magazine. The charaters are stupid, in fact, all of them are, especially Dillan. Dillan's an idiot. They try jokes to make it funny, but neither of them are good.
    The animation graphics is worse than the story, they all stunk. These girls with the passion for fasion are acting like female pop stars.
    Come on guys, I've seen other shows that don't stink that hard. If you ever see a Bratz doll, think to yourself: The Bratz show is stupid.
  • C'mon! Just because it's based off of dolls doesn't mean that it's automatically a bad show with creepy smiling dolls saying "I'm happy! Are you happy?"

    This show is very underrated, why? Because it was based off a popular doll line. That's probably it. But there might also be other opinions on this matter, but who knows? But it'll probably not get much of a fair chance if somebody would only look for the bad in it.

    Now, onto my thoughts on the series. I think that this show has a good voice cast. I felt like I had to see it when I saw that Tia Mowry was the voice of Sasha, being a big fan of the TV series Sister, Sister. I like the different personalities the Bratz have, though I think it goes on a little thick when Yasmin always wants to donate her winnings to a local charity.

    The only thing I don't like is the twins. Though I'm pretty certain that they are just really annoying because they might be based off of a certain doll competitor.
  • This has got to be the worst show 4kids gots. Hard to believe it got the highest ratings?!?!?!

    Horrible just horrible. I can't believe they made a show of this. Why not Barbie or something? This is so...eww. Perky girls running around and stuff. Hard to believe people like it. I hope it goes off air soon because its a total waist of time. I'd rather see more Gi Joe than this and I'm a girl. Dang...
  • this is not cool i dont like this show

    dude they just broke a nail and they are all freak out i dont even care im mean it only a nail it will brake or u will cut it off they are annoying to me this show is not really great u know what i mean so not good i noe that some grls are like but they cloe freak out too much
  • This show is awful!

    Ok, trust me! You dont wont to waste your time watching this show. It stinks! I hate it. I cant believe I watched it. Its about Bratz who act really dumb (and look bad in CGI!) and stupid pink people. Dont watch it. Take my advice and if you do watch, make sure you bring a barf bag with you.
  • bratz, little brat dolls. that are bratz

    who in the right mind made a show about little animated dolls named bratz. the bratz are spoiled brats without a cause. this is the type of show i wish would stop. people stop the madness!
    a show about animated dolls
    yeah, welcome to pop culture america
    give the rejects a round of shameless apolase
  • Why can't I give this a 0?

    It is THAT bad! Seriously. It is a really bad show about 5 girls trying to be cool and go out with boys and all that nonsence! I've seen better reality shows. First they made us go through all the Barbie crap. Now this? When will they ever stop?! I'm sick of these stereotypical "girly" cartoons and put something better on why don't you?

    This show is best to be seen by younger girls. It's no good for older people.
  • Ugly and Utterly Stupid. This is what the kids our watching!

    In those rare event for myself to hate a show without watching it Bratz fits the bill. Though from watching \"The Soup\" I have seen some clips and it may possibly be the most crud animation I have ever seen but is just as equeally stupid.

    This is the bubsy 3D of shows. The backgrouds are bland and ugly, the characters color palette pains the eyes. Also the girls look like down right disturbing they honestly look like space alien whores.

    I honestly have to say \"Bratz\" is trying to turn every girl into a whore..alien space whore anyway. Which brings to my idea that Alfred R. Kahn (president of 4kids) is an alien from the planet..well it dosn\'t matter. What matter is he is trying to doom mankind his first actions were raping the greatest anime \"one piece\" and turning into a show that his alien brethen could enjoy,not kids. Secondly he needs woman for his alien planet so he created the bratz show and influenced the toy development into creating the toy with special chemical on it that would create small girls to love it and almost completly turn them into the toys they \"love\" so much.

    So what to do. No more petitions or complaning on their message board for they don\'t have feelings or emotions like we humans do. It calls for drastic messures, we must KILL Alfred R. Kahn. No I should say Garbbles Dooshbag Cumhead Burbble the III! Your madness ends now!!!

    god help us all!
  • I knew this would happen, I just knew it.

    I knew that the dolls would get their own show. After releasing two DVDs and plenty of dolls, it's pretty obvious.

    I'm forced to sit through this show with my little sister everyday,in other words I know a little about the show and enough to give a proper comment. I have to say it's not unbearably agonising to watch. But I don't like the show very much.

    Mother Of Pink, I think, is some 31 year old witch that annoys me a bit. Reminds me of an ugly Barbie. The Tweevils, or however you spell it, are just sickly & unbearable brats.

    Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha and Jade are okay as long as they don't freak out over the littlest things like ruining their hair or possibly getting a zit.

    The boys are the only thing that made me laugh, once, on this show. On that episode called 'Camping' when they insulted the Tweevils after they thought they were the bear. I chuckled and said: 'Yeah, boys, I totally agree with you.'

