Breakers - Season 2

Network Ten (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 430
    Episode 430
    Episode 215
    Lucy considers a career change, after talking to a movie producer. Steve decides to leave ATT and take Cameron with him to the Gold Coast. Terri helps Danny comes to terms with Sam's death. The Simmons family walk off into the sunset. And Cheree's stalker is right under her nose, as he is revealed in the last scene of the series.moreless
  • Episode 429
    Episode 429
    Episode 214
    Alex thinks Monique has left him. Cheree tells Cameron they can't have a relationship. Paul supports Danny after Sam dies.
  • Episode 428
    Episode 428
    Episode 213
    Fiona and Boris break up. Sam has a malignant melanoma. Nick tells Xanthe about his travel dreams. Alex and India kiss.
  • Episode 427
    Episode 427
    Episode 212
    Reuben stays home with Autumn. Jack enlists Boris's help in sorting out his legal troubles.
  • Episode 426
    Episode 426
    Episode 211
    Jack is in trouble with the law. Rueben becomes more and more intrigued with Autumn. Cheree endangers her relationship with Eve. Kelly calls Lucy.
  • Episode 425
    Episode 425
    Episode 210
    Jack suspects Slim is running the stolen car racket. Rueben takes the joey to a mysterious woman. Boris feels his relationship with Fiona is going nowhere.
  • Episode 424
    Episode 424
    Episode 209
    Fiona realises she can't expect Boris to change for her. Boris tells Reuben the kangaroo must go.
  • Episode 423
    Episode 423
    Episode 208
    Fiona and Boris's problems continue. Reuben finds a baby kangaroo. Stuart's art becomes a talking point.
  • Episode 422
    Episode 422
    Episode 207
    Steve comes to terms with Cameron and Cheree's relationship. Underlying trouble between Paul and Lyall come to head Stuart's art impresses Eve.
  • Episode 421
    Episode 421
    Episode 206
    Cheree and Cam's best kept secret is revealed when Steve finds his son and takes him to the hospital where he catches them in the act. Nick and Xanthe are still interested in each other but with so much to overcome neither is sure if they will ever be together. Danny begins to feel guilty for cheating on Sam.moreless
  • Episode 420
    Episode 420
    Episode 205
    Cameron and Cheree catch a glimpse of someone and are convinced that it was the stalker. Lyall berates Paul over his career choice.
  • Episode 419
    Episode 419
    Episode 204
    Paul's attempt to rekindle the spark with Eve is a success. Cameron and Steve find common ground when it comes to protecting Cheree.
  • Episode 418
    Episode 418
    Episode 203
    Paul is convinced they should use BMS models to help launch the new car wash. Lucy has some startling news for Steve.
  • Episode 417
    Episode 417
    Episode 202
    Fiona has another seizure. Jack's job at the car wash is anything but rewarding. Nick lies to Xanthe about his work commitments.
  • Episode 416
    Episode 416
    Episode 201
    Xanthe finally gets the courage to tell Nick how she feels with the 'l' word - but at the time she thinks he's asleep. After her seizure, Fiona slowly starts to recover. Terri continues to go all out and overboard with her partying.
  • Episode 415
    Episode 415
    Episode 200
    Fiona can't help but idolise Nick. Fiona and Boris argue with shocking consequences.
  • Episode 414
    Episode 414
    Episode 199
    Steve makes steady progress with Cameron. Reuben's trip takes a sinister turn.
  • Episode 413
    Episode 413
    Episode 198
    Cheree realises the stalker is real. Steve begins to bond with his son. Paul regrets his mistakes with the models and is determined to get BMS back on track.
  • Episode 412
    Episode 412
    Episode 197
    Terri suffers after her night out on the town. India tries to impress Alex, but it doesn't all go to plan.
  • Episode 411
    Episode 411
    Episode 196
    Paul is dreading the arrival of his father. Alex and Monique receive a nasty surprise and it's all thanks to the model search which was in Bondi earlier that week. Nick and Xanthe search for direction in their relationship.
  • Episode 410
    Episode 410
    Episode 195
    Xanthe and Nick hit a bump in their relationship. Danny has to make a choice in his relationship with Sam after he meets a sexy model and is tempted.
  • Episode 409
    Episode 409
    Episode 194
    Xanthe acts as Monique's fairy godmother. Terri is shocked to learn of Eve's affair.
