BraveStarr - Season 1

(ended 1988)




Episode Guide


  • The Legend
    The Legend
    Episode 66
    After many years of waiting, the Wise Shaman meets again his pupil BraveStarr. Together with him he wants to take up the fight against the evil Stampede. Only Shaman and BraveStarr possess the powers to release the planet New Texas from the evil doers.
  • 9/16/87
    BraveStarr has lost his powers, and Shaman sends him to the wilderness to prove his courage and intelligence without weapons or tools.
  • Shake Hands with Long Arm John
    A new man arrives in town with an extending bionic arm.The mayor deputizes John. Fuzz is afraid John might replace him. Fuzz has his chance to shine when Rider begins to terrorize the town.
  • 9/23/87
    Michella Rivera regards her father Paco as a coward, because he refuses to fight. When Michelle is captured by Sandstorm, BraveStarr helps Paco learn that sometimes you have to fight.
  • The Blockade
    The Blockade
    Episode 62
    Stampede causes an asteroid to magnetize other asteroids and form a blockade over New Texas. The Supply ships can't get through. Bravestarr deals with it in space. In the meantime 30-30 gets hypnotized into freeing Klawto the Krang Wizard. He has to fight Stampede in a tug of war over the food supply that Klawto steals.moreless
  • Nomad is an Island
    Episode 12
    Queen Singlish orders her minions, Whimper and Grovel, to capture slaves and a horse (Prairie People and Thirty Thirty) and bring them to her floating island. Bravestarr, with Whimper and Grovel's help, frees his friends and sends the island on its way.
  • 9/15/87
    Stampede, fed up with Tex Hex's failures, creates a Broncotank, a mountainous cross between a Brontosaur and a tank, to rid New Texas of the food people who have come to live there.
  • BraveStarr and the Empress
    Empress Nadia is on her way to a peace conference with Karbine of the Krang Empire. Her two advisers plot against er. The President assigns Bravestarr and Fuzz to bodyguard her when the ship refueled in New Texas.
  • Brother's Keeper
    Brother's Keeper
    Episode 58
    BraveStarr arrests two suspected crooks, but J.B. lets them go because of a lack of evidence. BraveStarr then encounters the crooks again. One of them wants to go straight and helps BraveStarr when his brother ransoms a medicine that could save a man's life.
  • 2/12/88
    Thirty/Thirty attaches a firepower booster to Sara Jane and then loses her. A peaceful Hoofta boy finds Sara Jane and plays with her unaware the booster was damaged and may explode.
  • 10/26/87
    Jeremiah, an elder prospector, is saved by Bravestarr from an attack by Sandstorm land crabs. The Prairie People take Jeremiah in, showing the old hermit that people really do care about others.
  • New Texas Blues
    Episode 55
    The galactic music contest is held on New Texas. Stampede gives Tex Hex the Black Widow guitar that sows discord. Tex Hex then gives it to Johnny Bluestar to play. To drown it out, all the bands have to play their music.
  • There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Marshall Bravestarr! He's come to the rough-and-tumble planet of New Texas to bring some law to its anarchy.
  • There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Marshall Bravestarr! He's come to the rough-and-tumble planet of New Texas to bring some law to its anarchy.
  • Brothers in Crime
    Brothers in Crime
    Episode 52
    Orville, a boy with a stutter, arrives on New Texas. He overhears two criminals - Karver, a rat with wings, and Grumble - talking about their plans. He gets kidnapped. Orville and Grumble become friends.
  • Little Lie That Grew
    Dingo Dan and his gang burn down Niceie's home. Bravestarr offers Niceie a job as a jailer. Dingo Dan sees Posie, the daughter, and steals a doll. He blackmails her into helping him to free his buddies.
  • Ship of No Return
    Ship of No Return
    Episode 50
    JB's brother, Kevin, is captain of a Kerium freighter that arrives on New Texas, but there appears to be no one on the ship. A computer named Archon has decided that humans are too violent and has been exiling them to another dimension.
  • The Haunted Shield
    The Haunted Shield
    Episode 49
    While raiding a weapon's department Scuzz and Thunder Stick find the Haunted Shield of Spectorus. Stampede uses the shield's reflecting powers to beat Shaman and sends him to the frozen plains of Doom. Bravestarr leaves to rescue him, and the Prairie People are left to defend themselves.
  • Thirty-Thirty Goes Camping
    Morebuck and Dingo Dan escape from a prison planet and return to New Texas where Skuzz has a treasure. Their map leads to the same spot Thirty-Thirty and five children have chosen as their camping site.
  • Running Wild
    Running Wild
    Episode 47
    While Thirty-Thirty has his leg repaired Bravestarr tries to find the person responsible for destroying the water pod trees in New Cheyenne. The main suspect is Any's baby pet apecate, Rascal. An angry mob is formed, but Bracestarr finds the real culprit.
  • Tex's Terrible Night
    It's Christmas Eve and Shaman visits Tex Hex to show him the past, present, and future with the focus on his past girlfriend, Ursula. Tex Hex learns that she is going to be on New Texas the day Stampede is planning his big attack.
