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  • Bratz eh, hmmm yep that's definetly the right name for a buch of ugly, snobby, and self absorbed girls(though I'm not sure they could understand all those words)

    Plot : A bunch of girls that are "BFF's" go on whacky adventures with fashion, cell phones, and other junk that shows off how much these girls are complete self absorbed idiots.
    Writing: At the latest atempt by Al Kahn and his butchering crew to make a sucsessfull girl television show, we find ourselves with this Barbie ripoff called "Bratz", which is indeed not a television show but in reality a Moster that has escaped from a evil Docters Lab. There really isn't any writting, considering you don't need writting to know that you don't want to see the next episode.
    Acting: None, well atleast there's no acting that's good.
    Sub: Animation: This show could be live action if it wanted too but who cares about that, it's all about fashion! :(.
    Special: Rip Off: What else can I say I'ts bad, that's all.