Breaker High

Season 1 Episode 41

Lord of the Butterflies

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1998 on UPN
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Lord of the Butterflies
In Costa Rica, Jimmy has a romantic fling with Yvette, a beautiful student on a butterfly field study and Alex attempts to be romantic with Ashley with disappointing results.

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    Persia White

    Persia White

    Denise Williams

    Andrew Airlie

    Andrew Airlie

    Captain Ballard

    Wendi Kenya

    Wendi Kenya

    Cassidy Cartwright

    Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling

    Sean Stanley Hanlon

    Kyle Alisharan

    Kyle Alisharan

    Alex Pineda

    Tyler Labine

    Tyler Labine

    'Jimmy' James Mortimor Farrell

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      • (Jimmy's holding a butterfly)
        Cassidy: Why are you gonna let it go, it's so beautiful?
        Jimmy: Yeah you know I was gonna keep it as a Costa Rican souvenir but I decided to set it free. It might pollinate the world with my love for Yvette.

      • Tamira: Jimmy I think your spiritual connection with butterflies is like so amazing.
        Jimmy: Yeah I know it I mean it is, it was but now it's just getting really annoying.
        (He gets up, showing several butteflies on his back)

      • Jimmy: Man then she said a bunch of stuff that I really didn't undestand and she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. Oh man I am never washing my face again.
        Sean: Look with all due respect big daddy, you never really watched your face anyways.

      • Yvette: Jimmy, I'm a scientist. I'm so accustomed to the standards of the natural world, that I sometimes grow I'm immune to them. But every now and again a creature so rare and magnifcent comes along. That it simply takes my breath away.
        Jimmy: I suppose your talking about the Parides butterfly right?
        Yvette: Yes of course I am.
        Jimmy: Yeah I thought so.
        Yvette: But Jimmy, I'm also talking about you.
        (They kiss)

      • Jimmy: Yvette I little confession to make. I know what happened to the Parides butterfly, I know how it escaped. It was Denise, she did it! I think she's insane! We should get her right?
        Denise: Jimmy!

      • Alex: Ok uh Tico, you gotta help me out. What do you and your wife do for romance around here?
        Tico: We pop popcorn and rent Harrison Pick movies. My wife loves him! Good luck Alejandro. Asta luego.

      • Alex: What do you mean you can't take us?
        Tico: I'm sorry my friend but the rains have washed all of the roads up to Volcano Shadow.
        Alex: But Ashley and I were gonna go watch the sunset! Man it was my romantic grand finale.
        Tico: It's a wonderful plan, if only you hadn't planned it in the middle of Costa Rica's rainy season.

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