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  • I enjoyed Bratz, Screw all the crappy as reviews down here. (Trust me I have seen better

    Nothing to serious but the fact that...

    Half of these people work for bird freak. All Bratz fans would know who I am referencing to..


    A little hint. She looks like a Mutated 40yr old barbie...

    Anyways; This show was mainly my childhood, and I am glad.

    I must say I enjoyed it better than barbie anyday :3

    <3 Bratz! :3
  • Decent, but much improvement needed.

    Bratz was the more "Modern" version of Barbie. More exagerated, more daring in clothing design, and more suberficial in some ways. While Barbie has been the hero of a variety of specialties and the icon of half a century of girls' toys, the Bratz are what Barbie was when she first came out: purely a fasion line. So when the show started airing, it didn't exactly have much of it's own line to go on. So it ran on more stereotypes than substance, and it SHOWS, till it got a foothold in good media. Unfortunately, that foothold is still in the process of being found, so to that it's own.

    Premise: The "Bratz", a group of friends, go on adventures while trying to find substance to work with for their magazine. Fair premise, at least in idea. They have an end goal, they have a job, and they (Should) have characterization beyond stereotypes. Unfortunately, it hits only a few of these ideas, and never all the way.

    Characterization: Lacking, but not invisible. Some of the episodes, such as Cinderella or Kidnapped, give more insight into the characters, but it's far inbetween and usually of another person than the main main character. Had some of the characterizations been expanded upon, there could have been some really interesting situations to it.

    Dialogue: Unnatural and stilted at points. It really depended on the point in the episode.

    Plot: Usually pretty cliche with an aesop at the end. Sometimes ran thin, but typically not too bad in terms of length.

    Setting: Fair, but with no variation from the movies.

    Animation: On par with Barbie. Read: not at all impressive, and it times laughable.
  • You guys are all wrong -.-

    Well, first, Bratz IS NOT a show! It's movies on the different adventures they've gone through. Example ? There is Bratz BABY'z, Bratz Kid'z, and Bratz Teen''z. The people who are saying they dress badly...IT'S A C A R T O O N! You don't want your kids to dress like them? Then don't let them. Point blank. Oh, and the outfits are not inappropriate (yes I spelled it wrong), Yes, there shirts are SOMETIMES a bit above their belly button, does that matter? Teen's these days wear worse! Instead of complaining on how the look, think about what they teach kids. Bratz teach kids that anything can happen if you put your mind to it! Or doesn't matter how tall, small or anything to try and win. Bratz also shows how friendships can have its days, but in the end, your BFF's and you can do anything. It also shows loyalty, trust, girl power, being nice to one another, and teamwork! C:
  • Can even make a child's life go down.

    This show has potential! To ruin things!

    Plot: Bratz consists of a five girls, that always whines about their hair, boys, appearance and nothing else.

    Characters: Serves as a bad influence for children, they have ridiculous clothes that are promiscuous. And their attitude too! Can make kids go down in their teenage years! The characters always does what a person with a low IQ would do. Voices are annoying because of their frequent whining, but the other characters besides those girls, are okay.

    Issues: Read Above. This deserves the category "Issues".

    Art: Less colorful than it's crap spinoff "Trollz". Which is okay, the animation is poor this time.

    Overall: -5.1. This show is somewhat an abomination to me. Avoid ASAP.
  • Better Than Nothing

    This show was canceled a long time ago, but I still wish it were here. Yes, I can understand most of the reasons why people didn't enjoy the show, but when I look back on the times when nothing but 'play time' was important to me and my best friend, there were always Bratz. I may be too old now to watch the shows, but I have numberous girls that I babysit that are always asking me to watch Bratz on my iPhone. I wish the show was still here because when I was younger and loved Bratz, I was only allowed to buy and play with certain dolls due to the fact that Bratz were a huge introduction of (too much) makeup, teaching young kids 'attitude', and innapropriate clothing. I would have watched the show over buying the dolls because I do not recall the bratz in the T.V. series acting 'braty', unless you were counting the annoying pink twins, and alot of the episodes had good morals like; one-on-one problem solving, excepting others opinions, working together, encouragement, and many more things I didn't learn until later on in life. Sure there were other shows I could have watched, but I was in a stage in life were I had grown out of Barbie and was too young for Full House, Bratz were my only option and I loved it! I just wish that Bratz could have been a little more appropriate for young viewers, we dont want to shape girls into half dressed women with personallities that say 'what you look like is more important than who you are on the inside'. I still gave an 8 on rating for me and my best friends favorite pass time show, I miss you Becky! (1996-2007).
  • I can't even survive 5 minutes of this show


