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  • Today's Generation is Fucked

    Breadwinners is up there with Teen Titans Go on my list of Worst Children's Cartoons, which means it's near the #1 spot. What can I say about this show? Maybe that there's overuse of ass jokes, Miley Cyrus jokes, twerking, toilet humor, farting, and pretty much anything else that anyone over the age of 9 shouldn't consider to be funny. It may be attracting for young bloods, but it still shouldn't be shown to them because of the fact that there were much better cartoons that I watched growing up than Breadfuckers. You know, the cartoons that were not only attracting to kids, but ADULTS as well. This is not attractive to adults and young adults. This is an abomination to animation.
  • Absolutely disgusting.

    Who created this garbage? This show is basically your typical-everyday-toilet-humor-Nickelodeon-show. The animation is absolute trash and looks like it can be made with minimal effort. The characters are just ripoffs (not a surprise) of preexisting shows. The names are at least original... that's one thing I can give props to. Anyways, these "ducks" look absolutely nothing like ducks. Their beaks look nothing like beaks. Just because you color them green and give them horribly looking "beaks" does not make them ducks! The bread in this show is nothing more than Google images and Hue/Saturation. The "songs" are just ripoffs of Regular Show and decreases IQ. The plots at times can be a little clever? I liked that episode where they made Ketta, a smart mechanic, stupid. The gags managed to work and got a great laugh out of me. This show, however, is just wasted potential. Y'know that saying, "Show, don't tell!", yeah this show does the opposite. Just because you mention the word "fart" or "butt" or "pee" every 2 seconds does not make it instantly funny! Another note: This show doesn't manage to disgust me in any way, due to the lazy, cheap animation. In fact, no show disgusts me.

    Aside from all of that, this show is somewhat tolerable... maybe?

    Overall: 2/10
  • Abomination

    Everything in this show sucked to the animation to the names of the characters. Buhduece sounds like a slimy alien crap and Sway Sway sounds like something you'd call your girlfriend when she slaps you in the ass with a fly swatter. This show wasn't worth Nick's empire of cash to waste it on. They should use that money to make a show that isn't mediocre crap. Most of these episodes don't have a plot or a main idea and are just coated with a bunch of stupid fart jokes. This won't last another season if Nick doesn't turn that show around.
  • Absolute trash.

    I liked the first 2-3 episodes, but since then...

    I have watched cartoons for 18 years and I have never seen anything this horrible. They look like green Megaminds and have hot dog buns for beaks. It makes little sense whatsoever. It's almost mind-nubbing-ly stupid.
  • My god

    Even Bakugan is better than this.

    And i and my granddad (which like Yogi Bear) were storytelling stories about Yogi Bear,ehm,about 30 minutes ago.

    And i must say,it is more interesting than this shit.
  • absolute Garbage

    wow Nick couldn't think of anything better besides fart jokes and butt jokes? so they decided to make this abomination?
  • Once again proof that Nick failed at finding a cool new hit show. Nick still hasn't learned their lesson and isn't even trying.

    Breadwinners should really be called Breadlosers or something else. The whole show is as stupid unoriginal, and gross as Fanboy and Chum Chum. It revolves around fart and butt jokes as well as their outlandish antics and 'adventures' (I'm using this term loosely). It appears Nickelodeon is either obsessed fart, butt, and potty humor, or they are out of ideas. Not only is there nothing special or redeeming about this show's content, the graphics, design, and animation are awful. The main characters don't even even look like ducks. They look more like frogs with orange lips and have utterly dumb names: Buhduce and Swaysway. Couldn't the creators or Nick come up with anything better than that? Apparently not. They also twerk alot which is often interpreted by others as sexually suggestive. Totally inappropriate especially for a kid's show. Even more the other ducks and backgrounds are just cutouts. How cheap and lazy. This is probably why no one should make tv series from shorts on YouTube. The original short didn't even have that many views nor all over the place.

