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  • Six high-schoolers take on everyday lives which are critically based on a toyline that gives a terrible message through our American society.

    4Kids TV , infamous for placing Animes that has taken an extreme censor like One Piece for example. Now, we're faced with a toyline series. But, it's not just any other toyline! It's a toyline... that sucks. Yeah, thanks to the people who bought them sterotyped breadbrains, we now have to suffer through a television show... based off the entire set. But do you know what's even worse? It's a show right on 4Kids TV. Strangely , I have no idea why people like this show based off toys that are both very controversial, and are being tried on getting in hot water. The biggest reason to find with it is because little girls who play with them have short attention spans that are going to avoid the right advice. Also , not only have the girls gotten a show of their own , but they had been getting movies before the airing of the show. However , we're now going to see in 2007 be known as the year that brought these devils into the big screen. Bratz even goes live action on the silver screen. It's also going to be Live Action! Plain dumb if I ask. Rating : 0.0 out of 10.0