  • Episode 408
    Episode 408
    Episode 193
    Cheree is concerned she is being stalked. Jack gives Fiona a little advice about Boris.
  • Episode 407
    Episode 407
    Episode 192
    Cameron is happy to stay in Bondi, but it has nothing to do with Steve. Cheree is being stalked.
  • Episode 406
    Episode 406
    Episode 191
    Steve wonders if Cameron really wants to spend time with him. Kate tells Eve to concentrate on her future with Paul.
  • Episode 405
    Episode 405
    Episode 190
    Paul doesn't want to know what's plaguing Eve's conscience. Cheree has an idea for her book.
  • Episode 404
    Episode 404
    Episode 189
    Eve chooses her family over her lover. Lucy does her best to keep the office together without Eve.
  • Episode 403
    Episode 403
    Episode 188
    Xanthe wants Nick to tell her how he feels. Jack is upset when he doesn't get the lifeguard job.
  • Episode 402
    Episode 402
    Episode 187
    Xanthe is busy at BMS. Jack is honest with Lucy about Brett's intentions. A heartbroken Terri tells Paul about her HSC results.
  • Episode 401
    Episode 401
    Episode 186
    Terri receives her HSC results. Steve and Rebecca must make a decision about Cameron. Monique meets India.
  • Episode 400
    Episode 400
    Episode 185
    Paul talks about Eve's plans. Vince obsesses over his body.
  • Episode 399
    Episode 399
    Episode 184
    Eve and Paul's relationship is in turmoil. Vince pumps iron. Lucy rekindles her interest in Brett.
  • Episode 398
    Episode 398
    Episode 183
    Eve returns to Bondi with some bad news for Paul. Xanthe confesses that she doesn't trust India. Nick and Xanthe share a kiss, while on top of the city.
  • Episode 397
    Episode 397
    Episode 182
    Terri discovers Eve checked out of the retreat 5 days ago. Xanthe doesn't trust Alex's solution to their babysitting problem.
  • Episode 396
    Episode 396
    Episode 181
    Rebeeca won't accept Steve's word that he believes her and wants a DNA test. Boris and Fiona disagree on children. Monique's fussiness annoys Alex.
  • Episode 395
    Episode 395
    Episode 180
    Rebecca reveals what went on between her and Steve several years before.
  • Episode 394
    Episode 394
    Episode 179
    Steve is finding it hard to shake his doubts at being Cameron's father. Jack bribes Brett into taking Lucy out on a date.
  • Episode 393
    Episode 393
    Episode 178
    Dr Nick turns on the charm. Jack tells Brett that Lucy is into girls. Vince's worst nightmare comes true.
  • Episode 392
    Episode 392
    Episode 177
    Xanthe is warned off Dr Nick Dalton. Vince gets cold feet about the underwear shoot. Paul feels the strain of Eve's disappearance.
  • Episode 391
    Episode 391
    Episode 176
    Terri has a miserable 18th birthday with her mother away. Danny fears his family is falling apart. Reuben is concerned that Cheree is spending all of her book advance.
  • Episode 390
    Episode 390
    Episode 175
    Xanthe interviews Dr Dalton. Paul suffers over Eve and Terri's departure. Dean betrays a friend.
  • Episode 389
    Episode 389
    Episode 174
    Dean leaves a terrified Terri with the gang. Steve gets to know his son.
  • Episode 388
    Episode 388
    Episode 173
    Rebecca reveals Steve has a son. Fiona moves without Boris's help.
  • Episode 387
    Episode 387
    Episode 172
    Monique manipulates her way back into BMS. Everyone wonders where Eve is.
  • Episode 386
    Episode 386
    Episode 171
    Everyone struggles to deal with Eve's disapearance. Jack fights for his job.
  • Episode 385
    Episode 385
    Episode 170
    Monique can't help feeling threatened by Xanthe's growing involvement in BMS. Jack blames Cheree and Danny when he loses his job at the surf club.
  • Episode 384
    Episode 384
    Episode 169
    Kate attempts to act casual when her date with Steve does not come together. Vince is allowed to stay in Sydney. Jack is busted when he takes a sickie.
  • Episode 383
    Episode 383
    Episode 168
    Monique and Alex stress over money problems. A mystery woman comes to visit Steve, sparking Kate's curiosity. Vince remains disgruntled about his parent's decision to move to Bathurst.