    All I can say is that Nick will remain in this low until they either open their eyes and minds or get some new creative people. This super ultra lame show proves how desperate they are and can't find something decent to air or make. They might have lost so much money that they can't seem to fund for better show and made lousy cheap ones that don't provide any long term value. By the way, feeding bread to ducks is bad for them because it makes them fat, gives them diabetes, and even bloats them. It's almost like feeding people too many candy bars. On top of that, the main characters aren't likable at all. I just wish a hunter shoots them, a trapper traps them, a predator catches them, or their rocket van crashes killing them inside.
  • This show portrays Christian beliefs in every way possible. It's like God wrote this show.

    if you want an example of a genius show, watch this and stay away from icky shows suck as avatar, spongebob, rick and morty, regular show, and arthur. swaysway and behduce are amazing christian preachers and it's good for your kids to watch. arthur and spongebob doesn't do stuff like that. watch this, stay away from rick and morty.
  • Dreadlosers

    This show sucks. This is a rip off of many shows. I cant believe this got renewed for a second season. God help me. One season should've been enough but NO there just had to be a second season announced. I mean this is one of Nick's worst moves. It's not Nick isn't a good channel, it's actually a wonderful channel but it has it's cracks and this is one of them.

    This show is CRAMMED with fart jokes. It makes me sick. I mean the idea of two ducks delivering bread doesn't sound like a bad idea, no it doesn't, but with fart jokes added it's just so hard ti enjoy. If this didn't have the nonstop fart jokes and repetitive innuendos it'd be enjoyable. This show does it the wrong way, unlike Sanjay and Craig, a show FAR better than this one.

    The show has a nice classic video game feel but it rarely ever even appears and stops me from enjoying it. Also what's up with the Swaysway and Behduce's heads I mean they look like fish rather than ducks and the other ducks are just realistic ducks with animated eyes added as if this show was Fish Hooks. At least the other characters look creative.

    Also this show is a complete SpongeBob ripoff I mean are you serious in one episode there's a duck with an appearance of Old Man Jenkins. Now not only are the episodes ripoffs but now the characters. But I didn't REALLY start to get pissed off until I found out the show was renewed for another season. That's why this is a 0/10 show. Maybe Bad Seeds won't have any fart jokes. God, send this show to hell.
  • Why do people like CatDog better than this?

    Yes we all know this (along with Pig, Goat Banana, Mantis) is gonna suck, but at least this show had originallity compared to Sanjay and Craig. CatDog was like this show and nobody complained how crappy it looked. In fact they liked CatDog's animation and voice acting.

    Think about it. Buhduce is like Dog and SwaySway is like Cat. I'll take this show over Tak or Mighty B anyday. Jeff Bennett, Maurice LaMarche and Matt Besser should've worked on this instead of those shows though and maybe people would like them as much as they love Tak and Mighty B.

    You know, this and Sanjay and Craig isn't the worst thing Nick had recently done. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is the worst thing Nick had ever aired, Won't air Rocko's Modern Life or Ren and Stimpy on 90's Are All That and Cancelled Ricky Sprocket for an even sh*ttier new season of The Mighty B.

    So if you can stand Tak and The Power of Juju, you guys should do the same for this show.

    Also, how come it's ok for Squirrel Boy and Chalkzone to make fart jokes and has the bully's butt bounce up in down but in here, it's unacceptable?

    Writer-in-Training, nobody body watches the 90's are all that anymore, because CatDog took Rocko's Modern Life off the air. Also, CatDog relies on too much toilet humor. Even more so than this or Sanjay and Craig. Trust me.
  • This is why stuff on Youtube should not be turned into TV shows

    How many times is Nickelodeon going to do this? First Fred, then Awesomeness TV, and now Breadwinners. This show is poorly animated and not funny. Also want to point out that the two main characters are supposed to be ducks. They don't even look like ducks at all though. And why do they TWERK?!?! REALLY NICK!? ON A KID SHOW!!? SO DISTURBING TO WATCH!! Speaking of the main two, what kind of names are Swaysway and Buhdeuce? It just sounds stupid. Does Nickelodeon really not care about their viewers anymore? Atleast Disney has Gravity Falls. Cartoon Network has Steven Universe, Regular Show, Clarence, Gumball etc. What does Nick have, huh? Plus, I had read somewhere that on its 4th week airing, this show was top rated for kids. NO, JUST NO! THAT IS ATROCIOUS!

