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Breaker High

Season 1 Episode 24

Tamira Has Two Faces

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1997 on UPN
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Episode Summary

Tamira Has Two Faces
On the boat, Tamira transforms herself in an attempt to get Price to like her until she realizes he's not as great as she thought. The gang try to run Late Night Bites in order to compensate for kitchen closure and the Jimmy Wrap is born.

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    Persia White

    Persia White

    Denise Williams

    Andrew Airlie

    Andrew Airlie

    Captain Ballard

    Wendi Kenya

    Wendi Kenya

    Cassidy Cartwright

    Ryan Gosling

    Ryan Gosling

    Sean Stanley Hanlon

    Kyle Alisharan

    Kyle Alisharan

    Alex Pineda

    Tyler Labine

    Tyler Labine

    'Jimmy' James Mortimor Farrell

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      • Sean (to Tamira): You shouldn't have to change who you are just to get some guy to like you, alright? I just hope he's worth it.

      • Sean: What is the deal with you, Tamira?
        Tamira: What are you talking about?
        Sean: Well, you're ignoring your friends and you're dressing like... that. That's what I'm talking about. You're acting like someone I don't even know! Now I'll tell you something, I like the old Tamira a whole lot better.
        Tamira: Yeah well maybe I've outgrown you too then!

      • Jimmy: Okay, look please just try one bite. That's all I ask.
        Denise: Jimmy...
        Jimmy: Eat it!
        (He stuffs a Jimmy wrap in her mouth)
        Denise: Mmm, this is amazing!
        Jimmy: Exactly! That's what I call Bacon Haven.

      • Denise: Alex, can I ask you one question? Have you ever cooked anything in your life?
        Alex: Don't look at me, ok. I'm not the one that wrote down every single order wrong!
        Cassidy: Maybe if somebody wouldn't have handed out so many 2-for-1 coupons... (grabs Sean and shakes him) I could've handled the crowd a little easier!

      • (Jimmy comes out wearing dishwashing gloves)
        Jimmy: Right, dishwasher right? I know it doesn't seem very important, right but trust me, you're a very important collegue in this wheel. Very important! Okay?
        Jimmy: Yeah right, man. Not as important as if I was selling Jimmy wraps.
        Sean: You're such a cutie, ok, Jimmy. (slaps him around a little) Let it go, ok? Let it go!
        Jimmy: Alright!
        Sean: Oh! And no more licking the dishes! Ok?

      • Sean (after he opens the doors and no one is there): It's show time! Come on in, there's plenty of tables and uh... anyone?
        Denise: Nobody's coming, Sean. We scared them all away last night.
        Jimmy: What? What do you mean? Nobody's ever gonna taste one of my Jimmy wraps? For the love of all that is fried! Where is the justice?!

      • Sean: Whatever, she's gonna be sorry when we start raking in the dough right? Huh huh?
        Denise: Actually we had a loss of $150 last night...
        Alex: Huh?
        Sean: We lost money?
        Ashley: You mean I woke up smelling like a chili dog and I lost money? I quit.

      • Sean: Lemme guess huh, Tamira's gonna ditch us?
        Cassidy: You mean makeover Barbie? I guess she has more important things to do now.

      • Sean: You know who we really needed tonight, Tamira.
        Cassidy: Yeah, where was she?
        Sean: You tell me.
        (Tamira comes in wearing a red dress)

      • Jimmy: Hey, guys, hi um so do you guys think now might be a good time to mention my Jimmy wraps?
        Cassidy, Alex, Denise, Ashley: No!

      • Sean: If you're looking for someone to blame, if you're looking, you just follow my finger... to the slowest casher in the world!
        Max: Oh that's it!
        (Max grabs Sean by the collar and Sean screams)

      • Sean: All right so we got a few complaints right, but all in all I think we will manage, you know...
        (People throw food at him)

      • Sean: All right, people, come on in. In an orderly line... (People rush past him) Or you can come in like an angry mob!

      • Sean: My little money man! Who'd ever thought we'd be business partners, huh? (opens his arms for a hug) Can I get that? Can I get a little love? Come here.
        (Max slams Sean's head to the table)
        Max: I'm not a money man. I'm a casher and if you touch me again, you'll be wearing this suit over a body cast okay?
        Sean: (weakly) Okay, Max is ready.

      • Sean: There's gonna be a lot of people here tonight okay you think you're up to it?
        Alex: Are we up to it? It's like Coach Huffnangle said, if you can't take the heat, put talcum powder in your shorts.
        Sean: Okay...
        Ashley: How long did he play football without a helmet?

      • Sean: I'll tell you again! All right, those sandwiches were not burnt! They were Cajun style.

      • Tamira: So you think I'll ever get a boyfriend or what?
        Sean: Yeah...someone who likes you for who you really are...and that's the sweetest and prettiest girl in the world.
        Tamira: You think so?
        Sean: I know for a fact.

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