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  • I can't believe I used to like this show...

    Yes, people, you know my secret; I used to be a Bratz fan. But it was only a daft phase I was going through as a child.

    Bratz the Show was an uneeded CGI cartoon based on the failed Bratz toyline. Bratz concerns the adventures of four teenage girls; Chloe, Jade, Yasmin and Sasha, who all have a 'passion for fashion' and run their own magazine company. And yes, it gets worse from there.

    First up; the show's CGI. It's terrible (No surprise there!). It's choppy, too colourful and the characters have some the worst designs I've ever seen in a cartoon. The stories for the episodes are awful too. They're completely boring. Most of the time, it'll involve the Bratz girls either going shopping or picking up scoops for their magazine. That's it. There isn't a plot in the Bratz series.

    And speaking of the Bratz themselves... they're all bland and shallow, with personalities as flat as paper. They're just stereotypical teenage girls who obsess over clothes and boys.

    And the villians? Well... the Tweevils are annoying as heck and Burdine Maxwell is probably one of the most shameful villians I've ever seen. All she ever does is think of plans to make sure the Bratz don't get their next scoop. Um, seriously? We're supposed to hate her?

    The humour is dreadful. There is absolutely none in the entire show, and when they do pull a joke, it's terrible.

    Yes, I know it's a girl's show, but this is awful even by girl's show standards. Even if you are a Bratz fan, just stay away from this. And I still can't believe I used to like this...