    But however, even after all this crap being tossed at us. Amongst all the bullsh*t to put up with, we still have Harvey Beaks and POSSIBLY the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon. If Harvey Beaks can just get enough air time on Nick more often, it could be Nick's new big hit. As for the AATC cartoon coming up, I'm actually praying that it's at least decent. Knowing Nickelodeon though, they will screw it up.
  • Breadwinners is a winner in my eyes!

    Breadwinners is a hilarious show! The show is about two characters named SwaySway and Buhdeuce, which are clever names as they represent the characters. SwaySway represents the motion in which the character shakes his butt and Buhdeuce sounds like Butt Juice (he actually does sometimes drink his own farts). Let me talk about the jokes they are fantastic. I love a great fart joke and Breadwinners certainly delivers! The moving of the butts and the use of butt jokes means that I have to have a box of tissues at the side of me because I cannot stop laughing! My favourite episode has to be Employee Of The Month where the award is given to the rocket van. Not only is that a great twist in the episode, it's hilarious and clever writing. The cutouts of the ducks is lazy, but I appreciate that they are only prop characters so it doesn't bother me too much. Also if I may suggest an episode they should do one where Buhdeuce reads and keeps repeating a cuss word that is bleeped out and him saying this word causes commotion all over the planet of Pondgea. The censor noise should also be a fart as well, to add humour to the episode.

    If you want to watch a hilarious show littered with hilarious gags then watch Breadwinners. It's 3 seasons old and is showing no signs of aging. Looking forward to season 4 already!
  • This show does not deserve to be on TV

    What else can I say, it's just that bad. When a show hardly has any character design whatsoever and has to resort to using stock photo heads on cartoon bodies as background characters. Then you know its bad. And don't even get me started on the booty shaking. Watching those two duck/humanoid freaks shaking their bare butts in front of us trying so hard to be "hip". It's sickening.

    Humor? What is that? says the writers, cause clearly their is none here. Unless your fond of fart jokes and laughing at how embarrassing the animation is, then you might find some enjoyment in here. But if your looking for a quality show that you can get at least a couple laughs from and watch episode after episode, this is not it. Sadly, Sanjay and Craig, Uncle Grandpa and Teen Titans Go is better than this, at least they actually try to make their shows somewhat decent.

    Here, their is NO EFFORT put into this whatsoever, NONE. Stick with CN or Disney XD if you want to watch some actually good cartoons, cause Nick will never get with the times, they'll always be dead last if they keep relying on toilet humor for everything. Harvey Beaks is the one exception, but that's it.
  • Ehm, my review was removed...

    I wrote a rewiew about this show 3 months ago and it dissapeared after I came back in May.

    Well, I can sum it up in a few sentences.

    1. Plots are really annoying and repetitive: delivering bread, doing random crap and the cycle goes on.

    2. Animation is just atrocious. Looks like a 4 year old made the art design and some douche just animated it.

    3. Songs are spastic and annoying.

    4. This show is a clone of Fanboy and Chum Chum disguised as ducks.

    Conclusion: Don't watch Nick until FOP, Spongebob, Sanjay and Craig and this are gone.
  • New Review


    *the animation is interesting

    *Some Plotlines are pacable

    *The Characters are interesting

    *Some of the music sounds nice (Like in "Mine all Mine")

    *the creators worked on MAD


    *The only thing the breadwinners have are beaks(to be called ducks)

    *the morality can sometimes be rancid(again, they worked on mad)

    *the pacing is mediocre

    *you actually shouldn't give ducks bread
  • DreadWinners.