    Just so you know,I'm a boy,and I don't play with dolls. Especially these things. Bratz are basically toy dolls. Then,a TV show came one,and it has got to be one of the worst cartoons ever to hit TV. The show follows the misadventures of four stereotypical girls Chloe,Sasha,Yasmin and Jade,who run a magazine,and try to get the scoop. Ah,how original! (Sarcasm) The first thing you will notice about this show is the animation. It's done in CGI,and you guessed it,it looks horrible. But this show has got to be the worse show I've seen with CGI. Everything looks so flashy,and blurry,making you look blind. It looks more like an outdated PC game than a show. The characters are no better at all,and stereotypical is not just the word to describe them. They are snobbish,rude,boy obsessed girls who only care about make-up and being popular. And then we have the villain,Burdine Maxwell. Her mission:To stop the girls from getting the big scoop. Ahhh,what a great villain. (More sarcasm). So yeah,this show is just horrible. Unless you want to be blind or disturbed,don't watch this show,or don't play with the dolls,or don't even think about watching that idiotic 2007 movie.

  • it is a pretty good show!! read my review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    most boy hate it and i mean hate it now i dont i just dont get to see it a lot the only way i can see it is by youtube!! But my brother was the 1 who made me want to watch it because he was the 1 who gave me a video game of bratz!! so can someone tell me what channel is it on!!! thank you and have a nice day! and also it should not be canceled !! so boys back of girls. leave us be. and back of of us. why do you even care what we watch.... thank you very much!
  • No wonder they are called Bratz, that's what they are!

    It's about spoiled big-headed girls that spend money on useless things. These dolls would teach the little girls to be spoiled and rotten! What happened to just plain old Barbie? Now they are into this Bratz crud. Which brings up a matter, Bratz is just a stupid-looking rip-off of Barbie. Now they have their own show. Oh God no! TV is failing as it is, do we really need the Bratz to make it worse? Exactly what's the point of Bratz? They're just Barbie wannabes with a stupid cartoon! This show really describes the Bratz, they're spoiled and rotten! No offence to any fans, this show is just meaningless to me.
  • Even if you are a girl and a die hard Bratz fan, it's just not possible to enjoy this show.

    Bratz the TV show was an unneeded cartoon based on a bad toy line that may have sound cute to the girls who love them, but it's jsut a waste of time. Bratz follows the story of 4 girls who have a passion for fashion and run a magazine company, but they must also face a rival company who wants to defeat them. Thought the premise was stupid? Well that's the last problem with this show. The show is one of those CGI cartoons and like most of them, the CGI is terrible. The colors are way too bright even for a kids show, the characters are terribly designed, and the animation for the CGI is really choppy. The stories are terrible and are not interesting in the least bit. It' just either the girls traveling to look for scoops for their magazines or trying out clothes. Boring nonetheless. There is absolutely no humor at all in this show at all and whatever attempts at humor there are just fail epically. The villain, Burdine Maxwell, is disgraceful. All he cares about is making sure the Bratz don't get the next big scoop. Isn't there any other scoops to get instead of the ones the girls try to get? Again I know this is a girls show, but even if you are a girl and you have to own or see everything that is related to the Bratz, do yourself an enormous favor and please stay away from this show. It's not worth the time, no matter how big of a Bratz fan you are.
  • I only liked the zombie episode, Burdine, and the Tweevils. That was it.

    Gee, I only liked the zombie episode (there's something about pink zombies that turns a personal old fetish I have on) the design of Burdine and the Tweevils, and--that was it. Other than that, the show bit. The protagonists whine about how their clothes aren't in fashion, how Burdine is "gross and disgusting" and how each plot is about Burdine trying to find a scoop for her stupid magazine. We were supposed to hate her? I thought she was somewhat sympathetic, if not a touch insane. But, that was just me. The boyfriends are all recolors of one another, and that just kills the "be yourself" aesop they were milking.
  • I can't believe I used to like this show...

