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  • I can't even survive 5 minutes of this show


    Just so you know,I'm a boy,and I don't play with dolls. Especially these things. Bratz are basically toy dolls. Then,a TV show came one,and it has got to be one of the worst cartoons ever to hit TV. The show follows the misadventures of four stereotypical girls Chloe,Sasha,Yasmin and Jade,who run a magazine,and try to get the scoop. Ah,how original! (Sarcasm) The first thing you will notice about this show is the animation. It's done in CGI,and you guessed it,it looks horrible. But this show has got to be the worse show I've seen with CGI. Everything looks so flashy,and blurry,making you look blind. It looks more like an outdated PC game than a show. The characters are no better at all,and stereotypical is not just the word to describe them. They are snobbish,rude,boy obsessed girls who only care about make-up and being popular. And then we have the villain,Burdine Maxwell. Her mission:To stop the girls from getting the big scoop. Ahhh,what a great villain. (More sarcasm). So yeah,this show is just horrible. Unless you want to be blind or disturbed,don't watch this show,or don't play with the dolls,or don't even think about watching that idiotic 2007 movie.