  • Episode 382
    Episode 382
    Episode 167
    Reuben tells Cheree he needs to move on and be his own man. Fiona's relationship with Boris is set for difficulties. Eve is unwillingly faced with an intruder.
  • Episode 381
    Episode 381
    Episode 166
    Eve interrupts an intruder. Fiona finds out the real reason why she couldn't take the apartment.
  • Episode 380
    Episode 380
    Episode 165
    Paul warns Eve of the ramifications of her actions. The gang asks Dean to burgle Terri's apartment.
  • Episode 379
    Episode 379
    Episode 164
    Things look up for Alex and Monique. Cheree orders Benjamin out of her life. Eve reaches breaking point.
  • Episode 378
    Episode 378
    Episode 163
    Benjamin rejects Cheree. Boris tries to bridge a growing gap between himself and Fiona. The gang goes to the Mardi Gras.
  • Episode 377
    Episode 377
    Episode 162
    Reuben's mother delivers some home truths. Dean is in danger. Vince must make a choice.
  • Episode 376
    Episode 376
    Episode 161
    Reuben finds what he's been looking for. Irene threatens to sack Eve. Terri searches for Steve.
  • Episode 375
    Episode 375
    Episode 160
    Dean is shocked to discover what he and his mates have inadvertently caused. Danny urges Sam to take the scholarship.
  • Episode 374
    Episode 374
    Episode 159
    Terri has exam nerves. Xanthe reassesses her athletic career. Eve cracks.
  • Episode 373
    Episode 373
    Episode 158
    Vince believes his future lies in Sydney. Eve can't handle the stress the new magazine puts on her.
  • Episode 372
    Episode 372
    Episode 157
    Reuben decides to move on. Alex feels distanced from his family.
  • Episode 371
    Episode 371
    Episode 156
    Danny and Sam take tentative steps towards a new relationship. Cheree asks Reuben to move out so that she and Benjamin can be alone.
  • Episode 370
    Episode 370
    Episode 155
    Jack ends his relationship with Andie. Danny reveals the truth about his past relationships to Sam.
  • Episode 369
    Episode 369
    Episode 154
    Vince makes a choice about his future. Paul feels threatened by Terri's new flame.
  • Episode 368
    Episode 368
    Episode 153
    Terri gets physical when Dean's mates cause havoc at Cheree's party.
  • Episode 367
    Episode 367
    Episode 152
    Rueben organises a party for Cheree. Alex decides the paparazzi career isn't for him.
  • Episode 366
    Episode 366
    Episode 151
    Alex is left alone to look after baby Flynn. Eve suspects Paul of having an affair with Irene.
  • Episode 365
    Episode 365
    Episode 150
    Jack's scavenger hunt is a smashing success. Andie feels threated when Jack takes control.
  • Episode 364
    Episode 364
    Episode 149
    Paul is unhappy to find Terri has been lying. Danny scares Sam off.
  • Episode 363
    Episode 363
    Episode 148
    Benjamin worries about Cheree's HIV status. Alex decides on another high profile photo gig. Terri starts a new relationship.
  • Episode 362
    Episode 362
    Episode 147
    Eve tells Paul what's troubling her.
  • Episode 361
    Episode 361
    Episode 146
    Fiona has had enough of Boris's attitude. Paul confronts Eve about her strange behaviour. Baby Flynn scares his parents.
  • Episode 360
    Episode 360
    Episode 145
    Cheree and Benjamin are to appear on television. Lucy sells her story.
  • Episode 359
    Episode 359
    Episode 144
    Disaster strikes when Fiona lures Boris out on a picnic. Benjamin and Cheree's relationship moves from professional to personal. Kate confronts Eve.
  • Episode 358
    Episode 358
    Episode 143
    Alex and Monique struggle to come to terms with their premature baby's future. Danny is infatuated with Xanthe's new training partner.
  • Episode 357
    Episode 357
    Episode 142
    Paul and Danny's loan dispute is resolved. Monique and Alex struggle financially.
  • Episode 356
    Episode 356
    Episode 141
    The shock of Monique's fall causes her to go into early labour.
  • Episode 355
    Episode 355
    Episode 140
  • Episode 354
    Episode 354
    Episode 139
    Terri's new look and the events at the dance party are the hot topic of gossip at the Breakers.
  • Episode 353
    Episode 353
    Episode 138
    As dance party fever hits Bondi, Andie comes back into Jack's life. Terri shocks everyone with a new look.
