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  • Season 1
    • To Kill A MockingNerd
      On the boat, Sean stands up for himself and the nerds of the ship when a tough guy called the House mocks the nerds and himself.Alex is green with envy when his his soccor star brother Lyle visits.
    • Heartbreaker High
      Heartbreaker High
      Episode 43
      On the boat, Alex thinks Ashley's cheating on him with Max, when Max is innocently painting Ashley's portrait as a present for Alex. Sean announces that he's over Tamira and decides to hold a Seandezvous. Byt when a boy named Brent asks out Tamira, Sean panics and asks out a girl named Kerry. Brent and Kerry ditch their dates for each other, leaving Tamira and Sean together wallowing in their own grief.moreless
    • Chile Dog
      Chile Dog
      Episode 42
      On the boat, Tamira is conned for love by a Chilean poetry-reciting jerk and dismisses Sean's tales about the guy as jealousy. Jimmy becomes a Chilean and Ashley pawns her tiara for a set of fly fishing bait for Alex, who in return pawns his fishing pole for a tiara box for Ashley.moreless
    • Lord of the Butterflies
      In Costa Rica, Jimmy has a romantic fling with Yvette, a beautiful student on a butterfly field study and Alex attempts to be romantic with Ashley with disappointing results.
    • Kiss of the Shy-Er Woman
      On the boat, Tamira reveals that she kissed Max and sets off a chain reaction amongst the couples of the ship in the midst of Denise's Carnival for the Costa Rican Kids. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to amuse the kids but just can't seem to do it. In the end, the couples make up, except for Tamira and Sean.moreless
    • Max-He-Can Hat Dance
      In Mexico, Alex is homesick for his family and decides to leave the ship, which breaks Ashley's heart. Jimmy learns how to make burritos and Sean teaches Max how to dance.
    • Rasta La Vista
      Rasta La Vista
      Episode 38
      In Jamaica, Denise finally has a port fling with a guy named Hugo who she cuts class for in order to spend time with him. Alex learns about the Jamaican way. Jimmy believes he's been poisoned when he mistakenly thinks he ate a harmful Jamaican soapberry instead of a harmeless Martinique plum.moreless
    • The Deck's Files
      The Deck's Files
      Episode 37
      On the boat, Sean gets paranoid as they near the Bermuda Triangle and thinks that Captain Ballard is an alien. Ashley plagerizes one of Tamira's poems and Tamira catches her.
    • Worth Their Waste in Gold
      In Florida, Denise, Tamira, Jimmy and Sean discover a toxic waste dump in the Everglades. Ashley and Cassidy spoil each other's chances on landing a spot in a Miami Goddess suntan lotion commercial because of their jealousy and rivalry.
    • Don't Go Breakin' My Art (2)
      In New York, Cassidy tells Max she loves him and he returns to the boat. Ashley buys one of Jimmy's paintings at an art exhibit thinking it was painted by the artist Serge.
    • Six Degrees of Humiliation (1)
      In New York, Max catches Cassidy cheating on him and runs away from the ship. Sean pretends he's Mr. Big Shot City Guy who knows everything. Denise takes Jimmy out to lunch with her and her family and a Harvard recruiter.
    • New Kids on the Deck
      In New York, the students reminisce of their first days on Breaker High when they are quarantined due to a supposed Hepatitis A outbreak.
    • Regret Me Nots
      Regret Me Nots
      Episode 32
      On the boat, Max spies Cassidy and Alex kissing causing Max to retaliate by kissing Tamira. Sean tries to teach Tamira to dance but she's more over her relationship with Sean and her attraction to Max.
    • Jimmy Behaving Badly
      On the boat, Jimmy becomes the third wheel with newly dating couple Sean and Tamira and can't seem to leave them alone. He then accidently broadcasts their makeout session on Shipwreck Radio.
    • He Shoots, He Scores
      In Canada, Sean has three more goals to complete on his 101 Goals list: play on a sports team, see his name in lights and kiss a girl. Once he accomplishes the first two, it's up to Tamira to help with the third. Tamira and Sean share their first kiss and begin dating. Max and Cassidy argue over a hockey game.moreless
    • Moon Over Tamira
      Moon Over Tamira
      Episode 29
      On the boat, Sean discovers he's falling for Tamira, just as she's crushing on another guy. Meanwhile, in her attempt to win another guy, Tamira realizes Sean's the one she really wants.
