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  • This is my "one exception"!

    Yes, I know I have stated before that "I am not a fan of soapies" - and that is still VERY true - but this was my ONE exception!
    Breakers was a great (and tremendously) under-appreciated soapie - but sadly it was cancelled. Now I know that many of you will disagree with this (and you have a right to - but this is MY personal opinion), but I kept on thinking long after "Why couldn't they have cancelled those other soaps instead? And put "Breakers" on in their place?" - I mean Breakers DID have "Ada Nicodemou" and "Emily Perry" (both recently on "H&A") after all!

    I was just finishing High School when this was on, and most High-Schoolers have always been a "friend" to soapies. I never was, but then this one came along. I was hooked. I was even able to hook my cousin on it, after ONE viewing - he even started watching it daily!
    Breakers was set in an ACTUAL place "Bondi Beach" in Sydney (not like "Summer Bay"? What?) - which was one of the reasons I liked it so much (I am a fan of Sydney!) What's not to like about Sydney? Darling Harbour, nice beaches, cool restaurants? - Most of these places were even featured on Breakers!
    I did think some of the storylines were crap, but that is no reason to lose a show with potential - they could have just written better scripts!
    The setting and the Australian talent which made up the program (Ada Nicodemou, Emily Perry, Louise Crawford, Angela Keep) was fantastic. One of the other reasons I loved this soapie was because it didn't involve made-up crap (magic, demons, dracula) like some other soapies did (I think that all that stuff belongs in movies or shows like "Buffy" or "Supernatural"), so the fact that they weren't involved made it all the more Australian to me.
    Breakers was also a major boost to Sydney's economy, and because I used to go to Sydney quite often, this was also a plus.
    I also really loved the theme song - especially the fantastic music for the closing credits (maybe because it was written by Mike Perjanik - a fantastic Australian theme-song composer, who has made the theme music to some of Australia's most loved shows).
    I haven't even liked ANY other Australian show half as much since this one ended 10 years ago (1999) (no, not ANY)!
    Oh well, I guess if it was still on TV I may have outgrown it now anyway, just like I have all other soapies. Though every time I pass "Bondi Beach", I just can't help but think of a lost Australian soapie... and what could of been.