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  • Better Than Nothing

    This show was canceled a long time ago, but I still wish it were here. Yes, I can understand most of the reasons why people didn't enjoy the show, but when I look back on the times when nothing but 'play time' was important to me and my best friend, there were always Bratz. I may be too old now to watch the shows, but I have numberous girls that I babysit that are always asking me to watch Bratz on my iPhone. I wish the show was still here because when I was younger and loved Bratz, I was only allowed to buy and play with certain dolls due to the fact that Bratz were a huge introduction of (too much) makeup, teaching young kids 'attitude', and innapropriate clothing. I would have watched the show over buying the dolls because I do not recall the bratz in the T.V. series acting 'braty', unless you were counting the annoying pink twins, and alot of the episodes had good morals like; one-on-one problem solving, excepting others opinions, working together, encouragement, and many more things I didn't learn until later on in life. Sure there were other shows I could have watched, but I was in a stage in life were I had grown out of Barbie and was too young for Full House, Bratz were my only option and I loved it! I just wish that Bratz could have been a little more appropriate for young viewers, we dont want to shape girls into half dressed women with personallities that say 'what you look like is more important than who you are on the inside'. I still gave an 8 on rating for me and my best friends favorite pass time show, I miss you Becky! (1996-2007).
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