  • Space Zoo
    Episode 45
    Fuzz visits his parents and disappears into a strange space warp that Chief Tussle found. Bravestarr goes after him and finds Fuzz caged with other animals. Another alien named Brankor has been collecting them.
  • Tex But No Hex
    Tex But No Hex
    Episode 44
    Stampede is frustrated with Tex Hex's failures and takes away his powers allowing Bravestarr to capture him. He is put on trial, but Hogtie is part of the jury making it almost impossible to convict Tex Hex.
  • Call of the Wild
    Call of the Wild
    Episode 43
    Wild Child was raised by Dingoes but was found, and now he goes to school in Fort Kerium. He gets teased and wants to fight back. When everyone but Bravestarr and him are infected by an epidemic, he must travel to Iron Mountain with Bravestarr to find the cure.
  • Sunrise, Sunset
    Sunrise, Sunset
    Episode 42
    Dorn joins a gang of bad guys and tries to rob a bank unsuccessfully. They hide from the law for nine months. In his absents and unknown to him, his wife is pregnant and his father is dying. Dorn gets a message out and his family visits, but Bravestarr follows.
  • Legend of a Pretty Lady
    JB gets sent one billion years into the past when heat lightning hits some raw kerium she is standing by. She is captured by giants, but is rescued by Fuzz's ancestor. Shaman sends Bravestarr after her through a magic portal while Thirty-Thirty and Fuzz must protect the portal from outlaws who would be glad to loose the judge and the marshall forever.moreless
  • 10/2/87
    Tex Hex enlists the help of a stranger, Parluke, to infiltrate Starr Peak and extinguish the Shaman's magical fire. Parluke tricks Bravestarr into taking him to Starr Peak by showering him a medallion that is identical to the one Bravestarr has.
  • The Day the Town Was Taken
    While BraveStarr, Thirty-Thirty, and Fuzz rescue JB and Handlebar from dingoes, Tex Hex succeeds in activating Fort Kerium's defense mechanism. Fuzz's girlfriend, Wuzzella, is trapped inside.
  • Buddy
    Episode 38
    Dallas Dodson is an old friend of BraveStarr who has a lame child named Buddy. Buddy wants to show his father he is capable of doing things. BraveStarr makes him an honorary undercover deputy, but Buddy ends up knocking BraveStarr out. Buddy decides to go after the outlaw by himself.
  • The Bounty Hunter
    The Bounty Hunter
    Episode 37
    Dr. Benjamin Clayton was accused of stealing medical supplies in the past, and the bounty hunter Johnson is after him. Dingo Dan wants both of them.
  • Runaway Planet
    Runaway Planet
    Episode 36
    Dr. Clayton discovers that a runaway planet is in a collision course with New Texas. BraveStarr, Molly and Dr. Clayton use the anti-social space trucker, Retro West's space truck to drop a magnamite bomb on the errant planet. Then they discover that there are still living beings on the planet.
  • Handlebar and Rampage
    The Krang are invading New Texas. When BraveStarr, Thirty-Thirty and Handlebar go to stop them, Handlebar falls into a hole and meets a monstrous mechanical bull named Rempage.
  • The Witnesses
    Episode 24
    BraveStarr is given custody of two small alien stowaways who turn out to be on the run from Slug Moddy, an escaped convict. As Bravestarr fends off Moody, the aliens learn a lesson in dealing with bullies.
  • BraveStarr and the Three Suns
    Stampede hires Morabond to drive out the settlers. Morabond uses a magical arrow given to him by Stampeded to take away two of the three New Texas suns. BraveStarr goes looking for them underground.
  • Call to Arms
    Call to Arms
    Episode 32
    Due to a surprise attack, the leader of the Kreng commandos succeeds in taking BraveStarr's old instructor Shaman as prisoner. For his release Klaftu demands three tons of Kerium.
  • Balance of Power
    Balance of Power
    Episode 31
    Stampede succees in stealing the magic staff from Shaman. BraveStarr, Thirty-Thirty and Shaman must prevent him from using it.
  • 10/28/87
    When robber Billy Droid attacks a bank, he manages to escape due to Fuzz's clumsiness. Fuzz loses his self-assurance because of this.
  • Tunnel of Terror
    Tunnel of Terror
    Episode 29
    BraveStarr and J.B. visit prospector Tuk, the old Digger, who had luck with his excavations. Tuk tries to steal something from the discovery of his competitor.
  • Hostage
    Episode 28
    Tex Hex succeeds in kidnapping Shaman. With the Indian master as hostage the gang leader can extort BraveStarr. But J.B. manages to release Shaman.
  • Revolt of the Prairie People
    The galactic council assembly sends Commander Choice to New Texas, who is to establish a protection field around the country of the Prairie People. The small Prairie People see their freedom threatened. They decide to fight for their independence.
  • The Price
    The Price
    Episode 26
    BraveStarr and Thirty-Thirty must put the stop to a drugs dealer, who supplied New Texas with the drug Bigg. Among his victims is the boy Jay, who tried the drug once and then became addicted.
