Braxton Family Values

Thursday 9:00 PM on WE - Women's Entertainment Premiered Apr 12, 2011 In Season


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  • How about a good story

    This is one of those types of shows that needs to hit the garbage.... Who the hell cares about their will not be watching this ever again and in fact will be deleting that station from th family tv than a 1 star
  • embarrassing the sisters

    I honestly think Tamara is real ghetto and so pretentious.... She tries to be this big star but all she do for the show is embarras the aiaters with her selfish and childish behaviour.... Take her out! Everything has to be about her and not the sisters
  • over HER!

    Tamar as usual is over the top hower im over her this time. She NEVER seems to UNDERSTAND when she's done something. Very poor and extremely selfish attitude consistently. Its ALWAYS about her, she is not a team player at all! Im SO OVER HER and I think it was down right unloving, disrespectful and trifling the way she treated her sisters at her show! And then to add insult to injury tried to hide behind her employees as if she were UNAWARE of what was going on. NEWS Is not a self made star and YES Toni did infact pave the way!!!! Tamar lets not forget that blunder of an original album years ago! I wouldn't pay 2 nickels to see her shows not because I think she lacks potential talent but rather the person she portrays!!!! Toni is consistently a lady and a class act, a true star who knows there's more to being successful than just HERSELF!!!! Tamar take a note!
  • Tacky Tamar

    I am the youngest of five and seeing the way Tamar act has now made me say oh my God I have to apologize to my sisters. If I ever acted the way she did ever in life I never knew and to forgive me. Tamar needs a wake up call to eat a piece of humble pie. She needs to remember what she was blessed with can be gone in a blink of an eye. She doesn't even see that she rubs her success in her sisters face when she stated and "I'm one of the executive producers" really??? She needs to remember she didn't have shit just like her other sisters, only Toni is the Grammy award winning songstress. Tamar money comes from her husband. I pray he doesn't tire of her ass and she's making something from her singing career. Everyone can't be wrong, hello maybe it is you honey. I certainly buy nothing she sings because her behavior is unacceptable and I understand why she's isolated from everyone. If I had a sister like that I would have popped her sometimes siblings need that it's best coming from family because we won't hurt you too bad. Although my family don't fight we argue but we never hit either. Tamar needs a slap Traci wouldn't be wrong. I love Toni her personality is infectious she I support and have always loved her records. Trina, Towanda and Traci hang tight you girls blessings will soon come.
  • Tamar Tamar

    Everyone talks about how terrible Tamar is but really she's the one that makes the show.. I mean come on she's the youngest she's going to be wild and off the hook and she's being herself everyone has someone in their family that's like that and it's normally the baby of the family... I maybe one minute feeling like oh my God Tamar come on!. Team to much .... but let her not be around or seem to quiet .. than I miss her.. I believe her baby boy will be the one thing to calm her right down. We love mommy and the sisters but love Tamar!!!!
  • deadline for piss slapping has past

    I felt compelled to write this review last week; and quite frankly it slipped my mind. I was so embarrassed by Tamar's attitude, disrespect, and stupidity last week. This is where the real problem lies. Tamar has already stated since season 1 that she was not going to be a "do wop" girl behind Toni anymore. If she wants to elude to jealousness in the family lets start with her. If Toni Braxton was not TONI BRAXTON who would watch bfv? I sincerely do not understand why the credits indicate that Tamar is an executive director. Be for real. There are 2 checks going into "the herberts" household every week. Each sister should be an executive director. Last but not least, Ms. E. the deadline has passed for the piss slapping. Smart talking, rolling of the eyes, cussing, & being stupid is not part of our culture especially on tv. Get real! Straighten Tamar out; if she will not following the home training she was given as a little girl and young lady, drop her ass from the show. I am really embarrassed by her actions and yours. Stop making excuses for Tamar! The show is not fun to watch anymore. I am a 62 year old grandmother & I have been watching since season 1. I have given you continous praise by the way you have dealt with Mr. Braxton; looking stylish & youthful and quite frankly wishing you were my friend so some of that pizzaz would rub off on me. I know that you are a praying woman because you could not have made it thus far if you weren't. So please Ms. E. fix your baby daughter or have her removed from the "bfv".
  • I love TAMAR!!

    I love you, you are funny and you give the show the ratings. As much as people love to hate you, your the reason the show succeeds. Your crazy antics is entertainment, Toni and Vince may have given you all the platform but you keep the show going and you got the most from it. Your a Star now( first Toni in the 90s) now you, you have a good marriage, millions of fans (tamartians, follow her on twitter>> @tamarbraxtonher), fame and fortune and your sisters did not expect you to take off and become so big, Your song "Love and War is the are it!! And your sisters espically Towanda are a bit taken back of as i like to say jeally- jealous of what you have and your it up!
  • GABE!!!

    TRINA GIRLL!!!,, I understand what you have went through with Gabe, but i watched tonight when he had his makeover, before I thought, ahh, he is not so great, but tonight, shewwww,He was Hot!!, I would keep him in the jeans and t-shirt though, Suit not all that... Love ya all!!!
  • Gabe is not your Mr. Right

    Trina its just so hard for me to believe that Gabe is sincere about his feelings with being a internet deserve so much better!!! First of all how can you Think he is sincere when he was smiling while he was reading Que cards? He also continues to do things that hurt you!!! Mr. Right is out there for you Trina, Gabe is not him.....hating to see you cry!!!!
  • Terrible Tamar

    Tamar is terrible. Maybe she's acting so disrespectful is because she's trying to get her own show but she gets on my nerves with all that plastic surgery. The loudest people are ones that hide behind layers of guilt

  • Tamar

    I am so tired of Tamar's diva attitude. She is so disrespectful and it almost makes me not to even watch the show. How can she go thru life acting like she is all that and a bag of chips. I really dislike her
  • Who's show is this anyway??

    I am so sick of "TaMar" and her rude mouth. I can't believe that she can call herself a Christian when PRIDE is one of the deadly sins AND she acts like she had something to do with her looks. It was GOD's blessing that gave you your appearance, so she should be thanking HIM rather than taking all the credit for all the blessings she has received! Just shows how immature she is and how much Vince has to put up with!! I'll pray for the rest of the family to be able to put TaMar in her place. Sure wish we saw more of Toni in the show, and good luck to Towanda with her acting! Traci and Trina are also awesome to watch and I wish they didn't have to put up with TaMar. Bless you Mrs. Braxton for having the patience to deal with your children!