Season 2 Episode 1

Totally Recall

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • What The Hell??

    I tried watching this and it only showed the advert! How am i appose to like this if you showing me the bloody progamme, but i watched it on youtube so i do think it the best progamme of them all... So yeah, it annoying how it don't work tho, but o well! I love the bratz... lol x
  • This is nice episode to just watch every now and then. I like it alot.

    This is a cute episode to watch every now and then. It's a clip show where Jade and Burdine are in an elevater together when it gets stuck. while in it, they flashback to many of the past times they had fighting with each other. meanwhile the other three Bratz are in the office wondering what was taking so long for Jade to come back with their lunch, which is why Jade was in the elevater in the first place. Then they flashback to the camping episode when they were so hungry they nearly ate a fish. Later, when they go looking for Jade, they and the tweevils find out Jade and Burdine are trapped. while waiting for help, Cloe Yasmin and Sasha and the Tweevils flashback to the many times they quarelled. then, in the elevater Jade and Burdine remember when they worked together in the episode pet show to find out who had stolen there pets. This gave them the idea that they had to work together.Jade finally finds an entrance through the top of the elevater and they finally escape.
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