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  • CatDog was like this and nobody complained.

    Yes we all know this (along with Pig, Goat Banana, Mantis) is gonna suck, but at least this show had originallity compared to Sanjay and Craig. CatDog was like this show and nobody complained how crappy it looked. In fact they liked CatDog's animation and voice acting.

    Think about it. Buhduce is like Dog and SwaySway is like Cat. I'll take this show over Tak or Mighty B anyday. Jeff Bennett, Maurice LaMarche and Matt Besser should've worked on this instead of those shows though and maybe people would like them as much as they love Tak and Mighty B.

    You know, this and Sanjay and Craig isn't the worst thing Nick had recently done. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is the worst thing Nick had ever aired, Won't air Rocko's Modern Life or Ren and Stimpy on 90's Are All That and Cancelled Ricky Sprocket for an even sh*ttier new season of The Mighty B.

    So if you can stand Tak and The Power of Juju, you guys should do the same for this show.

    Also, how come it's ok for Squirrel Boy and Chalkzone to make fart jokes and has the bully's butt bounce up in down but in here, it's unacceptable?

    Writer-in-Training, nobody body watches the 90's are all that anymore, because CatDog took Rocko's Modern Life off the air. Also, CatDog relies on too much toilet humor. Even more so than this or Sanjay and Craig. Trust me.
  • This is another piece of shit coming from Nick.

    Oh my god. If Sanjay and Craig wasn't enough, they needed to add this bullcrap. Why Nick, why????

    Before this atrocity, Breadwinners was just a youtube cartoon, and then Nick decided to turn it into a show. What's never missing in a Nick cartoon? Why of course! Two annoying main characters, toilet humor and horrible animation!

    The two ***gots are nothing more than Fuckboy and Cum Cum disguised as ducks.. or what the fuck they are.

    One thing that annoys me alot is THEIR SINGING. They can't keep their mouths shut two seconds and start singing again! It just rapes my ears.

    They have no sense of humor apart their butt or shit, animation is putrid because they just photoshopped some random ducks and made them do low quality animation and the bread is equal.

    God if would LOVE to see this show with Spongebob and FOP shred in the shredder.

  • It sucks

    End of story.

    OMG who maniac would make this show!? Well this show IS dumber than Almost ALL the shows on Sprout! there 2 characters named Sway Sway and Peduce. WOW THATS THE DUMBEST NAMES OF ALL TIME!!! Man. I thought Fan boy and Chum Chum were the dumbest names! Do you know Sway Sway and Peduce are ducks? Well. they don't look like ducks they look like frogs because of the dumb animation and graphics. This show also rips off multiple things. This show rips off Regular Show just like Sanjay and Craig. Next I want to talk about the animation. Breadwinners copy ducks from google images and that doesn't look right and the animation looks like Johnny Test. Now I want to talk about how it uses the most disgusting jokes in history! It uses butt jokes and fart jokes in an effort to entertain us but it never helps. These dumb jokes are off putting. In fact, peduce, used his butt as a weapon to fight rivals. And that weapon is called booty kick. The plots are weird. Last thing the pilot was not even close to million views in fact the show was less than 200,00 views! So that proves "Breadwinners" should be called breadlosers.
  • Mind changed

    Ok, my mind has been changed on this show. It sucks big balls after looking back at it.
  • Breadwinners, more like Breadlosers

    This show is complete garbage. it has poor animation, and disgusting jokes. I am verry disgusted to hear what words are coming in people's mouths when they watched a few eipsodes of it, plus it's to hypper, it's also a rip off of Regluar Show, and a few shows that I like. What the heck Nickelodeon? I want this show pulled off the air, and I don't want to see it anymore, it's inappropriate for all children and a lot are companying. I want to rate it 0 stars I can't so 1 star on it.
  • Meh I was ganna give it a 1.00 but I will put the cons and pros instead

    Yes I agree with people who hate this show and there isn't that much good stuff

    Good stuff(pros):colorful animation,a good name(we hate the show not the name remember that)and it has bread delivering which can be used in a educational show not this crap.

    Bad stuff(cons):lots of this I'm afraid too much toilet humor on the plot,ridiculous character designs(despite that I puted "colorful animation"in good only like the animation of the show itself not the voice clips and a pointless/stupid/weird intro.

    Really nick You can Awesome shows like Speed Racer: The Next Generation and Iron Man: Armored Adventures but put crappy shows like Sanjay And Craig and give it a 3.5 I hope nick reads this.

  • Who The Fuck Reviews This?

