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  • To celebrate my 50th review, I'm going to review one of the worst shows to ever hit the earth.

    A line of toys of superficial girls. A horrible movie, and a bullet to the eye tv show. Why does the girls have halos over there name but there called bratz? I hate how the guys listen to the girls all the time and how the girls have so much lipstick on.

    If anyone loves this show or has a crush on the girls, you must have no life. You must be a nerd if your in love with these girls. The CG hurts my eyes, it's like everybody wants to try CG instead of good old 2D. There are also other crappy shows who use CG like erky perky, back at the barnyard, jane and the dragon, and monster by mistake.

    Storylines: Horrid-1
    Characters: Creepy-1
    CG: Crap looks more appealing-1
    Theme song: My ears bled after I heard it-1