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Brave Eagle

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Brave Eagle was the first television series to feature an American Indian as the lead character. Keith Larsen stars as Brave Eagle, young chief of the peaceful Cheyenne, who leads his people as they attempt to keep their homeland free when white settlers begin pushing westward into the Indian territories. In a departure from the normal television fare of the period, these stories, told from the Indian point of view, detailed their struggles with nature, other Indian tribes and the ever encroaching white man. Featured along with Larsen is Keena Nomkeena, a full blooded Indian boy of Hopi and Klamath descent, as Brave Eagle's foster son; and Kim Winona, a full blooded Sioux, portraying a maiden of Brave Eagle's tribe. Also featured is Bert Wheeler, who portrays Smokey Joe, the half breed sage of the tribe.

Produced by Roy Roger's Frontier Productions, the series debuted on the CBS Network on September 28, 1955, and ran for 26 episodes, ending its network run in June of 1956. The show was filmed primarily on Roy Rogers' 130 acre ranch in Chatsworth, California and the Corriganville Ranch in Simi Valley.