    You Guys Can't Stand Butt or Fart Jokes! I Know "Love loaf" May Have Been Bad. BUT THE REST WOULD BE GOOD IF THEY GIVE THEM A CHANCE! I Mean. It's Not Like It's Going to End Like "Fairy odd Parents"(It's GOD parents) and Spongebob
  • What the fuck is this?


    Characters, 0/1000

    Who the fuck decided to make this show? it's pure crap, and buhduece? more like go-smoke-a-crap-duece, and sway sway? more like shit shit, this is probably the worst show ever made behind Uncle Grandpa, and Dora the Explorer plus the characters are ugly, did the tall one get a C-section at birth? because his head is bigger than the pimple on Zayn Malik's face!

    Plot -0/10

    The plot fucking sucks big time! Nickelodeon has the worst shows ever, not Disney or Cartoon Network, even if I hate a few shows, It's Nick that's destroying our childhood and that's 1 major reason why the kids of this generation are dickheads, back to the plot...... THIS PLOT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE, PLUS IT LACKS IN DEPTH, 2 UGLY ASS BIRDS QUACKING UP? MORE LIKE 2 BIRDS ABOUT TO BE IN MY STOMACH

    Overall 000000000/10000000000000000000000

  • Sayonara, Nickelodeon!

    8/15/14 - 8/22/14 Well, I finally decided to review this animated abomination that originated from YouTube called "Breadwinners". So we get the Nickelodeon version of Bob's Burgers that's very disgusting, and now this. I've never thought that a show could stoop this low. First of all, the premise is just ridiculous. Two ducks named SwaySway (the tall one) and Buhdeuce (the short one) deliver bread to other ducks in a rocket van. Wait, those are supposed to be ducks? They look like frogs with orange lips! Especially since their whole bodies are green and their tails aren't even shaped like an actual duck's tail. It doesn't even compare to other anthropomorphic ducks such as Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. You can tell that Mordecai from Regular Show actually resembles a blue jay. Also ducks eating bread should be an outlaw. They'll get a disease called "angel wing", which disables their only means of escape from predators: flying. Try Google searching something like "should ducks eat bread" to read more about the negative effects. Aside from the scenery I guess, the graphics look cheaply made. Look how Buhdeuce's sleeves sway away from connecting to the rest of his shirt, not being attached to it. The characters' body parts tend to overlap other parts of their bodies that they aren't supposed to overlap. This show relies on stock photos for almost all the other ducks and their only means of communication is making quack sounds. In the pilot episode, Jenny Quackles (what kind of last name is that?) appears as a Male Mallard, but in the Love Loaf episode she's a completely different duck.

    The humor is just your typical modern cartoon gross out humor that no sane person will find entertaining. That kind of humor should be used sparingly (if not even at all), not all the time. The characters, especially Buhdeuce keep showing their butts, touching things with them and even go as far as to mention them. Those two orange-lipped frogs also like to twerk. Yeah, what a great thing to teach your children! The whole "It's for kids" thing does not excuse bad writing. This show also incorporates some bad running gags like "You got Stanked" and they do a lot of obnoxious singing. Animaniacs were way better singers. Speaking of singing, SwaySway sings a song about his love for a stock photo... I mean Jenny Quackles. He says "she makes everything sweet like a cinnamon swirl" but how does she do that, or what is as sweet as that? Buhdeuce is way more annoying with his tendency to say "yip yip" and "bubble nuggets", and his head tends to explode. Two characters going on adventures is being overdone. We already got shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time, and this show rips off some Spongebob episodes. Nick decided to replace TMNT 2012 with this show to air on Saturdays.

    SwaySway and Buhdeuce are some of the worst protagonists (and role models) out there. They are just not likeable and they do mean things to their friends. For example, they run over Ketta (who's far more likeable) for no reason without even regretting it. That's not nice! She didn't do anything to deserve to be run over, therefore it's not funny. All she did was stand in front of their rocket van to tell them something. The frogs try to nurse their #1 customer T-Midi by... hurting him and inviting a gang of biker ducks from the first Nickelodeon episode of this show to further destroy his home? Why not take him to a hospital with a bunch of highly trained doctors? Check out ightfromtheskye's review on Common Sense Media for more about this subject, he offers some great advice about this show. There's another character called the Bread Maker who wears BDSM straps and goes around in his underwear. These things are too inappropriate for kids.

    That's it. Aside from TMNT 2012, I'm done with Nickelodeon. If any of you likes disgusting terrible shows such as this and Fanboy and Chum, I made up this term called "pofahboo". Stop encouraging kids to be messy! Please cancel Bob's Burgers 2 and this show as soon as possible! You know a show's that bad when there have been over 20 rants of this show on YouTube in such a short matter of time. Even its target audience hates this show! With all my heart, please take our criticism into consideration! Cartoon Network, Disney XD and the Hub are better channels.

