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  • I remember watching this show in the 80's...

    I can remember watching this show when I was a little kid. For a long time after the show started airing, my dad and I would trade the famous(with me and my parents at least) "speed of the puma", or if I was helping to move something, "strength of the bear". Sometimes if I wasn't listening to my mom, she would say that I should call upon the "ears of the wolf" so that I could hear her better. I loved the animation and sherriff fuzz was my second favorite character(after bravestarr of course). At the time, I didnt understand the point of the show, except that Tex Hex and Bravestarr were enemies, and that Bravestarr was trying to defeat Tex Hex. I would recommend this show to parents with children between the ages of 6 and 12. There is not a lot of violence(as far as I can remember), and I think that at the end of each episode, there is some kind of moral lesson. As the show doesnt air anymore(as far as I know), I think the only way to see this show would be to get a video(or videos) of the 1 and only season.