    Yes, people, you know my secret; I used to be a Bratz fan. But it was only a daft phase I was going through as a child.

    Bratz the Show was an uneeded CGI cartoon based on the failed Bratz toyline. Bratz concerns the adventures of four teenage girls; Chloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha, who all have a 'passion for fashion' and run their own magazine company. And yes, it gets worse from there.

    First up; the show's CGI. It's terrible (No surprise there!). It's choppy, too colourful and the characters have some the worst designs I've ever seen in a cartoon. The stories for the episodes are awful too. They're completely boring. Most of the time, it'll involve the Bratz girls either going shopping or picking up scoops for their magazine. That's it. There isn't a plot in the Bratz series.

    And speaking of the Bratz themselves... they're all bland and shallow, with personalities as flat as paper. They're just stereotypical teenage girls who obsess over clothes and boys.

    And the villians? Well... the Tweevils are annoying as heck and Burdine Maxwell is probably one of the most shameful villians I've ever seen. All she ever does is think of plans to make sure the Bratz don't get their next scoop. Um, seriously? We're supposed to hate her?

    The humour is dreadful. There is absolutely none in the entire show, and when they do pull a joke, it's terrible.

    Yes, I know it's a girl's show, but this is awful even by girl's show standards. Even if you are a Bratz fan, just stay away from this. And I still can't believe I used to like this...
  • I can't believe I used to watch this show!!!!

    I used to be a huge Bratz fan. After looking at those uh, "things", again while cleaning my closet, I wondered why they made those for children in the first place.

    I remember waking up to Saturday mornings for Winx Club, Magical DoReMi, and Mew Mew Power back in 2005. I LOVED this show, had all the direct-to-DVD movies, and watched it religiously.

    I really wonder why I did now. The show is very cliche`, the CGI is terrible (though it's beautiful if you compare it to anything made by Video Briquendo or Spark Plug Entertainment, ugh), and the messages aren't as good as they seem. They're all like, "Hey! You're beautiful just the way you are! Now let's take out those braids and swap your glasses for contacts!" (As a child, I hated that scene, because they thought said girl looked bad in her glasses. I wear glasses, thank you very much)

    I'm giving it a five. Why five? Because there are MUCH worse out there. *cough*Fanboy & ChumChum*cough*iCarly*cough*
  • The dolls might give me the creeps, but the show doesn't.

    As much as I dislike the dolls, and as much as it pains me, I must say that I am rather fond of this show. It shows the misadventures of four teenage girls and three teenage boys as they publish a struggling fashion magazine. Sure the girls may seem a bit shallow, but the show makes them look shallow in a good way. It gives them each a heart of gold, and it doesn't make them mean-spirited like the evil head of a major rival magazine and her twin bimbo flunky interns.
    I think that this is a pretty nice show.
  • Oh you have got to be kidding me!

    First off the dolls and now this? Are you serious? Ok, so I only watched this for like 5 seconds but watching it those 5 seconds made it feel like my IQ went down a whole bunch. This is bollocks! It's too girly and prissy and blahh! Even though I am a girl myself, I enjoy better things than this disgusting piece of prissy-ness! So I didn't watch most of it but I can tell it will be like that! I watched a movie of them (no, NOT the Bratz Movie) like a couple years back with this little girl and it was stupid!! So I think this show is similar....stupid? Yes? Girly prissy wissy woo woo? Yes? Need I go on?
  • To celebrate my 50th review, I'm going to review one of the worst shows to ever hit the earth.

    A line of toys of superficial girls. A horrible movie, and a bullet to the eye tv show. Why does the girls have halos over there name but there called bratz? I hate how the guys listen to the girls all the time and how the girls have so much lipstick on.

    If anyone loves this show or has a crush on the girls, you must have no life. You must be a nerd if your in love with these girls. The CG hurts my eyes, it's like everybody wants to try CG instead of good old 2D. There are also other crappy shows who use CG like erky perky, back at the barnyard, jane and the dragon, and monster by mistake.