    Now, the only three recent shows I enjoy watching on TV are Gravity Falls, TMNT 2012 and much to my surprise, Doraemon! Yep, that's right. The 2005 anime series of Doraemon is now dubbed in English and airing in North America! Doraemon is the new Mickey Mouse of Disney, I tell ya! Sooner or later, we might be getting some Doraemon merchandise.

    11/17/14 @teeheevee So you think an innocent person getting beat up is funny?

    11/20/14 @teeheevee Actually, it was good thing that T-Midi got his payback, the two frogs deserved it for not knowing how to take care of him. One of my favorite parts of this show was during the episode The Brave and the Mold, when the two frogs fooled the Emerald Loaf with a bunch of mirrors. I think this show would have worked better as an adult cartoon.

    I can slightly tolerate this show when there aren't gross things happening. But there are a few things I wonder. Judging from the few episodes I've seen, Ketta seems to be the only young female duck that isn't a stock photo. SwaySway should marry a duck his own size! If Ketta doesn't have breasts, then why does SwaySway wear fake breasts when cross-dressed? My only guess for that is to imply that SwaySway is older than both Buhdeuce and Ketta? Yet, Ketta is way more mature than both of them and doesn't go to such levels of stupidity.
  • Breadwinners? Ehh...

    Alright. I've heard lots of people talking about this show, about how bad it was. Anyway, let's gets started:

    The good part: I like the character designs of some supporting characters. They look original and pretty cute. Some made up words such as ''Quazy'' ''Yeasterday'' and ''Breaducation'' are pretty clever. Some of the music can be pretty good. The video-game like parts are pretty entertaining to watch too.

    The bad part: The premise is pretty boring, and the plots aren't that much better. They use too much toilet humor. The plots consist out of 50% butt humor, with the rest being toilet humor and other crude humor. Since everyone has already commented on the butt and toilet humor, i will comment on the crude humor. A good example is the episode ''From bad to nurse'', where they injure their BEST CUSTOMER by shooting him with a breadzooka, and injure him EVEN MORE, by karate chopping his butt, and letting him fall out of his house TWICE. but atleast he gets his payback at the end.

    In conclusion: This show has a few good things, but the bad sadly overpowers it for the most part. If the show would quit the constant twerking and other potty humor, it might get my liking. But it still blows for the most part.

    EDIT: @LorenzoTheComic What? No! I clearly stated that the innocent person gets his payback in the end, and that the crude humor ( which was the innocent person getting beat up), is a BAD PART of the show.
  • Horrbile,but...

    I just purely hate this show. You have high expectations for the show,and when I heard of it,I was tempted to watch the premiere,but I forgot,and for months I never watched the show. But that's when the lame commercials just popped in. Just,that just changed my thoughts of this show. However,some people do need to ducks have green heads,which possibly inspired the two assholes colour. And since they live in a fudgy pond,they share the pond with frogs. One type is their ass of a frog,jelly,and the other ones are these flying police frogs and their chief RamBamboo (WTF does that even mean). Then there's T-midi,a Barn Owl that's supposedly rich and fancy. But still,the show is not good at all.

    Update: I have decided to update to talk about how bad I hate Jelly. Jelly is my least favorite character. Sometimes, I picture her with a snot on her face. She is boring and just bad to look at.
  • A meh of a show.

    Has some good moments, and has some bad. I don't care, as long as it doesn't have Zeus Cervas in it.
  • What in the name of Barry Steakfries is this?

    Words cannot simply describe this cartoon. The humor is a bit gross, but it isn't as gross as Sanjay and Craig. The characters are about as memorable as the first second of someone's life. The soundtrack is about as catchy as an overdose of Annoying Orange, but they always fit the mood near perfectly.

    I respect the show for having a LOT of video game references, but not so much for the stupidity, humor, and getting Miley Cyrus past le radar. Yes, a BUTTload of jokes related to posteriors and shaking a tailfeather. Trust me, tailfeathers will be shaken more than an earthquake on steroids.

    However, I am giving it a chance. The animation is okay, and the actors are perfect for each character, and it even references the Starfox 64 meme of the legendary barrel roll in the theme song. It may not be perfect, but I will give it a shot.

    Overall Score: 6.5/10
  • Nick has really kicked the bucket on this one!