    Of course, that's my review and I'm 14. I should think this show is aimed at the age group... 4-8 perhaps?

    Yeah, I agree with another review when I say this show is better of for little girls, teenagers just won't like it.
  • NO MORE BARBIE! Kick in Bratz....the show is okay, however I love the dolls. It's a little girly for me. though...Hello. let's crank up the tunes, let's party, lets shop till we drop. ??????

    Bratz is okay BUT I don't really like it, I especially liked the Rock Angelz special. They really could make it better however. It's an okay show with....okay characters.....but seems a little kiddish to me, but my friend loves the Bratz show, however, I just say its okay. Also a though occured to me...Kaycee and Maycee dolls! Wouldn't that be weird? So the Bratz show is an
    okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay show and it is FAAAR from perfect. Needa a lot of work to catch up with the other shows, but I'm not saying it doesn't have the potential, but it needs a LOT of work.
  • Bratz is supposed to be a group of friends who run a magazine for their school.

    I\\\'ve forseen something like this would happen when the dolls begin skyrocketing the merchandising market. But it wasn\\\'t what I had expected it to be like. The movie was much better, but when I got to know the Bratz I discovered that the characters were completely unrealistic and scantily clad.

    It supposed to carries the topic of friendship, but to me it seems that they\\\'re too obsessed with looks and popularity. I wouldn\\\'t recommend your kid sister watching this, for there\\\'s nothing morale about this program. It seems all they ever do is compete with another magazine coporation consisting of two VERY ditzy and ANNOYING twins who even make the Olsen Twins look bad. And the head honcho of the magazine is obsessed with pink! If there\\\'s one color I can\\\'t stand most in the world is that particular color. TO quote Denzworth from Fairly Odd Parents, \\\"AH! It\\\'s pink! It\\\'s a mixture of white and red! It\\\'s so feminine. It reminds me nothing of the hunt!\\\"

    I suggest you guys watch something different that has more morale and character development, because this show is just trash.
  • The arcing trend in animation continues a downward spiral.

    In the 90s we were seeing a renaissance in cartoons that were creator driven, original projects that the people who drew the shows also wrote just like the old days. Now the 90s are becoming the good old days as studios are cranking out derivative fare and doggerel based on toys.

    "Bratz" is by far the nadir. Its supporters will claim that it's teaching girls about being positive about themselves, but how can any girl feel positive having the disproportionate bodies, half mast, over-made-up eyes and thick, pouty lips? On top of which, its positive image message is buffered by the notion that being a star (the notion that prancing around like one makes you one) and shopping is more important than doing something actually positive. These "stars" have zilch personality. It makes "Totally Spies" look like "Rocky & Bullwinkle."

    Sad fact is that today's programmers are no longer taking chances because they can't afford to launch something daringly original and hope it clicks. They go for market research and the assumption that "Bratz" is what the target audience (little girls under the age of 9) want to see. Save it for Nickelodeon or Disney Channel, where Mary Sue shows seem to thrive.
  • Why are you guys dissin Bratz?

    I'm gonna tell it like it is on this one. You guy gave it a bad review because you are over at least 12 and you are not a kid at heart. I'm turning 15 July 31, and I'm a big kid, so I love the show. This show is targeting the ages of those who buy the dolls, books, and cd's. So truley it is for those under 12. I mean sure I bought both cd's, dvd's, dolls, and a book. You have to be a kid or an over aged kid to like the show. If you aren't one or the other you won't like the show. If you don't like the show then change the channel. No one said you have to look at it. I have friends around my age who are in the same vote. We watch cartoons all the time. We watch Bratz, Winx Club, and some others. Only a kid or big kid would like this show. I would say this show is underappreciated.

    The cd's are real good also. They actually put some of them on radio. They have unknown artist sing on the tracks and some sound familliar. Unlike some other artist they don't sing about money they make, and stuff like that.
  • Big headed girls run a magazine.

    Tell me that this show didn't get a perfect 10. ME DON'T LIKE BRATZ. Whoever came up with this show must be an 8 year old girl. These girls don't even have visible noses. Making a show over a line of dolls. HELL NO. This is the worst review I have ever written. SO you can tell I hate this show.
    This a stereotype of teen girls. I'm a teenage girl, I never use my cellphone, I don't talk a lot, I like to read and draw. But all of the girls are high pitched giggling, air headed, fashion obsessed, idiots.
  • This Show rox and it shows girls how to follow there dreams!

    It\'s funny cool HOT! and amazing! 4 regular teen girls stride closer to there dreams like having there own fashion magazine! this show proves that dreams can come true! no matter if you have to beat the reining queen of fashion! also is great for teens because the Bratz share everyday problems like us! it also can help show you whats in style like where to go what to wear! awesome show and one of my personal faves!
  • Simple Terrible,there is no one in really life such as dumb as this girls.

