Breaker High

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  • Join the students of Breaker High, a high school on a cruise ship, while they experience fun and adventure, love and heartache, with good times and bad as they explore the high seas and get an education.

    I loved this series when I could watch it on television. I didn't see all the episodes because it didn't really air on the network sometimes. Even though I did not see all the episodes, I liked what I saw. The episodes had flaws in them but they also had their good things, too. I was sad to see the series go but I guess the show had to end sooner or later. Anyway, anyone who have not seen the series and want to, I say good luck at finding it. I am glad I was able to watch the series when I could.
  • One of the best shows YTV ever aired

    They cancelled one of the only good shows that YTV aired. This show had everything you wanted in a show. They had tons of things happening, you could relate to at least one of the characters and they were on a boat travelling to different places. What's not to like? YTV just likes showing shows that no on likes to watch and they always get rid of the good shows.
  • It was a disappointment that it went but.....

    I was really disappointed that Breaker High was cancelled but all things end eventually. I thought that Breaker High was a truly great show and I was sad when it went but I guess it made sure that Ryan Gosling went on with his career and went on to do some amazing work. This show was an American show with mostly Canadian stars. It had it’s moments and it’s hotties.(Scott Vickaryous and Ryan Gosling). It had it’s boring moments but I really and truly loved this show. I guess the show whasn't popular enough so they had to pull it off the air. I was really mad when YTV took the reruns off the air completely.
  • breaker high

    Disney now owns the rights to it. I've been emailing them once a day on its website. So i think if everyone starts emailing them like me they might put the show on dvd.

  • I was very dissappointed when YTV stoped airing the breaker high series. They still air Reboot for all we know! I want them to bring back the classic characters like jimmy and sean. I miss Breaker High too much

    Its a great show that moves from place, from many continents and cities. The show really sucks you into it, you feel like your one of the ppl on the boat. The show moves between the character relationships and activities. Through sean and jimmy and there scams and pranks and the rest of the characters.
  • Bring it back!

    I loved this show so much! I miss it, I miss the class and the youth, the whitty banner of high school students exploring the world with their parents money and being that ackward teenager who just falls in love with Ryan Gossling. I loved his character, exactly what I want in a man, so few there are!!!!!!
  • this show just shows a buch of people on a boat exploring diffrent parts of the world its and experience!!

    this show is awsome i like to watch it soetimes its cool somtimes its boring but after all its really cool this show should come back but ytv people are being jerks it ended really nicley so congrats evry one one the show and i guess yu should move on with yur life :( :| :)