    While this show isn't out in my country, I watched the pilot on the internet and i hated it more than Sanjay and Craig. The animation isn't that bad but the characters are very unlikeable to be honest.

    All they do is SHOW THEIR BUTTS, do constant fart jokes and even sing songs about it.



    If you got this sentence above superglued in your head, then you'll be able to not make shows waaaay better than this! EVEN PREMOVIE SPONGEBOB DID IT!!! (I'm looking at you, Person who described this awful show "Best thing since Spongebob"!)

    Aside from this, the second episode which premiered a day ago made this all go down the drain. That episode was so bad i didn't even want to explain it.

    Verdict - Complete with constant butt-showing and idiotic script-writing, this show is sure to dissapoint even the biggest of animation fans.

    Final Score - 0.5/10

    EDIT: This now gets a 0.5 for COPYING Spongebob episodes and reversing the moral on them! Just you wait until what they will do for One Coarse Meal....

    EDIT AGAIN: This waste got a second season. THAT IS IT! I AM DONE WITH THE PILE OF TRASH!!!!!

    EDIT YET AGAIN: And it got a third season! This better be the last!
  • Nickelodeon, I Have Lost All Faith In You!

    Back in the good days, Nick brought us many great cartoons, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Danny Phantom, Hey Arnold, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and more recent goodies like Legend of Korra and CGI TMNT. But lately, it has produced some crappy shows like , Marvin Marvin, Fred: the Show, Thundermans, Haunted Hathaways (I'm not a fan of Nickelodeon sitcoms and never watched these), Sanjay and Craig and of course, they ruined SpongeBob Squarepants. However, the good times I had with Nickelodeon made me refuse to give up on the network... until now!

    Breadwinners was originally just meant to be an internet cartoon but somehow Nick took an interest and now we got a crappy show.

    Breadwinners has little plot to advance the story, in fact, there's almost no story at all. It's just a series of random events. That's it! The main characters don't even look like ducks.

    This is one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life, this show is almost as bad as Uncle Grandpa, actually I think it is even worse.

    UPDATE: Despite my better judgement, I watched the second episode Saturday (I was praying for CGI TMNT) and it had a frog dog eating a beehive and farting out bees. I don't even want to comment how disgusting that was. Also, my brother's girlfriend's son, who is nine years old, has said Breadwinners is actually stupid.

    UPDATE: After hearing about the next two episodes, Employee of the Month and Brocastination from Disney4life's update, I knew I'd have to watch another two segments of this horror. Holy crap, Disney4Life was right on the money. Both segments ripped off classic SpongeBob. The only difference is the SpongeBob ones were good. In Employee of the Month, the big duck (I don't bother naming the two) holds an employee of the month and gives the award to the stupid van. The fat duck then tries to prove himself worthy and even tries proving it by farting in the van. That scene as to be the ABSOLUTE WORST fart joke ever. It's like every fart joke ever made on Nick condensed into one scene. In Brocrastination, the two ducks have to wash dishes but try everything to avoid washing the dishes. The dishes were so disgusting, it looked like something from the works of HP Lovecraft. In Spongebob's episode, the stuff SpongeBob does to procrastinate are funny, subtle, simple things and then ends up waking from a dream that teaches him a lesson. Brocrastination is the exact opposite. The two ducks look for ANYTHING to avoid doing the dishes including an arcade game ABOUT WASHING DISHES. As they procrastinate, the bacteria on the dishes mutate into a monster, forcing the ducks to use a giant sponge to defeat it. A small piece of dirt is left on the dishes and the frog, destroys the dishes removing it. And what do the ducks do? They procrastinate on cleaning them up, having learned NOTHING from the ordeal.

    Okay seriously this is all I can take, I don't want to watch another episode. This isn't a just rock bottom for Nickelodoen. No this is rock bottom for animation in general.

    They are renewing this slop for a second season? Yes, I heard Nick is going to renew this piece of crap that not even children like for another season. According to Nick, the show has high ratings. But when you air nothing but crap on your network over and over, of course it's going to get high ratings.
  • A clone version of Fanboy & Chum-Chum. This show doesn't really interest me.

    This show is just... I don't know what to say, but I know it sucks. This Nicktoon is by far one of the worst, along with Rabbids and Sanjay & Craig. Current Nick cartoons: SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, TMNT and Legend of Korra would destroy the show and bring back other animated Nick shows, like: Rugrats, CatDog,Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold, As Told By Ginger, Invader Zim, Teenage Robot, Danny Phantom, Catscratch, Jimmy Neutron, 6teen and Angry Beavers. This show is a disgrace, and for anybody who find this entertaining are a bunch of buffoons.
  • This show sucks

    This show sucks. It's not funny. The characters are annoying. The animation suck. There are no redeeming qualities . Fuck this show!
  • An interesting premise squandered by Nickelodeon, an evil company.