  • 10/8/87
    Thoren, an alien slaver, enlists the aid of Tex Hex to capture the Prairie people. Thoren double crosses Tex and shrinks him, as well as Bravestarr and Thirty Thirty, they must all join forced to defeat Thoren.
  • BraveStarr and the Treaty
    The intergalactic Senate decided to establish a base for space cruisers on New Texas. Tex Hex sees a chance in getting to a battleship, with which he could prevail over the galaxy.
  • Who Am I?
    Episode 23
    The evil Vipra gets hold of a magic book, which increases her dark powers. After replacing Tex as the gang leader, she takes up the fight against BraveStarr.
  • Trouble Wears a Badge
    BraveStarr must take care of the young Marshall trainee - Carson. He causes BraveStarr some problems with his know-all arrogance. Then he causes even more trouble by provoking aliens.
  • Lost Mountain
    Lost Mountain
    Episode 21
    BraveStarr and Fuzz crash in the mountains during an investigation flight. Tex learns about it and goes to the crash site to imprison his adversary.
  • Unsung Hero
    Episode 29
    Impressed by BraveStarr's heroics, the son of a pod farmer finds that his own father pales by comparison. A Dingo attack on the farm gives Bravestarr a chance to show the son his father in a new light, and he learns the true meaning of being a hero.
  • 9/24/67
    Out Numbered in a "Hight Noon" showdown with Tex and his gang, BraveStarr's gallant stand gives the cowardly townspeople the courage to defend themselves.
  • An Older Hand
    Episode 30
    Fort Kerium's supply of X-Kerium is threatened when Scuzz takes over Fuzz Uncle Murn's job of High Wizard of the Prairie People.
  • The Wrong Hands
    Episode 25
    When the war-like Krang comes to New Texas to test the ultimate weapon, Bravestarr must destroy it, aided by a Krang doctor who realizes that so powerful a weapon should not exist.
  • Eye of the Beholder
    Episode 11
    A rare view of Tex Hex's soft side is seen when he tries to steal a shipment of Kerium from Alli Kingsington, a blind girl who reminds him of his past love.
  • 10/7/87
    A band of Alien space pirates lands on New Texas, and Fort Kerium learns that Handlebar was once a member of their gang.
  • Wild Child
    Episode 27
    BraveStarr, Thirty Thirty and JB venture into the Badlands in search of a wild boy rumored to be living with Dingoes.
  • The Vigilantes
    Episode 13
    Borka would like to take the law into the own hands and finally bring the terror of Tex Hex to an end. He spurs the settlers away from Kerium.
  • Eyewitness
    Episode 14
    When two alien schoolboys fall under Tex Hex's spell, he uses them in a plan to divert Bravestarr and capture the Shaman.
  • Memories
    Episode 11
    BraveStarr and J.B. must fight against dangerous gangsters, who took possession of the area and imprisoned J.B.'s father. They get unexpected help.
  • Kerium Fever
    Episode 6
    The Kerium lode seems to have run out for the miners in New Texas, but the Prairie People have plenty. Tex Hex comes up with a plan to fool the miners into attacking the Prairie people in hops of getting all the Kerium for himself.
  • 9/24/87
    Tex Hex can prove - by fraud - to be owner of a Kerium Claim. BraveStarr resigns from his post as Marshall.
  • Big Thirty and Little Wimble
    Thirty-Thirty becomes a foster father for the small Prairie Wimble. The Dingo gangster Howler wants to kidnap Wimble.
  • To Walk a Mile
    Episode 20
    Lucas Conway's reluctance to use his gun seems like cowardice to his son Mark. When Mark is captured, by the villian Twoface, Lucas and Bravestarr must storm his fortress for a rescue.
  • Rampage
    Episode 6
    BraveStarr pulls into the desert against a sandstorm in a field, which has devastated a village. Thirty-Thirty knows nothing about it, because his intercom broke down.
  • Twangli is a delegate of the galactic Court of Justice and pays a visit to the judge of New Texas. Not only does Twangli cause great troubles to the judge, with his pedantic over-zealousness, but also to BraveStarr.
  • Scuzz and Fuzz
    Episode 21
    An accidental blast of Kerium binds Fuzz's and Scuszz's arms together, forcing them to work together as Bravestarr tries to prevent the entire Prairie People colony from being blown to bits.
  • 9/16/87
    Tex Hex manages to take hostages. Thus he comes into the possession of a valuable Kerium cargo. The release proves to be more dangerous than expected.
  • Fallen Idol
    Fallen Idol
    Episode 2
    BraveStarr must pursue his former teacher and model Djingles Morgan, who has become a criminal murderer.
  • The Disappearance of Thirty-Thirty
    After an argument between Thirty-Thirty and BraveStarr, Thirty-Thirty heads to the Hall of Equestroids and goes back into the past. BraveStarr who becomes concerned over Thirty-Thirty's disappearance soon follows after him. When he finds him, the two only manage to get into another argument.