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  • Even if you are a girl and a die hard Bratz fan, it's just not possible to enjoy this show.

    Bratz the TV show was an unneeded cartoon based on a bad toy line that may have sound cute to the girls who love them, but it's jsut a waste of time. Bratz follows the story of 4 girls who have a passion for fashion and run a magazine company, but they must also face a rival company who wants to defeat them. Thought the premise was stupid? Well that's the last problem with this show. The show is one of those CGI cartoons and like most of them, the CGI is terrible. The colors are way too bright even for a kids show, the characters are terribly designed, and the animation for the CGI is really choppy. The stories are terrible and are not interesting in the least bit. It' just either the girls traveling to look for scoops for their magazines or trying out clothes. Boring nonetheless. There is absolutely no humor at all in this show at all and whatever attempts at humor there are just fail epically. The villain, Burdine Maxwell, is disgraceful. All he cares about is making sure the Bratz don't get the next big scoop. Isn't there any other scoops to get instead of the ones the girls try to get? Again I know this is a girls show, but even if you are a girl and you have to own or see everything that is related to the Bratz, do yourself an enormous favor and please stay away from this show. It's not worth the time, no matter how big of a Bratz fan you are.