    • Stowing Pains
      Stowing Pains
      Episode 28
      Sean and Jimmy help Lena stow away on the boat and argue over who she loves more. Unfortunately for them all Lena wants is to go to America and become a Wheel of Fortune girl.
    • Some You Win, Some You Luge
      In Norway, Jimmy eavesdrops on Cassidy and Denise and mistakenly believes that Denise is crushing on Sean. Ashley's hometown boyfriend, Tyler shows up which infuriates Alex when he becomes her second man.
    • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office
      In Amsterdam, Denise ponders the idea of returning home while touring the city and videotaping a letter to her parents. Thanks to Sean and Jimmy, and Cassidy and Ashley, she realizes Breaker High is where she belongs and that her friends need her.
    • Swiss You Were Here
      In Switzerland, Ashley goes nuts when she suspects Alex is cheating on her with a french tourist named Dominique. Cassidy is almost killed in a snowboarding incident, no thanks to Derk, her instructor, and Max comes to her rescue. Sean turns Ashley's chalet into Party Central.
    • Tamira Has Two Faces
      On the boat, Tamira transforms herself in an attempt to get Price to like her until she realizes he's not as great as she thought. The gang try to run Late Night Bites in order to compensate for kitchen closure and the Jimmy Wrap is born.
    • Two Seans Don't Make A Right
      On the boat, Jimmy gets conked on the head and believes he is Sean Hanlon. The real Sean thinks it's cool at first until Jimmy goes out with Nicolette, the girl Sean's been crushing on for weeks.
    • Yoo Hoo, Mr. Palace Guard
      In England, Jimmy and Sean get into their fifth international incident which leads to them being confined to the ship. They still manage to visit Buckingham Palace thanks to some nuns but yet again they get into trouble when they tempt a palace guard with a Yoo Hoo chocolate drink which leads to Jimmy having to impersonate a palace guard. Denise meets up with former rival, Alvin Fink in an Oxford competition and appreciates Tamira for her contributions.moreless
    • That Lip-Synching Feeling
      In England, Denise, Cassidy, Tamira and Ashley enter the Brit Talent Search as the Pepper Girls, with Sean as their manager. When Denise gets laryngitis, Jimmy stalls by rapping and ends up winning the competition as Hungry J. Jimmy goes on a blind date with his secret admirer thanks to Max and Alex.moreless
    • Squall's Well That Ends Well
      As the ship heads into a storm, Ashley and Alex bond, as do Max and his father, Captain Ballard. Sean reveals that he's never kissed a girl and Jimmy tells Cassidy he thinks she's hot. Jimmy saves the day with his emergency food stash.
    • All Seeing Bull's Eye
      In Spain, Max falls for a gypsy girl. Tamira acquires the ability to tell the future and predicts that Sean and Jimmy will be chased. This stops them from running with the bulls but unfortunately the prediction still occurs when the gypsy girl's brothers chase them.
    • Silence of the Lamborghini
      Sean and Jimmy once again cause another international incident, this time in Rome, which involves the supermodel Paprika and impersonating Macaulay Culkin and the heir to the Chef Boyardee fortune. Tamira gets to meet world modelling sensation Apollo.
    • When In Rome...
      When In Rome...
      Episode 17
      In Rome, Ashely believes she's dating Prince Stephan of Spellbourg but she's really dating his chauffeur/pool guy. In reality it is Cassidy who's dating the real royalty.
    • The Caber Guy
      The Caber Guy
      Episode 16
      In Scotland, Alex refuses to don a kilt so Ashley ditches him for a Scottish guy but Alex soon gets over his embarrassment, much to the delight of Ashley. Jimmy is mistaken for the baby Nessie at Loch Ness and Sean is quick to capitalize on the situation.
    • Kissin' Cousins
      Kissin' Cousins
      Episode 15
      Ashley mistakenly believes Jimmy is her cousin and is thoroughly relieved when the truth is revealed. Alex and Max fall victim to a video game addiction that Denise must remedy. Sean attempts the role of peacemaker between Tamira and Cassidy.
    • For Pizza's Sake
      For Pizza's Sake
      Episode 14
      On the boat, Sean and Jimmy resort to numerous promises to various students in order to get the necessary ingredients for Sean's Chicago-style deep-dish pepperoni pizza. Cassidy and Tamira argue continuously.