  • Episode 352
    Episode 352
    Episode 137
    Terri is devastated by Jack's continued rejection. Xanthe meets a relative of the late Mr Purcell.
  • Episode 351
    Episode 351
    Episode 136
    Danny and Paul deal with effects of his punch. Xanthe locates Mr Purcell's great niece. Terri is coming to terms with her break-up with Jack.
  • Episode 350
    Episode 350
    Episode 135
    Danny's argument with Paul gets out of hand. Xanthe tries to find out more about Mr Purcell. Cheree gives Benjamin a lesson.
  • Episode 349
    Episode 349
    Episode 134
    Cheree is shocked by the identity of her new publicist. Xanthe feels left out.
  • Episode 348
    Episode 348
    Episode 133
    Doug and Sharon's marital troubles push Jack and Terri's relationship to the point of collapse.
  • Episode 347
    Episode 347
    Episode 132
    Terri can't mind her own business. Rueben has sole responsibility for editing the film. Boris and Fiona confront their feelings.
  • Episode 346
    Episode 346
    Episode 131
    Jack accidentially reveals Doug's secret to Terri. Reuben thinks he has exploited the memory of Delia.
  • Episode 345
    Episode 345
    Episode 130
    Vince realises all that glitters is not gold. Xanthe confronts Fiona and Boris. Danny and Paul are at loggerheads.
  • Episode 344
    Episode 344
    Episode 129
    Fiona accuses Boris of being heavy handed with Vince. Belinda rethinks her decision.
  • Episode 343
    Episode 343
    Episode 128
    Belinda's decision to have her baby adopted out is taken badly by Lucy. Jack lies to Terri. Rueben and Fiona come up with a scheme for their film.
  • Episode 342
    Episode 342
    Episode 127
    Boris suspects Vince of taking drugs. Peter is a less perfect flatmate.
  • Episode 341
    Episode 341
    Episode 126
    Vince sees a new side of life with Peter. Steve is suspicious of his new flatmate's changing moods. Kate arrives back at Bondi.
  • Episode 340
    Episode 340
    Episode 125
    in a bid to keep Terri on side, Doug encourages Jack to invite her to a family barbecue. The kids film continues in its comedy of errors.
  • Episode 339
    Episode 339
    Episode 124
    Terri is annoyed with Jack. Vince and Fiona decide to make a documentary on street kids.
  • Episode 338
    Episode 338
    Episode 123
    Kate is faced with the reality of her new life and doesn't like it. Alex comes clean with Monique. Steve and Leeza part.
  • Episode 337
    Episode 337
    Episode 122
    Lucy starts to come to terms with why Belinda's decision has affected her. Eve has trouble adjusting to Kate's decision.
  • Episode 336
    Episode 336
    Episode 121
    Alex helps Kate make a momentous decision. The birth of Belinda's baby has an effect on Lucy. Cheree refuses to conform to Eve's standards.
  • Episode 335
    Episode 335
    Episode 120
    Monique can't keep her concerns regarding Alex's job to herself. George looks for Belinda. Jack finds himself in hot water.
  • Episode 334
    Episode 334
    Episode 119
    Lucy tries to find herself. Alex applies for a Job. Steve's gorgeous new girlfriend is not quite what he expected.
  • Episode 333
    Episode 333
    Episode 118
    Simon leaves Lucy. Kate has to make a huge decision. Steve's search for a new flatmate is harder than he thought.
  • Episode 332
    Episode 332
    Episode 117
    Kate and Tim rekindle their old romance. Lucy can't strip.
  • Episode 331
    Episode 331
    Episode 116
    Terri realises what an awesome responsibility she is shouldering in supporting Belinda. Kate and Tim examine their future together. Steve and Paul are adamant their film will work.
  • Episode 330
    Episode 330
    Episode 115
    Kate regains consciousness. Eve forces Danny to reject Tim's offer.
  • Episode 329
    Episode 329
    Episode 114
    Belinda discovers she is more pregnant than she thought. Xanthe tells Boris their relationship is over due to his inability to share emotions.
  • Episode 328
    Episode 328
    Episode 113
    Belinda confronts the truth about pregnancy. Cheree agrees to pose nude for Simon.
  • Episode 327
    Episode 327
    Episode 112
    Steve, Eve and Paul each lay ghosts to rest. Reuben discovers a new maturity and confidence though his relationship with Brooke.
