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  • Sheriffs in other planets

    Bravestarr follows the adventures of our hero, a Sheriff in New Texas (it seems old texas run out of pupulation after everybody was executed for several reasons) who has to deal with the usual problems an intergalactic sheriff has to tackle with.

    Not my favorite show i have to admit but it was a good watch. I dont remember liking this show for its looks but for its showing of life in space where everything looked pretty much the same as on earth except for the spaceships and laser guns, it reminds me of life on the wild wild west.
  • Fantastic show from the eighties, with all the illogic associated with the era. Good strong message, delivered in entertaining stories with entertaining characters.

    I must admit, I may be remembering Bravestarr with a certain rose-tinted filter but I've got to say it was a great show!

    The shows best feature was its very strong premise: the character of Bravestarr was augmented with the strength of the bear, ears of the wolf, eyes of the hawk and speed of the puma, all of which could be called up to aid him in his battle against crime as a marshal in New Texas. New Texas being a planet rich is crystals that hundreds of colonists come to mine and make their fortune - in the technologically advanced future - that bears a striking resemblance to the old west. I love the eighties.

    If you can learn to love some of the more ludicrous features of this classic show then you should have a great time watching it.
  • A great show for kids that taught a lesson.

    I know a lot of people didn't, and many still don't, like the fact that shows like He-Man and Bravestarr tried to teach a lesson with each episode. I think it was and is a great idea. Maybe if every show did this, we would have less overall trouble???

    The characters in this show where great and so where the story lines. The animation was on par with anything else of the day and the voice actors did a wonderful job. Sure a outer-space western is not a new theme, many, many hit shows and movies these days are just old ideas dressed up... SO WHAT? This was a good show and is worth watching on DVD.
  • I remember watching this show in the 80's...

    I can remember watching this show when I was a little kid. For a long time after the show started airing, my dad and I would trade the famous(with me and my parents at least) "speed of the puma", or if I was helping to move something, "strength of the bear". Sometimes if I wasn't listening to my mom, she would say that I should call upon the "ears of the wolf" so that I could hear her better. I loved the animation and sherriff fuzz was my second favorite character(after bravestarr of course). At the time, I didnt understand the point of the show, except that Tex Hex and Bravestarr were enemies, and that Bravestarr was trying to defeat Tex Hex. I would recommend this show to parents with children between the ages of 6 and 12. There is not a lot of violence(as far as I can remember), and I think that at the end of each episode, there is some kind of moral lesson. As the show doesnt air anymore(as far as I know), I think the only way to see this show would be to get a video(or videos) of the 1 and only season.
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