    Breadwinners (in my opinion) is probably one of the worst cartoons to come out of Nick. I hate it so much. The voices are annoying, the plots are weird, and the show relies too much on Butt/Fart/Twerk/Toilet jokes. Not one episode of this show has made me laugh, or has made me crack a smile. I will chuckle at a Butt joke every once in a while. But this show is a butt joke every 5 5 seconds. My final verdict is show to go. Because no show should have as many repetitive Butt jokes as this one did. Come on Nick, Really?
  • I hate this show!

    More like Dreadlosers!
  • What, Nick Make Better Shows than this

    SwaySway and Buhdeuce goes on So Dumb Adventures and There Names Sound Dumb!

    Ducks don't deliver bread! This doesn't makes any sense and had too much toilet humor!

    This is dumber the Sanjay and Craig witch also sucks!

    This show gets a 2 and thank god I never Watch It!

    More like B***hlosers!
  • mediocre

    Eh. This show is alright but it's not that good
  • It sucks

    End of story.

    OMG who maniac would make this show!? Well this show IS dumber than Almost ALL the shows on Sprout! there 2 characters named Sway Sway and Peduce. WOW THATS THE DUMBEST NAMES OF ALL TIME!!! Man. I thought Fan boy and Chum Chum were the dumbest names! Do you know Sway Sway and Peduce are ducks? Well. they don't look like ducks they look like frogs because of the dumb animation and graphics. This show also rips off multiple things. This show rips off Regular Show just like Sanjay and Craig. Next I want to talk about the animation. Breadwinners copy ducks from google images and that doesn't look right and the animation looks like Johnny Test. Now I want to talk about how it uses the most disgusting jokes in history! It uses butt jokes and fart jokes in an effort to entertain us but it never helps. These dumb jokes are off putting. In fact, peduce, used his butt as a weapon to fight rivals. And that weapon is called booty kick. The plots are weird. Last thing the pilot was not even close to million views in fact the show was less than 200,00 views! So that proves "Breadwinners" should be called breadlosers.
  • Mind changed

    Ok, my mind has been changed on this show. It sucks big balls after looking back at it.
  • Breadwinners, more like Breadlosers

    This show is complete garbage. it has poor animation, and disgusting jokes. I am verry disgusted to hear what words are coming in people's mouths when they watched a few eipsodes of it, plus it's to hypper, it's also a rip off of Regluar Show, and a few shows that I like. What the heck Nickelodeon? I want this show pulled off the air, and I don't want to see it anymore, it's inappropriate for all children and a lot are companying. I want to rate it 0 stars I can't so 1 star on it.
  • Meh I was ganna give it a 1.00 but I will put the cons and pros instead

    Yes I agree with people who hate this show and there isn't that much good stuff

    Good stuff(pros):colorful animation,a good name(we hate the show not the name remember that)and it has bread delivering which can be used in a educational show not this crap.

    Bad stuff(cons):lots of this I'm afraid too much toilet humor on the plot,ridiculous character designs(despite that I puted "colorful animation"in good only like the animation of the show itself not the voice clips and a pointless/stupid/weird intro.

    Really nick You can Awesome shows like Speed Racer: The Next Generation and Iron Man: Armored Adventures but put crappy shows like Sanjay And Craig and give it a 3.5 I hope nick reads this.

  • What the fuck is this?


    Characters, 0/1000

    Who the fuck decided to make this show? it's pure crap, and buhduece? more like go-smoke-a-crap-duece, and sway sway? more like shit shit, this is probably the worst show ever made behind Uncle Grandpa, and Dora the Explorer plus the characters are ugly, did the tall one get a C-section at birth? because his head is bigger than the pimple on Zayn Malik's face!

    Plot -0/10

    The plot fucking sucks big time! Nickelodeon has the worst shows ever, not Disney or Cartoon Network, even if I hate a few shows, It's Nick that's destroying our childhood and that's 1 major reason why the kids of this generation are dickheads, back to the plot...... THIS PLOT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE, PLUS IT LACKS IN DEPTH, 2 UGLY ASS BIRDS QUACKING UP? MORE LIKE 2 BIRDS ABOUT TO BE IN MY STOMACH

    Overall 000000000/10000000000000000000000

  • Sayonara, Nickelodeon!