  • Episode 326
    Episode 326
    Episode 111
    Reuben and Brooke's relationship becomes more intimate. Vince thinks seriously about his career. Xanthe begins to put her problems into prespective.
  • Episode 325
    Episode 325
    Episode 110
    Boris admits that there will never be any real intmacy between Lucy and him. Brooke and Reuben acknowledge their attraction.
  • Episode 324
    Episode 324
    Episode 109
    Steve tries to help a pregnant schoolgirl. Xanthe has trouble with Boris. Simon woos Lucy.
  • Episode 323
    Episode 323
    Episode 108
    Jack feels responsible for Kate's condition, while Tim and Steve clash over her affections.
  • Episode 322
    Episode 322
    Episode 107
    Xanthe's enjoyment of the wedding is ruined by Boris's need for her not to cramp his style. Tim realises he is better off without Jane. Kate has to be hospitalised.
  • Episode 321
    Episode 321
    Episode 106
    Alex avoids telling his father the truth about Jane. Boris almost doesn't make the wedding when distracted by Xanthe's underwear.
  • Episode 320
    Episode 320
    Episode 105
    Alex learns Jane hasn't changed her ways.
  • Episode 319
    Episode 319
    Episode 104
    Alex's father arrives with a surprise. Xanthe feels her life is crumbling away. Cheree is outraged.
  • Episode 318
    Episode 318
    Episode 103
    Xanthe is accused of vandalism. Jack finds himself in a compromising situation.
  • Episode 317
    Episode 317
    Episode 102
    Jack and Terri disagree over the ring she has brought him. Danny finally comes up with a scheme to make money to pay board.
  • Episode 316
    Episode 316
    Episode 101
    Xanthe suspects all is not well in her relationship with Boris. Reuben and Brooke become closer.
  • Episode 315
    Episode 315
    Episode 100
    Alex and Monique have a disagreement over their honeymoon. Paul insists Danny pay board. Xanthe irks Boris.
  • Episode 314
    Episode 314
    Episode 99
    Lucy faces a new world without Kelly. Xanthe abandons her strict training routine.
  • Episode 313
    Episode 313
    Episode 98
    Lucy's romance with Kelly hits the rocks. Jack causes havoc at Breakers. Terri stresses out.
  • Episode 312
    Episode 312
    Episode 97
    Eve receives some ego-shattering news. Vince has been suffering from a misconception about Eve. Kelly and Lucy get together.
  • Episode 311
    Episode 311
    Episode 96
    Xanthe is suspended for three months. Cheree finds the going tough.
  • Episode 310
    Episode 310
    Episode 95
    Vince feels his job prospects are improving. Kate and Monique resolve their differences. Fiona doubts her friendship with Boris.
  • Episode 309
    Episode 309
    Episode 94
    Monique tries to please everyone with the wedding arrangements. Lucy's guilt over her attraction to Andrew comes to a head.
  • Episode 308
    Episode 308
    Episode 93
    Cheree is convinced she will never see the boy she loves again. Kate begins to feel marginalised over wedding plans.
  • Episode 307
    Episode 307
    Episode 92
    Terri finds out she is not pregnant. Lucy has time alone with Andrew. Cheree seeks advice.
  • Episode 306
    Episode 306
    Episode 91
    Terri's pregnancy threatens to destory her relationship with Jack.
  • Episode 305
    Episode 305
    Episode 90
    Fiona becomes more deeply entangled with Sean's politics. Lucy catches Eve discriminating against her, and is thrown into new temptation with Andrew through Kelly's innocence. Boris and Xanthe enjoy their secret liaison.
  • Episode 304
    Episode 304
    Episode 89
    Terri and Jack stress about the possibility of Terri being pregnant. Lucy is attracted to Kelly's brother. Boris tells Xanthe he is not interested in a relationship—and is surprised by her reaction.
  • Episode 303
    Episode 303
    Episode 88
    Monique and Alex's wedding plans go awry. Jack is shocked to by the cause of Terri's bad mood. Luke uses emotional blackmail on Cheree.
