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  • This cartoon is called: Bratz because that's what they Truly and Really are! This is some stupid Girly Cartoon based on the busted toyline, with Horrible 3-D CGI Animation and Graphics.

    My remake of a 78th review after Full House because it got Deleted for violation. This cartoon is one of the stupidest spin-offs of the toys ever. Who would wanna Watch this? It's about four stupid spoiled Little Gals that spend money on Pointless, Junky, and Useless Things. They want to do Gross things with Boys and they want to be cool. Ok! Let's all be Spoiled and cool just like the Bratz! Let's spend money on Useless things so everyone will date us! Wwwweeeeeee!!! Ha! Just Kidding! NOW! Parents, If you are reading this and have a Young Daughter, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT let her Play with the Dolls, Play their Terrible Video games, Watch the Movies and Commericals and Most Importantly, Do NOT let her watch the Cartoon series. It's stupid, spoiled and Abysmal! I got my Brain-cells dead from watching this. It's a Snorefest for this kind of Shows! This cartoon Truly gets a Super-duper girly............. F--!!!! Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: C 6.0/10.0 Average.

    Animation: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor. The Animation is in low and Dark Quatily. Graphics: F-- 2.2/10.0 This is the reason what made the cartoon very Horrible. The Graphics made the girls have Ugly big Heads.

    Sound: E- 3.0/10.0 Horrible Music with Broken Sound-effects. They are terrible at making music!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.5/10.0 Awful and Annoying.

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 2.4/10.0 Terribly None. This cartoon sucks a female monkey Butt.

    Overall: F-- 1.9/10.0 To make this 10 times worse, 4Kids Entertainment helped make this awful girls cartoon. What were they Thinking?!?! They are getting Interesting to Girls Toylines now?! This cannot get any worse. What's next?! Bratz appearing on a Future Super Mario bros. Game?! 4Kids must been out of their minds to think of making this awful spin-off of the toyline. Barbie's toylines were quite Annoying too because they show this stupid Barbie Commercials all the time every 10 minutes. They should end all the girl's toyline Franchises!!!! That's all for this awful spin-off cartoon. Good night everyone.