    Let me be honest here. I actually thought that ducks delivering bread to other ducks as their job was interesting. I did think the premise was more original than other shows on Nickelodeon. Of course this was blatantly another buddy comedy theme currently being abused by the channel, but it sounded like it had a good purpose. So, why not? I gave it a chance and it was abysmal.

    STORY = Two ducks, SwaySway and Buhduece, have adventures while delivering bread to other ducks. Like I said before, it was a more original premise with a purpose. The story is the only thing "ok" with the show. It gets downhill from here.

    CHARACTERS = The main characters are surprisingly unlikable despite their attempt at good nature. They are also unoriginal. As I said before, the buddy comedy theme was being overused by Nickelodeon. The characters in these comedies are basically the tall one (SwaySway) and the short one (BuhDuece). SwaySway is very annoying, forgettable, and creepy character in nature. In one episode, he and BuhDuece sneaks in a summer camp as girls in order for SwaySway to date rape a female duck he has a crush on. You know, for kids. BuhDuece is also annoying and forgettable, but replace creepy with useless.

    VISUALS = The animation is horrible. It attempts to combine flash animation that moves like cut-out animation to stock images found on Bing. It is impossible to succeed at that unless you have the visual creativity of The Amazing World Of Gumball. When that show does it, it looks impressive because it looks like every character there is in the atmosphere at all times. That does not make Breadwinners impressive, just very lazy. The main characters look more like frogs than ducks, which makes it even more lazy. Instead of making characters that look like ducks, anyone can tell they just overlapped shapes and thought they were finished with the design.

    HUMOR = Butt and fart jokes galore. No wit, no fun, just butt and fart jokes. Enough said.

    The premise would have been good if the execution was not so bad. I am very surprised that this series is still getting promoted as hell. Nickelodeon is basically trying to make their bad shows look good and they know it. I remember when Nickelodeon had heart and respect for itself. It was not just in the 90s. The 00s brought us Avatar, most of Spongebob, My Life as a Teenage Robot, among others. But now, Nickelodeon is relying on their good shows to promote their bad shows so they can get ratings on each side. Evil, huh? Kids, please save your time and go to Disney or CN. Trust me. They are better.
  • What they call "Breadwinners", I call "Bread-losers"!

    They need to cancel this show now and remove it from the air forever!!!
  • Screw That Show!

    Breadwinners Is a.... WTF?

    I Can't Stand Swaysway Is a Asshole! Right!

    Man Screw That Show!

    I Going Watch Rabbids Invasion and Lola & Virginia!!

  • Its possibly the worst piece of shit, i've ever seen!

  • Horrible

    This is gross Why isn't this canceled? and they don't even have tails they only have human butts its crazy they are frogs with yellow lips. and how they keep twerking that's a bad example for kids Twerking is rude. Cancel this.
  • At least better than Sanjay and Craig

    This show is boring and unwatchable. It mainly relies on toilet humor, like nick needs more of that. No one wants to see ducks delivering bread. And what kind of names are Swaysway and Buhduece?

    Also, this show has been going for a month and it ALREADY gets a 2.8! That's worse than Sanjay and Craig!

    UPDATE 9-11-14 @a34, so you think fart and butt jokes are funny? Are you 9 or something?
  • Duck+bread+very funny jokes=Breadwinners.

    I really like this show, I thought it was very well executed. The jokes are funny, the dialogue is quotable, and the animation (flash mixed with live action stock) fits very well with the concept. SwaySway and BuDuce are two green ducks (don't ask why their green) who deliver bread to the people on Pongea (replace the a with and o in Pangea and what do you get?). Now I know ducks aren't supposed to eat bread, but admit it: you've gone to the park and fed some ducks some bread crumbs. And they loved it. That stereotype not only works for the concept, but it practically is the concept. If you need a good laugh now and again, check this show out; and maybe have some bread while watching it.
  • What a stupid piece of crap!