  • Episode 302
    Episode 302
    Episode 87
    Cheree is powerless to stop the tide of depression that swamps Luke and she is there for him in a way she never imagined. Reuben's beginning to think he's over counselling but Steve has other ideas. Alex and Monique get honest about getting married. Kate's had enough of the Dave and Mary situation, so she sorts it out once and for all.moreless
  • Episode 301
    Episode 301
    Episode 86
    Alex and Monique's decision to marry leads to all kinds of problems. Fiona's social conscience is pricked. Kate realises that Dave is still emotionally attached to his family and his ex-wife Mary. Paul agonizes over the outcome of an investigation by the Tax Department and eventually has to confess to Kate.moreless
  • Episode 300
    Episode 300
    Episode 85
    Boris tries to get Reuben to deal with his attempted suicide. Fiona's dreams come true when she choreographs a fashion parade. Alex proposes to Monique on the catwalk.
  • Episode 299
    Episode 299
    Episode 84
    Alex decides he would like to marry Monique. Xanthe is upset about losing her advertising endorsement.
  • Episode 298
    Episode 298
    Episode 83
    Eve is unimpressed with Luke's hostage stunt. Xanthe pre-empts the drug hearing. Jack's big night out isn't all he expects.
  • Episode 297
    Episode 297
    Episode 82
    When a joke hostage situation backfires, Cheree ends up worse off than ever. Danny and Vince find themselves locked in the bathroom with only their boxers on during the "hostage crisis".
  • Episode 296
    Episode 296
    Episode 81
    Cheree ingores Reuben when he needs her most. Cathey and Kate have a confrontation.
  • Episode 295
    Episode 295
    Episode 80
    The repercussions of Luke's assault on Steve are felt throughout Breakers.
  • Episode 294
    Episode 294
    Episode 79
    Fiona tells Xanthe she is the one who drugged her drink. Steve attempts to reach out to Luke.
  • Episode 293
    Episode 293
    Episode 78
    Lucy has problems. Danny lacks moral courage. Fiona discovers that she's to blame for Xanthe's problems.
  • Episode 292
    Episode 292
    Episode 77
    Danny persuades Terri to help him finish with Tanya.
  • Episode 291
    Episode 291
    Episode 76
    Lucy spends the night with Kelly. Terri asks for Paul's help to re-instate Kelly. Monique goes to a clairvoyant.
  • Episode 290
    Episode 290
    Episode 75
    Lucy and Kelly attempt to form a platonic friendship. Xanthe test positive for drugs.
  • Episode 289
    Episode 289
    Episode 74
    Xanthe has reason to celebrate. Eve and Kelly have a doozy of a barney. Vince resorts to desperate measures to retrieve his keys.
  • Episode 288
    Episode 288
    Episode 73
    Jack refuses to let Terri push him around. Vince, Danny and Tanya find themselves stranded.
  • Episode 287
    Episode 287
    Episode 72
    Lucy fights her feelings for Kelly. Boris extends an olive branch to Xanthe.
  • Episode 286
    Episode 286
    Episode 71
    Reuben is freed at last. Eve is unsure about being a surrogate mother.
  • Episode 285
    Episode 285
    Episode 70
    Reuben is free at last. Alex is feeling the burden of responsibility for the new baby.
  • Episode 284
    Episode 284
    Episode 69
    Monique decides not to go out on her own. Xanthe's illness brings her closer to Karen.
  • Episode 283
    Episode 283
    Episode 68
    Lucy is in turmoil. Tanya and Danny sneak a date but Terri catches them. Fiona continues to tease Boris about Xanthe.
  • Episode 282
    Episode 282
    Episode 67
    Reuben makes peace with Steve and Cheree. Lucy and Kelly's relationship takes a leap into something more than friendship.
  • Episode 281
    Episode 281
    Episode 66
    Reuben begins the journey back from the brink. Danny defies parental sanctions to keep his rendezvous with Tanya. Cheree is dreading the thought of visiting Reuben.
  • Episode 280
    Episode 280
    Episode 65
    Reuben is driven to the edge. Kate tells Dave it's over. Cheree doesn't understands the urgency of Reuben's cry for help until it's too late.
  • Episode 279
    Episode 279
    Episode 64
    Jack calls off his relationship with Terri. Lucy presents Reuben with an ultimatum. Lucy and Kelly cement their friendship.
  • Episode 278
    Episode 278
    Episode 63
    Danny faces the wrath of Tanya's father Chubby. Terri's tutor Kelly becomes embroiled in her student's love life. Monique begins to think about quitting BMS.
  • Episode 277
    Episode 277
    Episode 62
    Danny and Tanya get into trouble. Xanthe is advised to take a modelling course. Fiona pays Boris back for helping through the City to Surf competition.
