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  • What is this world turning into?!

    Well here's my review for this awful show. First they make a toyline of it and then they made this TV show. And now they are going to release a live action movie of it. OK here's what I think? What the heck were these people thinking when they made Bratz?! What even gave them the idea that kids should play with dolls like those, they're nothing but a bunch of sluts. And so they make this show and later a live action movie. You know what that stuff teaches the kids. How to be a bunch of total sluts. The thing that ticks me off the most about Bratz dolls is that they would make Bratz babies. And I can't BELIEVE that they would make dolls with babies dressed like this. I mean who would want their little 6 year old to be dressed like that. I can't believe parents these days are stupid enough to buy kids these stupid Bratz dolls. I mean what is this world turning into?! Pretty soon all the girls in the whole wide world would be all slutty and all that kind of junk.

    My advice to you and parents everywhere. If you have kids. DO NOT let them play with the dolls or even watch the show or see the live action movie. That stuff makes little girls into total sluts. If you want your kids to play with REAL dolls. have them play with Barbie dolls. I guess MyScene is OK for kids to. But not Bratz.