    8/15/14 - 8/22/14 Well, I finally decided to review this animated abomination that originated from YouTube called "Breadwinners". So we get the Nickelodeon version of Bob's Burgers that's very disgusting, and now this. I've never thought that a show could stoop this low. First of all, the premise is just ridiculous. Two ducks named SwaySway (the tall one) and Buhdeuce (the short one) deliver bread to other ducks in a rocket van. Wait, those are supposed to be ducks? They look like frogs with orange lips! Especially since their whole bodies are green and their tails aren't even shaped like an actual duck's tail. It doesn't even compare to other anthropomorphic ducks such as Donald Duck and Daffy Duck. You can tell that Mordecai from Regular Show actually resembles a blue jay. Also ducks eating bread should be an outlaw. They'll get a disease called "angel wing", which disables their only means of escape from predators: flying. Try Google searching something like "should ducks eat bread" to read more about the negative effects. Aside from the scenery I guess, the graphics look cheaply made. Look how Buhdeuce's sleeves sway away from connecting to the rest of his shirt, not being attached to it. The characters' body parts tend to overlap other parts of their bodies that they aren't supposed to overlap. This show relies on stock photos for almost all the other ducks and their only means of communication is making quack sounds. In the pilot episode, Jenny Quackles (what kind of last name is that?) appears as a Male Mallard, but in the Love Loaf episode she's a completely different duck.

    The humor is just your typical modern cartoon gross out humor that no sane person will find entertaining. That kind of humor should be used sparingly (if not even at all), not all the time. The characters, especially Buhdeuce keep showing their butts, touching things with them and even go as far as to mention them. Those two orange-lipped frogs also like to twerk. Yeah, what a great thing to teach your children! The whole "It's for kids" thing does not excuse bad writing. This show also incorporates some bad running gags like "You got Stanked" and they do a lot of obnoxious singing. Animaniacs were way better singers. Speaking of singing, SwaySway sings a song about his love for a stock photo... I mean Jenny Quackles. He says "she makes everything sweet like a cinnamon swirl" but how does she do that, or what is as sweet as that? Buhdeuce is way more annoying with his tendency to say "yip yip" and "bubble nuggets", and his head tends to explode. Two characters going on adventures is being overdone. We already got shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time, and this show rips off some Spongebob episodes. Nick decided to replace TMNT 2012 with this show to air on Saturdays.

    SwaySway and Buhdeuce are some of the worst protagonists (and role models) out there. They are just not likeable and they do mean things to their friends. For example, they run over Ketta (who's far more likeable) for no reason without even regretting it. That's not nice! She didn't do anything to deserve to be run over, therefore it's not funny. All she did was stand in front of their rocket van to tell them something. The frogs try to nurse their #1 customer T-Midi by... hurting him and inviting a gang of biker ducks from the first Nickelodeon episode of this show to further destroy his home? Why not take him to a hospital with a bunch of highly trained doctors? Check out ightfromtheskye's review on Common Sense Media for more about this subject, he offers some great advice about this show. There's another character called the Bread Maker who wears BDSM straps and goes around in his underwear. These things are too inappropriate for kids.

    That's it. Aside from TMNT 2012, I'm done with Nickelodeon. If any of you likes disgusting terrible shows such as this and Fanboy and Chum, I made up this term called "pofahboo". Stop encouraging kids to be messy! Please cancel Bob's Burgers 2 and this show as soon as possible! You know a show's that bad when there have been over 20 rants of this show on YouTube in such a short matter of time. Even its target audience hates this show! With all my heart, please take our criticism into consideration! Cartoon Network, Disney XD and the Hub are better channels.

    Now, the only three recent shows I enjoy watching on TV are Gravity Falls, TMNT 2012 and much to my surprise, Doraemon! Yep, that's right. The 2005 anime series of Doraemon is now dubbed in English and airing in North America! Doraemon is the new Mickey Mouse of Disney, I tell ya! Sooner or later, we might be getting some Doraemon merchandise.