    All the new Nick shows suck! Nick has not got ONE GOOD SHOW left besides SpongeBob. And we all know what happened to SpongeBob. It turned crappy. Just like this show. Can you count how many times they make butt and fart jokes on this show? I swear it's like they made it a law that all the new Nick and other kids' channel shows have to have butt and fart jokes. Almost every show on Disney Channel and Nick now relies on toilet humor and other forms of gross-out humor. That, and/or Nausea Fuel and Getting Crap Past the Radar. The only show on there worth watching is Liv and Maddie! Now THAT show doesn't rely on gross-out humor or fart jokes. It's like Liv and Maddie is breaking the law by not having fart jokes and Nausea Fuel. If that's what breaking the law is about these days, then I'm all for it! Don't listen to the bone-headed morons that like this garbage. They're probably the same people who made it! Or work for it. Just like how that crappy movie known as The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure used to have a rating of 1.7 from IMDb but now it has 7.4! That almost happened with this show too. It had a rating of 2.4 from IMDb but jumped to FOUR point four! But then it went down to 4.3, 4.1, 3.9, and now 3.8. If you have an account at IMDb and this site and agree with me then help out the cause by giving Breadwinners a 1/10 at both sites! And give Gordy, one of the best movies ever made, a 10/10! OK, I'm done with this review.

    UPDATE: To I-want-Milk, I can't answer this on my original account (the review is too long to be added to), so I'm gonna answer on my younger brother's account. I DO vote for your reviews is helpful at IMDb under both my accounts (Bambifan101-4 and GordyrulesandWaltdrools). Also, I saw your review of Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale at IMDb. I agree it needs a profile here. Also, I figured out that they only let you vote 0.0 at this site if you're account was registered in 2005. I wish they would reconsider since CLEARLY this show deserves 0 out of 10. If Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale was registered here and I could rate it 0.0, I would. It's a shameless ripoff of one of my favorite films of all time (my second favorite only to The Fox and the Hound). But even THAT MOVIE is better than this show. At least I think so. And I'm glad you gave Gordy a 10 at IMDb. Tell other people you know to rate it! It can be watched at Netflix, and you can rate it 5/5 stars there. I wish they would put it on YouTube so everybody can see it. It was on YouTube briefly, but then they took it off. I wish they would put it back. Also, tell everybody you know to give The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure a 1 out of 10 at IMDb. It's STILL at 7.3 when it used to be 1.7! The only good thing is after reaching 8.1 it went down to 7.6 and now 7.3, so we're starting to make progress.
  • Nick went in a hellfire and made a new crappy show

    Nick, Seriously? They haven't learned their lesson yet and now we got breadwinners, sanjay and craig, spongebob, and fanboy and chum chum. There is a episode called "Employee of the month" THAT RIPPED OFF THE TITLE from SPONGEBOB. Look, I know they are going to make more episodes and thinking people will like this piece of stink rot. Yes, i know gross things can be funny sometimes but THAT has gone WAY TOO far ahead! It was so disgusting to see a episode of budence crying and blew his nose to his OWN frog THAT was disgusting and LICKED his butt. He even farts to prove himself worthness by farting, THAT IS THE WORST FART JOKE I EVEN SEEN! Like come on! You could've brought back shows like Catdog, Rocko's modern life, Old spongebob, or Catscratch. Now, I judge this shit by:

    Plot 0/15 F- Plot is just so random it's like having the same plot over and over AGAIN by delivering bread!

    Just some dumb shit acting dimwitted ducks

    Music 1/15 F- It's annoying!

    Animation 2/15 F Oh my god! The animation looks it was made by 10 year old, Nick should've NOT picked this show to be made it WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A INTERNET SERIES LIKE ON YOUTUBE NOT A TV SHOW DAMMIT!

    Character 0/15 F+ They don't even look like ducks at all! Work on character designs please before you make a freaking show, darn it!

    Voice acting: 0/15 F+ It gives me a headache and there voices don't fit the characters at all!

    Colors: 0/15 F+ TOO BRIGHT

    THERE ARE NO LIKEABLE CHARACTERS AT ALL, Just annoying characters and voices.

    And I am not SURPRISED that this piece of crap got a new season, Oh god please be the final season! please NICK!

    They are ugly to look at, Not worth watching AT ALL!

    EDIT: AwesomeDude12, You are a sick person who likes fart jokes and butt jokes! WHY DO PEOPLE LAUGH AT THIS!?

    EDIT AGAIN: This show is a rip off of spongebob and regular show PEOPLE!! AND THIS SHOW ALSO COPYS FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM (i hate that show too) And disney4life, Can you review uncle grandpa and rate it 1.0? I heard this is one of the worst shows on cartoon network.

    Edit: I have reviewed this show on Imdb, If you want to see it. Go to

    http:// www. imdb .com/title/tt3481544/reviews?start=10 (No Spaces) and username is BlossomTheLeader, It has a more mature review than this one on here.

