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  • Decent, but much improvement needed.

    Bratz was the more "Modern" version of Barbie. More exagerated, more daring in clothing design, and more suberficial in some ways. While Barbie has been the hero of a variety of specialties and the icon of half a century of girls' toys, the Bratz are what Barbie was when she first came out: purely a fasion line. So when the show started airing, it didn't exactly have much of it's own line to go on. So it ran on more stereotypes than substance, and it SHOWS, till it got a foothold in good media. Unfortunately, that foothold is still in the process of being found, so to that it's own.

    Premise: The "Bratz", a group of friends, go on adventures while trying to find substance to work with for their magazine. Fair premise, at least in idea. They have an end goal, they have a job, and they (Should) have characterization beyond stereotypes. Unfortunately, it hits only a few of these ideas, and never all the way.

    Characterization: Lacking, but not invisible. Some of the episodes, such as Cinderella or Kidnapped, give more insight into the characters, but it's far inbetween and usually of another person than the main main character. Had some of the characterizations been expanded upon, there could have been some really interesting situations to it.

    Dialogue: Unnatural and stilted at points. It really depended on the point in the episode.

    Plot: Usually pretty cliche with an aesop at the end. Sometimes ran thin, but typically not too bad in terms of length.

    Setting: Fair, but with no variation from the movies.

    Animation: On par with Barbie. Read: not at all impressive, and it times laughable.