    Storylines: Horrid-1
    Characters: Creepy-1
    CG: Crap looks more appealing-1
    Theme song: My ears bled after I heard it-1
  • Ugh! I thought it couldn't get any worse! Now it's a show?!

    Gee whiz! What's next, a musical? Bratz on Ice? I defenitely cannot stand this dumb show. It's basically the dumb parrot-lipped, anorexic, one-of-them-looks-like-she-has-bleach-blonde-hair bimbos come to life! This show just looks like stereotyping, including those stupid annoying twins! Their voices are too valley-girl (no offense, but they're just annoying!), and they always like the color PINK! I like pink, but not too obsessive with it!! Like these two are! And the boys, well, gosh! Gee whiz! They're a bunch of wussys!! Everyone in this show has problems, just like the dolls did. I think this show is cancelled; they're not making new episodes anymore. That's a really good thing! What a waste of time. Even a Barbie show would sound much better than this.
  • This cartoon is called: Bratz because that's what they Truly and Really are! This is some stupid Girly Cartoon based on the busted toyline, with Horrible 3-D CGI Animation and Graphics.

    My remake of a 78th review after Full House because it got Deleted for violation. This cartoon is one of the stupidest spin-offs of the toys ever. Who would wanna Watch this? It's about four stupid spoiled Little Gals that spend money on Pointless, Junky, and Useless Things. They want to do Gross things with Boys and they want to be cool. Ok! Let's all be Spoiled and cool just like the Bratz! Let's spend money on Useless things so everyone will date us! Wwwweeeeeee!!! Ha! Just Kidding! NOW! Parents, If you are reading this and have a Young Daughter, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let her Play with the Dolls, Play their Terrible Video games, Watch the Movies and Commericals and Most Importantly, Do NOT let her watch the Cartoon series. It's stupid, spoiled and Abysmal! I got my Brain-cells dead from watching this. It's a Snorefest for this kind of Shows! This cartoon Truly gets a Super-duper girly............. F--!!!! Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C 6.0/10.0 Average.

    Animation: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor. The Animation is in low and Dark Quatily. Graphics: F-- 2.2/10.0 This is the reason what made the cartoon very Horrible. The Graphics made the girls have Ugly big Heads.

    Sound: E- 3.0/10.0 Horrible Music with Broken Sound-effects. They are terrible at making music!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.5/10.0 Awful and Annoying.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 2.4/10.0 Terribly None. This cartoon sucks a female monkey Butt.

    Overall: F-- 1.9/10.0 To make this 10 times worse, 4Kids Entertainment helped make this awful girls cartoon. What were they Thinking?!?! They are getting Interesting to Girls Toylines now?! This cannot get any worse. What's next?! Bratz appearing on a Future Super Mario bros. Game?! 4Kids must been out of their minds to think of making this awful spin-off of the toyline. Barbie's toylines were quite Annoying too because they show this stupid Barbie Commercials all the time every 10 minutes. They should end all the girl's toyline Franchises!!!! That's all for this awful spin-off cartoon. Good night everyone.
  • This show must come back! I know many may disagree but i know they are people out there who do agree

    This show was so much fun to watch. I am so mad that it does not go on but I refuse to beleive it's not coming back. i love this show. it's one of the best shows ever! i love you all who agree! all the characters are so much fun and interesting and unique. i love the couples. they are all so cute. i could never get enough of this show. it is filled with romance comedy dram and more. the stories are all well put together. it's the perfect show for girls everywhere! i love the bratz. Go Bratz!
  •'s a show now? You've got to be kidding me.

    I actually think I lost brain cells watching this.
    I don't like how self-obsessed, image-obsessed and boy-obsessed the girls all seem. Yeah, really great role models for future generations.
    Even the admittedly good casting can't save this show in my eyes.
    I actually don't have anything else to say about this show, because it doesn't even have enough things to insult. It's just a vacuous, waste of TV time (much like the Bratz girls themselves).
    When Bratz replaced Avatar on a Saturday morning show over here (I live in Englad) I didn't even bother staying and watching for more than a few minutes - that's how seriously unimpressed I was.
  • Some idiotic adolescents who proclaim that the meaning of life and the answer for everything is "fashion for passion", and who are followed and admired by those who strongly believe in that motto. A great roll of the eyes.