    EDIT: Disney4life, was it you almost always finding my reviews on imdb useful? cuz Every time I see a review It says 1 out of (put number here) found useful

  • Nick's newest disaster

    I actually changed the premiere date to February 22 to match the commercials, but what I didn't know was that the "sneak beak" was yesterday. I changed it back but it took about a day to finally get approved. So anyway, this show is about two ducks named SwaySway and Buhdeuce who deliver bread to other ducks in their town. Simply put, this show is not funny. It's random, it's frantic, and it makes no sense. And apparently Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media saw more than just the two episodes that aired yesterday, because the only crude humor I saw was the "do you poop" and the references to Buhdeuce's butt. But to be fair Buhdeuce's butt DID save them, so at least it's relevant to the plot. At least this show is better than Sanjay and Craig, but that doesn't say much. It's on the same level as Rabbids Invasion, it's mostly innocent but extremely stupid. Although the bread-related puns like "In yo beak!", "yasta-la-yesta", and "The lower yeast side" were clever and funny. Not to mention marketing it as a sneak beak. But still, I wouldn't expect this to get renewed, if it weren't for the fact that they apparently have to renew everything now because there aren't many shows left. Still, given the limited premise of this show, I wouldn't be surprised if it did get cancelled. Only time will tell if it does or not.

    UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 24 (originally posted on February 18): I agree with you DisneyVillain about the frog eating a beehive and flatulating out the bees. Except you forgot the frog actually started chasing the bees like it was going to eat them again! Which is both pointless and makes it even more disgusting, it's pointless because why flatulate them out if you're just gonna eat them again? And I'm glad the rating for this show is dropping, it started out 4.2, then 3.7, then 3, then 2.8, then 2.3, and now 2.2. It's almost rated as low as Marvin Marvin! Another stupid thing is I don't even think frog actually eat honey let alone beehives! Plus it's supposed to be a dog just like how on SpongeBob snails are cats, worms are dogs, scallops are birds, and jellyfish are bees. DO DOGS EAT HONEY LET ALONE BEEHIVES?! I don't think so. And this show doesn't have much plot anyway. Really. You can't hardly describe the plots because there practically are none. Also Dog Day Afternoon was already spoofed in The Fairly Odd Parents. So that proves the creators of this show aren't even TRYING to be original. I already saw an episode of Sanjay and Craig copy SpongeBob. Will this show copy SpongeBob too?

    UPDATE AGAIN: I just looked up Frog Day Afternoon in the Breadwinners wikia and I found out the next episode is called Employee of the Month. So this show IS copying SpongeBob! Not only that but the episode after it is called Brocrastination which is also a rip-off of SpongeBob. They said the plot is that SwaySway and Buhdeuce have to take care of a pile of dirty dishes, just like how SpongeBob had to write an essay. Also I forgot to mention I also agree with sumoneelse3950 about it being a rip-off of Regular Show. As if Sanjay and Craig wasn't already a rip-off of Regular Show. And Rabbids Invasion is a poor man's Teletubbies. A VERY POOR poor man's Teletubbies *cues clip of Fagin from Oliver & Company saying "He must have been a poor, desperate man"*

    UPDATE AGAIN: I just saw the TV Tropes page and it said the creators were former writers on MAD. No wonder this show sucks! MAD is one of the worst animated shows ever!

    UPDATE AGAIN: I just read your review Ninjaassassin238 and I agree 100%. Nick does not have ANY good shows anymore and it's so sad. Even Disney Channel's worst shows like So Random and Shake it Up are better than the crap Nick currently airs (except Rabbids Invasion and Sam & Cat. Although they're not good either) However Disney Channel does still have a good show left which is Liv and Maddie although it's been getting a lot of hate from this site lately.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 1: I missed the first airing of today's episode so I had to catch a rerun. I'm changing my ratings for Gordy and Liv and Maddie because of this show! Not that they're bad, but this show is so bad it makes good shows and movies look even better! The whole playing video games thing is SUCH a rip-off of Regular Show! Like I said Sanjay and Craig is already a rip-off of Regular Show, now we have TWO stupid and unfunny shows that rip-off Regular Show. And I finally figured out what Buhdeuce said in the commercial where he mentioned farts. He said, "Once you break the seal, the fart gates cannot be closed". I had to rewind it and put on the captions to understand exactly what he said. Well, at least this show isn't AS BAD as Sanjay and Craig, like lootlimo said. Still, we know that doesn't say much. At all.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 5: You're so right finnysohr and DisneyVillain! This show rips off SpongeBob! You're right too Mewds46, the show is also a rip-off of Sanjay and Craig with the toilet humor. Actually, correction: it's a rip-off of THREE shows. SpongeBob, Sanjay and Craig, AND Regular Show. And this made me realize Sanjay and Craig in turn is a rip-off of Marvin Marvin for the same reason. Because of the toilet humor.

