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Braxton Family Values

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WE tv's original series Braxton Family Values is in its second season. The show features the rambunctious, tight-knit Braxton sisters — Grammy© Award-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar — and their headstrong mother, Evelyn, and offers an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos. They battle it out for the spotlight with sibling rivalry, man drama, bankruptcy, a DUI, an absent dad and much more. Through the laughter, tears, screaming and door-slamming, this family still has each other's back.

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AIRED ON 2/6/2014

Season 3 : Episode 24

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  • Tamar Tamar

    Everyone talks about how terrible Tamar is but really she's the one that makes the show.. I mean come on she's the youngest she's going to be wild and off the hook and she's being herself everyone has someone in their family that's like that and it's normally the baby of the family... I maybe one minute feeling like oh my God Tamar come on!. Team to much .... but let her not be around or seem to quiet .. than I miss her.. I believe her baby boy will be the one thing to calm her right down. We love mommy and the sisters but love Tamar!!!!moreless
  • deadline for piss slapping has past

    I felt compelled to write this review last week; and quite frankly it slipped my mind. I was so embarrassed by Tamar's attitude, disrespect, and stupidity last week. This is where the real problem lies. Tamar has already stated since season 1 that she was not going to be a "do wop" girl behind Toni anymore. If she wants to elude to jealousness in the family lets start with her. If Toni Braxton was not TONI BRAXTON who would watch bfv? I sincerely do not understand why the credits indicate that Tamar is an executive director. Be for real. There are 2 checks going into "the herberts" household every week. Each sister should be an executive director. Last but not least, Ms. E. the deadline has passed for the piss slapping. Smart talking, rolling of the eyes, cussing, & being stupid is not part of our culture especially on tv. Get real! Straighten Tamar out; if she will not following the home training she was given as a little girl and young lady, drop her ass from the show. I am really embarrassed by her actions and yours. Stop making excuses for Tamar! The show is not fun to watch anymore. I am a 62 year old grandmother & I have been watching since season 1. I have given you continous praise by the way you have dealt with Mr. Braxton; looking stylish & youthful and quite frankly wishing you were my friend so some of that pizzaz would rub off on me. I know that you are a praying woman because you could not have made it thus far if you weren't. So please Ms. E. fix your baby daughter or have her removed from the "bfv".moreless
  • I love TAMAR!!

    I love you, you are funny and you give the show the ratings. As much as people love to hate you, your the reason the show succeeds. Your crazy antics is entertainment, Toni and Vince may have given you all the platform but you keep the show going and you got the most from it. Your a Star now( first Toni in the 90s) now you, you have a good marriage, millions of fans (tamartians, follow her on twitter>> @tamarbraxtonher), fame and fortune and your sisters did not expect you to take off and become so big, Your song "Love and War is the are it!! And your sisters espically Towanda are a bit taken back of as i like to say jeally- jealous of what you have and your it up!moreless
  • GABE!!!

    TRINA GIRLL!!!,, I understand what you have went through with Gabe, but i watched tonight when he had his makeover, before I thought, ahh, he is not so great, but tonight, shewwww,He was Hot!!, I would keep him in the jeans and t-shirt though, Suit not all that... Love ya all!!!
  • Gabe is not your Mr. Right

    Trina its just so hard for me to believe that Gabe is sincere about his feelings with being a internet deserve so much better!!! First of all how can you Think he is sincere when he was smiling while he was reading Que cards? He also continues to do things that hurt you!!! Mr. Right is out there for you Trina, Gabe is not him.....hating to see you cry!!!!

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