    I didn't think no show would actually receive such a negative, well deserved, feedback until I saw this show on tv. The plots are so cliched, with overused themes and bad directed scenes. The voice acting is excrutianally crude. Pretty much the whole show burns the eyes in sight and shatters the eardrums when heard. The girls are the worst of the worst. They go around with skimppy, revealing clothing showing around their breats and legs (even presenting the well beloved 'booty scenes') to anybody who is presented in front of them, but somehow they manage to think that they are actually well respected and smart! and that of course dressing like a stripper will surely land you a job as a scientist. Of course, since their motto is "Passion for fashion", they live up to it and make it their number one priority. Bad example for little girls!!!, who are of course the number one viewer of these mediocre show. I'm even surprised I gave it a 2.
  • Six high-schoolers take on everyday lives which are critically based on a toyline that gives a terrible message through our American society.

    4Kids TV , infamous for placing Animes that has taken an extreme censor like One Piece for example. Now, we're faced with a toyline series. But, it's not just any other toyline! It's a toyline... that sucks. Yeah, thanks to the people who bought them sterotyped breadbrains, we now have to suffer through a television show... based off the entire set. But do you know what's even worse? It's a show right on 4Kids TV. Strangely , I have no idea why people like this show based off toys that are both very controversial, and are being tried on getting in hot water. The biggest reason to find with it is because little girls who play with them have short attention spans that are going to avoid the right advice. Also , not only have the girls gotten a show of their own , but they had been getting movies before the airing of the show. However , we're now going to see in 2007 be known as the year that brought these devils into the big screen. Bratz even goes live action on the silver screen. It's also going to be Live Action! Plain dumb if I ask. Rating : 0.0 out of 10.0
  • OMG! The bratz are soooo cool..NOT

    Bratz are totally shallow! People should be more like them. They're great role models. I mean, why focus on college and developing talents that help society when we can "shop til we drop" and find a cute boy to go to the dance? Why give to charity or save money for something important when we can buy outfits that make us look like brainless prostitutes? Why mature and ignore the popular girl when we can use a plan that a 6 year old could have devised easily to get her back and win a hot boy over? Yep, the Bratz are great role models for tween wannabes who will someday become future Paris Hiltons, Britney Spears, and Lindsay Lohans that represent all the bad in this world. This is why teenage girls have a reputation of being preppy, loud, and dramatic. And like someone else said before, this is why terrorists hate us!
  • good show

    i love the theme song. the animation is really well done and i love how it is computer animation. this show has sasha, jade cloe and yasmin. 4 girls who work on there magazine which they call bratz. snd how they got the name bratz, i'll explain in a minute. ok so here's how they got the name bratz. thanks to burdine, a rich lady in the show hates them and in one episode burdine called them bratz and if i'm not mistaken i think that's how they got the name for there magazine. this show rocks. i love it. it's my favorite show on tv, the bratz rock!
  • Bratz eh, hmmm yep that's definetly the right name for a buch of ugly, snobby, and self absorbed girls(though I'm not sure they could understand all those words)

    Plot : A bunch of girls that are "BFF's" go on whacky adventures with fashion, cell phones, and other junk that shows off how much these girls are complete self absorbed idiots.
    Writing: At the latest atempt by Al Kahn and his butchering crew to make a sucsessfull girl television show, we find ourselves with this Barbie ripoff called "Bratz", which is indeed not a television show but in reality a Moster that has escaped from a evil Docters Lab. There really isn't any writting, considering you don't need writting to know that you don't want to see the next episode.
    Acting: None, well atleast there's no acting that's good.
    Sub: Animation: This show could be live action if it wanted too but who cares about that, it's all about fashion! :(.
    Special: Rip Off: What else can I say I'ts bad, that's all.
  • The best show ever

    The is the perfect show for any body. I don't cxare if any one has somthing bad to say about it. I love this show. It's my favoritte show ever. I cant wait for the third to start. I never ever wnt to miss an episode. They always keep me at the edge of my seat. I am always just so exited to see what will happen next. I love all of the romance and drama that comes with the episodes. I would nevr ever ever stop loving thus show. It is my all time favoritte. there is absolutly nothing to hate about it. that's why this show deserves a hundred percent!
  • The greatest show ever based on friendship,romance comedy and drama. Four best friends, Cloe, Yasmin, Jade, and Sasha start their own hip teen magazine and spend their time finding the biggest scoop for it. This is definatly the best show for anyone!