    • Tamira Is Another Day
      In France, Tamira gives up on the chance of her and Max together when she comes to the conclusion that he's happy with Cassidy. Nigel must teach the kids to cook to gain his medal. Sean helps a musician he loves get back on his feet.
    • Out With The Old, In With The Shrew
      On the boat, Tony quits for the third time and is replaced by a horrendously evil drill sergeant. Denise enlists the gang to rid the boat of this so-called activities coordinator and to bring back Tony.
    • Chateau L'Feet J'mae
      In France, Sean craves wine and sets out to find some. Ashley's mother arrives and threatens to remove Ashley from Breaker High. Jimmy falls in love with Monette, the daughter of a French winemaker. When Jimmy breaks their wine presser, Sean saves the day by encouraging his friends and the whole village to stomp the grapes. Cassidy injures herself when she falls off her bike and Max is blamed.moreless
    • Rooming Violations
      Rooming Violations
      Episode 10
      On the boat, Alex and Max have a falling out and Jimmy jumps at the chance to move in with Max, who he hopes he'll become best friends with. This causes tension among Jimmy and Sean, who feels left out and abandoned by his best buddy. Cassidy sets up Tamira on her first date.moreless
    • Belly of the Beast
      In Turkey, Jimmy "Budall" Farrell whoops it up belly-dancing. Sean and Ashley get swindled by a rug-selling charleton but are able to get revenge. Max tries to get Denise to loosen up and have fun.
    • Beware of Geeks Baring Their Gifts
      In Greece, Denise and Tamira go biking on a country route but their bikes get stolen. After wandering around awhile they end up at a Greek party where Denise meets a cool guy. Sean and Jimmy go to what they believe to be a nude beach but is really a no swimming beach that's teeming with stinging jellyfish as Jimmy soon finds out.moreless
    • Radio Daze
      Radio Daze
      Episode 7
      On the boat,Tamira confides in Sean that she must leave Breaker High due to financial reasons. Feeling he must help, he throws a Brady Bunch Night to raise money for Tamira. Unfortunately that theme night fails, but Sean is more successful when he throws a Gilligan's Island Night. After the party Sean gives Tamira the money raised and she's able to stay at the school with no one the wiser and her dignity intact.moreless
    • Tomb With A View
      Tomb With A View
      Episode 6
      In Egypt, Cassidy and Max get separated from their group in one of the pyramids and they bond, leading to a kiss between the two. Sean loses all his clothes to a sneaky card-playing kid and Jimmy must bail him out by playing Go Fish. Denise and Tamira come to the conclusion that Ashley is not just a stuck up princess.moreless
    • Kenya Dig It?
      Kenya Dig It?
      Episode 5
      In Kenya, Cassidy and Ashley flirt with their guides, Kip and Marcus. Sean and Jimmy believe they can get a little slumber party action if they follow the girls on their photo safari but instead find themselves a little too up close and personal with a lion. Denise proves that women can be warriors and Alex learns that there's more to life than football and machines, when he tries to be a Masai warrior.moreless
    • Don't Get Curried Away
      In India, Sean and Jimmy ride their egos when the attempt to outdo one another in everything, including eating chili peppers and walking on hot coals. Ashley discovers that her hometown boyfriend, Tyler is escorting her archrival to the prom and when Alex attempts to console her, it leads to a possible shipboard romance between the two.moreless
    • Mayhem on the Orient Distress
      In Hong Kong, Sean and Jimmy blackmail Max when they catch him buying illegal fireworks. After discovering Nigel's plan to kill and cook a duck, Denise and Alex attempt to free the bird. Ashley spies Tamira and Cassidy sneaking out to go dancing at a club.
    • Pranks for the Memories
      On the boat, Jimmy and Cassidy battle it out with a huge prank war and cause each other to dive into paranoia. This results in them joining forces and turning their pranks on the other students but Jimmy and Cassidy do not get the last laugh when revenge is extracted on them by their victims.moreless
    • Sun Ahso Rises
      Sun Ahso Rises
      Episode 1
      In Japan, Max and Tamira bond over a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Cassidy, Ashley and Denise go to the Lotus Blossom Retreat, what they believe to be a spa but is really a Buddhist monastery. Sean, Jimmy and Alex plan to stay at the boring fishing village but they end up having a great time in the city with their hosts.moreless