    11/17/14 @teeheevee So you think an innocent person getting beat up is funny?

    11/20/14 @teeheevee Actually, it was good thing that T-Midi got his payback, the two frogs deserved it for not knowing how to take care of him. One of my favorite parts of this show was during the episode The Brave and the Mold, when the two frogs fooled the Emerald Loaf with a bunch of mirrors. I think this show would have worked better as an adult cartoon.

    I can slightly tolerate this show when there aren't gross things happening. But there are a few things I wonder. Judging from the few episodes I've seen, Ketta seems to be the only young female duck that isn't a stock photo. SwaySway should marry a duck his own size! If Ketta doesn't have breasts, then why does SwaySway wear fake breasts when cross-dressed? My only guess for that is to imply that SwaySway is older than both Buhdeuce and Ketta? Yet, Ketta is way more mature than both of them and doesn't go to such levels of stupidity.
  • Breadwinners? Ehh...

    Alright. I've heard lots of people talking about this show, about how bad it was. Anyway, let's gets started:

    The good part: I like the character designs of some supporting characters. They look original and pretty cute. Some made up words such as ''Quazy'' ''Yeasterday'' and ''Breaducation'' are pretty clever. Some of the music can be pretty good. The video-game like parts are pretty entertaining to watch too.

    The bad part: The premise is pretty boring, and the plots aren't that much better. They use too much toilet humor. The plots consist out of 50% butt humor, with the rest being toilet humor and other crude humor. Since everyone has already commented on the butt and toilet humor, i will comment on the crude humor. A good example is the episode ''From bad to nurse'', where they injure their BEST CUSTOMER by shooting him with a breadzooka, and injure him EVEN MORE, by karate chopping his butt, and letting him fall out of his house TWICE. but atleast he gets his payback at the end.

    In conclusion: This show has a few good things, but the bad sadly overpowers it for the most part. If the show would quit the constant twerking and other potty humor, it might get my liking. But it still blows for the most part.

    EDIT: @LorenzoTheComic What? No! I clearly stated that the innocent person gets his payback in the end, and that the crude humor ( which was the innocent person getting beat up), is a BAD PART of the show.
  • Horrbile,but...

    I just purely hate this show. You have high expectations for the show,and when I heard of it,I was tempted to watch the premiere,but I forgot,and for months I never watched the show. But that's when the lame commercials just popped in. Just,that just changed my thoughts of this show. However,some people do need to ducks have green heads,which possibly inspired the two assholes colour. And since they live in a fudgy pond,they share the pond with frogs. One type is their ass of a frog,jelly,and the other ones are these flying police frogs and their chief RamBamboo (WTF does that even mean). Then there's T-midi,a Barn Owl that's supposedly rich and fancy. But still,the show is not good at all.

    Update: I have decided to update to talk about how bad I hate Jelly. Jelly is my least favorite character. Sometimes, I picture her with a snot on her face. She is boring and just bad to look at.
  • A meh of a show.

    Has some good moments, and has some bad. I don't care, as long as it doesn't have Zeus Cervas in it.
  • What in the name of Barry Steakfries is this?

    Words cannot simply describe this cartoon. The humor is a bit gross, but it isn't as gross as Sanjay and Craig. The characters are about as memorable as the first second of someone's life. The soundtrack is about as catchy as an overdose of Annoying Orange, but they always fit the mood near perfectly.

    I respect the show for having a LOT of video game references, but not so much for the stupidity, humor, and getting Miley Cyrus past le radar. Yes, a BUTTload of jokes related to posteriors and shaking a tailfeather. Trust me, tailfeathers will be shaken more than an earthquake on steroids.

    However, I am giving it a chance. The animation is okay, and the actors are perfect for each character, and it even references the Starfox 64 meme of the legendary barrel roll in the theme song. It may not be perfect, but I will give it a shot.

    Overall Score: 6.5/10
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