    OMG! This is the best show to ever hit the face of this Earth. I love it so much I wish I could watch it every single day, nonstop!! Thank you, who ever made this show, and whoever agrees with me, hi-fiving! Anyone who dissagrees is just plain crazy, SERIOUSLY!!! This show is totally the best show on Earth. There is suspence, comedy, romance and more! It is practically impossible to hate this show. There is nothing not to like, unlike those other shows that even though you like it alot, you can still find at least one tiny flaw. Well, not this show. This is truly the best show ever. The day this show goes on 24/7 is the day I really live. Give it up Bratz fanz! I know you out there!!!
  • What is this world turning into?!

    Well here's my review for this awful show. First they make a toyline of it and then they made this TV show. And now they are going to release a live action movie of it. OK here's what I think? What the heck were these people thinking when they made Bratz?! What even gave them the idea that kids should play with dolls like those, they're nothing but a bunch of sluts. And so they make this show and later a live action movie. You know what that stuff teaches the kids. How to be a bunch of total sluts. The thing that ticks me off the most about Bratz dolls is that they would make Bratz babies. And I can't BELIEVE that they would make dolls with babies dressed like this. I mean who would want their little 6 year old to be dressed like that. I can't believe parents these days are stupid enough to buy kids these stupid Bratz dolls. I mean what is this world turning into?! Pretty soon all the girls in the whole wide world would be all slutty and all that kind of junk.

    My advice to you and parents everywhere. If you have kids. DO NOT let them play with the dolls or even watch the show or see the live action movie. That stuff makes little girls into total sluts. If you want your kids to play with REAL dolls. have them play with Barbie dolls. I guess MyScene is OK for kids to. But not Bratz.
  • four teenage girls start to make their own magazine where they meet many famous people in order 2 keep theri magazine going but they have to beat out their compotition burdine kursey and kacey from your thing magazine trying 2 stop the bratz from being #1

    i'd say its good but maybe whenever a new bratz doll comes out have a newlook based on the doll other than that it is very awsome oh and make them have boyfriends that last and have more drama thats what it could use yea well writers should think about that
  • Nobody knows I watch this!

    Seriously, nobody knows I watch this! I am not huge fan of Bratz. The only reason I watch this is because of my little cousin. She always watches this and makes me watch it. She is a huge bratz fan and has loads of bratz items. A lot of people here like this show and don't like it. And i will be in the middle! The Bratz show is very fashionable, and fashion!. This show is about four, best friends, - Cloe,Sasha,Yasmin,and Jade, The Bratz.
    These girls just love fashion and also they have their own magazine! These girls solve mysteries, travel around the world, throw parties and lots more. . I give this show a 5 out of 10.
  • Here's what the title should be:Superficial Airheadz

    Ok,what do I hve to say about this show,well it's another stereotypical girl show based off a toyline made by 4Kids.Gee,don't we have enough toy based shows and movies that have all jumped the shark?Oh yes let's see now,Winx,My Little Pony,Barbie,and now they torture us with this crap!The girls,their just Bratz who are trying to be cool and honestly look like space aliens with such big and poofy lips,too much make up,and pashion for fashion,oh that's a really intresting slogan.NOT!The guys,don't get me started on the guys,they need to toughen up!Why not show some muscle and don't go around letting those slave driving bratz treat you like(censored)Not talking about my female contacts like diamond_07.Plus,it also copies off 6teeen but is a dumbed down version.It's just

    1.a stupid copy cat made for cash
    2.government corruption
    3.stupid insult to animation fans like myself made by the ever hated Alfred R Kahn
    5.the reason why girls are so shallow these days.

    So if I wanted to watch something girly,I'd watch Sailor Moon(I don't consider it girly though)Now that is vastly superior to these superficial airheads