    Like I said earlier, this show rips off Regular Show with the whole bromance between two funny animals who like to play video games. I remember seeing one of the commercials where they said "For these ducks, the only thing better than being a breadwinner, is being a breadfriend" while Mordecai and Rigby, opps sorry, I meant SwaySway and Buhdeuce, were shown playing video games. That's another way this show rips of Sanjay and Craig. By ripping of Regular Show. So this is a rip-off of Sanjay and Craig which in turn is a rip-off of Regular Show and Marvin Marvin. And you're right too sumoneelse3950, Nick is obsessed with fart jokes. There was also another Funny Rules commercial where they showed Louie from The Haunted Hathaways saying to his dad, "I've been thinking about being a professional golfer" and then whacks his dad in the groin. THAT'S NOT FUNNY AT ALL! Neither is the one sumoneelse3950 was referring to where Sanjay flatulates and Craig says, "Dude, you just puffed in my face!" Or what about the one where a Rabbid gets covered in pelican poop? NOT FUNNY! If you want a show that's both funny AND cool, watch Regular Show. If you want one that's funny, cute, heartwarming, AND interesting, watch Liv and Maddie. If you want the latter but for a movie instead, watch Gordy. If you want a show that's crude, unfunny (painfully unfunny), obsessed with butts and farts, or that's a rip-off of Regular Show and/or SpongeBob, watch either this or Sanjay and Craig. But don't say I didn't warm you when you need a barf-bag if you choose Sanjay and Craig. Because like I said in my review of Sanjay and Craig, I recommend you have a barf-bag handy if you ever considering seeing that show, even if you only plan on seeing how horrible it is. You will definitely need a barf-bag.

    UPDATE ON MARCH 8: The newest episode, Rocket Trouble, is a rip-off of TWO SpongeBob episodes. The classic Imitation Krabs and the not-classic but still-decent Planet of the Jellyfish. Why? Well, in the episode, SwaySway and Buhdeuce's friend Ketta (who has never been seen or heard of before now) builds two robot clones of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, so that they can complete their new record of delivering 1 million loaves of bread. This is why it's a rip-off of Imitation Krabs, the robot clones are just like the one Plankton built in that episode. Also, the clones later try to replace SwaySway and Buhdeuce, which was the part that ripped off Planet of the Jellyfish. Actually I think it's a reference to the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Yeah I know Planet of the Jellyfish was supposed to be a parody of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this episode seemed to steal that idea instead of just parodying it. Also another episode it feels like a ripoff of is Krab Borg, where SpongeBob and Squidward think Mr. Krabs has been replaced by a robot clone. And they acted like we were supposed to know who Ketta was when really, we don't. Apparently she's a good friend to SwaySway and Buhdeuce yet we know almost nothing about her.

    The next episode might have been a ripoff, but I can't think of what it could be a ripoff of. After all, it wasn't until finnysohr wrote his review that I realized Frog Day Afternoon was a ripoff of Rock-a-Bye Bivalve. Which is strange since that's one of my all-time favorite SpongeBob episodes. Not only that, but when I watched it I did get the feeling the plot of two guys raising a baby had been used before. Also, in that episode, when the mother comes looking for her baby, SwaySway suggests that maybe whoever took it didn't mean to steal it. It's just like in Oliver & Company, on Chapter 18 (the payoff), Fagin meets Jenny and she tells him somebody stole her kitty, and Fagin says, "but I, mean, maybe he, maybe he was up against a wall, at the end of his rope" And then points out "He must have been a poor, desperate man" I'm not sure if the creators of this show were just referencing this scene, or ripping it off, but given this show ripping off SpongeBob AND Regular Show, I'm inclined to go with the latter. Ninjaassassin238 was also the one to point out Mine All Mine being a ripoff of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II (finnysohr also pointed this out), and wallyrocketmonkey pointed out how Stank Breath was a ripoff of Something Smells (also finnysohr also pointed it out). Mine All Mine was another one I remembered thinking felt like a ripoff, but couldn't place it. Same with Stank Breath.

    UPDATE ON AUGUST 25: I haven't actually watched Uncle Grandpa yet but I HAVE rated it a 1. I also want That_TV_Dude to review all the other crappy shows on Nick now.
  • *Gags*

    Do I have to even explain what's wrong with this abomination?
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