    There is no one in real life such as dumb as this characters; I don´t understand why such dolls are capitaliced to set a bad example among young female tweenz, I´m not going to think it about because I´m not behind of any of the marcheting campaing if this... But I know all of this is set to produce money and nothing more, I could saw one of the episodes and was extremely dumb and pointless, but I already justified my review of this show as a marketing campaing for the dolls with their own television show, and I don´t have any necessite to say anything else.
  • It is one of the most greatest shows staring 4 girls

    Bratz is a great show as teens we should'nt follow what everyone thinks about the show, and just write a bad review without watching it. All of the girls hav diferent traits that make the show great. Cloe is a drama queen, Jade is is a laid back koolkat, Yasmin is a nurture of the4,and Shasha is justa hip hop dancing diva. all this eximent+action adds up for a recipe for fun.
    I give Bratz a 10 out of ten
  • My rating is "0". But I don't know why won't let me rate it that. A show about four stereotypical girls trying to stop an "evil" owner of a rival magazine. One word "Stupid"

    This show is completely idiotic. The four main girls are completelly stereotypical trying to keep in with trends and have a magazine story for their "Bratz Magazine". I know, it's SOOOO intresting. (I was being sarcastic). I can't believe anyone would watch this. The girls try to be so independent and be "rockin' girls". But in the end their stupid, pompus, girls who have been wearing makeup since they were babies. The girls aren't the only problems, the guys aren't exactly the best either. They have no backbone. Always being the fallout for the girls. Doing everything they ask. I can see why the girls would think they're better. Quite frankly, this show deserves to be taken off the air. The only reason it's still on is because of those wannabe girls who want to be "Like, omg so pretty and rockin!". Eventually this show will be taken off the air when a new trend comes rushing in. And to be honest, I hope this show ends even before the happens. It presents a bad image that you should wear make up and keep in with trends just to be popualar. When you can easily be pretty on your own. I know what you thinking, I seem to not hate the show, just stereotypical ness. And you're right. And the show seems to endorse that. And that's why it dosen't deserve even a 0.1 rating. To be honest it deserves -10 rating. And if any of you girls or guys even like this show, please stop. And don't be influenced by it. This show is horrible and I think it should be cancelled and banned from public, or even private arings. And those "Bratz" should get a reality check and learn to stop falling through fads and learn to be an original person. And god, the name "Bratz", what a stupid, stupid name. And who the heck would name their school "Styles High"?
  • Did they really need to make a show out of the Bratz dolls?

    To answer my question above...No, they did not need to make a show out of this. It's a really preppy/prissy ahow. The dolls wre ok, but animate them and give them a personality, and you just spelled "stereotypical disaster". This is supposed to teach young girls what? That if your pretty, you get anything you want and that life's just a breeze. So many corrupted minds of young girls who watch this... Well, they will get a hard wake up call when they step out into the real world and realize that it doesn't work that way at all. They'll only be stuck up and self-centered. This show is abysmal and degrading. I give it a 0, but won't accept anything lower than a 1.
  • Okay this show is about every girl sterotype. Girls are all girly not Tomboys, Goths or whatever. oh ya and they all dress in reveiling clothes and just goto the mall and boys...every last damn stereotype here.

    Okay I watched this show once. I admit that. But it was so freaking lame. I mean the characters are more one sided then a piece of paper. Chloe only cares about boys...and Dylan is some lameo who doesn't understang girls. The plot is worse then cartoon 'Polly Pocket' something is wrong here. Its just another show to cash off the success of the dolls. Go figure! This show is so bad, there's no real plot except that a evil ulgy woman and two twins plotting against their Bratz magazine. These Brats I'd definetly make their mothers make them stay in there rooms Forever.
  • the Bratz are the girls with a passion 4 fashion!

    i totally LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I AlWaYs RE-CORD It AnD EvErYtHiNg!!! MY fAvOrItE SHOW iN THE WORLD!!!! The girls with a passion 4 fashion are the girls with a passion 4 fashion!!!! anyone who dislikes it are crazy!!!! cuz Bratz is the best thing in this world!!!! actually, in this solar system!!!!
  • It's retared!

    O-kay, like who spends all of their time beating up some pink lady's dream of being stupid. And I am not gomma waste my life writing magazines? The show is gay. When ballons pop they pop in 2 or 3 pieces, not a billion. They need to improve their computer stuff. When that girl had high lights in her hair, I thought they made a computer mistake. It looked stupid. She looks hot(ter) without it. (She is not HOT!) Why did the pink lady try killing the bratz? And where are the parents? Tell me a school that lets the kid's fat hang out? (Belly Shirts!) YO! YO! YO! POTATO!
  • Best Show on earth next to Brandy and Mr.Whiskers.

    This show is so great I love it and wohever dosent sucks really bad it is really good and really funny its just as cool as the dolls I love it so much it also is about freindship and tellig you you can do anythig if you set your mind to it it is verry great I will most likely always like it you should tune in!!!!!!!
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