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  • Some idiotic adolescents who proclaim that the meaning of life and the answer for everything is "fashion for passion", and who are followed and admired by those who strongly believe in that motto. A great roll of the eyes.

    I didn't think no show would actually receive such a negative, well deserved, feedback until I saw this show on tv. The plots are so cliched, with overused themes and bad directed scenes. The voice acting is excrutianally crude. Pretty much the whole show burns the eyes in sight and shatters the eardrums when heard. The girls are the worst of the worst. They go around with skimppy, revealing clothing showing around their breats and legs (even presenting the well beloved 'booty scenes') to anybody who is presented in front of them, but somehow they manage to think that they are actually well respected and smart! and that of course dressing like a stripper will surely land you a job as a scientist. Of course, since their motto is "Passion for fashion", they live up to it and make it their number one priority. Bad example for little girls!!!, who are of course the number one viewer of these mediocre show. I'm even surprised I gave it a 2.