  • Episode 276
    Episode 276
    Episode 61
    Paul decides to run with Danny in the marathon. Xanthe feels pressed to do well in the marathon. Reuben blames himself when he finds out Delia has been buying drugs.
  • Episode 275
    Episode 275
    Episode 60
    Kate gets her hopes up when Dave suggests they remain good friends.
  • Episode 274
    Episode 274
    Episode 59
    Jack admits kissing Andie and Terri is furious.
  • Episode 273
    Episode 273
    Episode 58
    Kelly brings an element of fun to Terri's study. Danny goes on his first date with Tanya.
  • Episode 272
    Episode 272
    Episode 57
    Jack finds himself in a compromising situation with an attractive Bondi FM DJ.
  • Episode 271
    Episode 271
    Episode 56
    Alex helps Monique unpack some of the emotional baggage she's been carrying from her mother and sister.
  • Episode 270
    Episode 270
    Episode 55
    Lucy loses her temper with Eve.
  • Episode 269
    Episode 269
    Episode 54
    Danny learns of Tanya's reputation.
  • Episode 268
    Episode 268
    Episode 53
    Eve annouces that Kelly will be Terri's new tutor. An uninvited guest taints Danny's 16th birthday party.
  • Episode 267
    Episode 267
    Episode 52
    Steve is at the centre of a hostage situation. Dave realises it's time to tell Kate the truth.
  • Episode 266
    Episode 266
    Episode 51
    Monique is suspicious when her mother suddenly arrives in town. Reuben tries to make his peace with Kate, but only makes things worse.
  • Episode 265
    Episode 265
    Episode 50
    Monique and Xanthe prepare for their mother's visit. Vince tries to figure out how to deal with Fiona's epilepsy. Cheree challenges Eve to 'come out' and write part of the book with her.
  • Episode 264
    Episode 264
    Episode 49
    Steve has been forced to do something drastic about Titch's situation. Monique returns from visiting her mother to find an unwanted cat in her home.
  • Episode 263
    Episode 263
    Episode 48
    Jack and Terri finally get their day in the recording studio. Dave's gambling is out of control. Lily and Steve's relationship hits the rocks.
  • Episode 262
    Episode 262
    Episode 47
    Boris tries to stop Jack from wasting his inheritance. Reuben is smitten by a new street kid on the block. Dave blows all the money Kate lent him at the races.
  • Episode 261
    Episode 261
    Episode 46
    The Simmons family finally makes a decision about Paul moving back in. Xanthe learns Monique and Alex have been lying. Karen accepts the news of Monique's pregnancy with mixed feelings.
  • Episode 260
    Episode 260
    Episode 45
    Paul asks Eve if he can move back into the apartment. Dave attempts to borrow money from Kate.
  • Episode 259
    Episode 259
    Episode 44
    Lucy and Xanthe have word over Lucy stealing the article. Monique is annoyed at Xanthe, so Alex tells her it's time to speak up or shut up. Dave is having bad run on the horses.
  • Episode 258
    Episode 258
    Episode 43
    Steve lets his head rule his heart over Lily. Lucy is keen to impress Eve so she double-crosses Xanthe. Paul's plans for a romantic break with Eve fails.
  • Episode 257
    Episode 257
    Episode 42
    When Kate discovers Fiona is epileptic, Fiona wants her to keep it a secret, but Kate is unsure what to do. Phil is furious when he discovers Lily and Steve are intimate.
  • Episode 256
    Episode 256
    Episode 41
    Money proves to be the root of all conflict when Boris and Terri reveal competing dreams for Jack's inheritance. Steve and Lily get together. Fiona loses her fight to keep her epilepsy a secret.
  • Episode 255
    Episode 255
    Episode 40
    Terri is responsible for Jack and Boris falling out over their inheritance. Maggie and Eve have difficulty making their farewells on Maggie's final day.
  • Episode 254
    Episode 254
    Episode 39
    Tension between Monique and Xanthe builds. Maggie is devastated by Eve's insensitivity. Boris and Jack are stunned by contents of their father's will.
  • Episode 253
    Episode 253
    Episode 38
    Monique's little sister Xanthe arrives. Fiona attempts to cheer Vince up. Reuben plots to bring Dave down.
  • Episode 252
    Episode 252
    Episode 37
    Danny is kissed by Lucy. Steve's interest in Lucy steps up. Vince loses a friend forever.
  • Episode 251
    Episode 251
    Episode 36
    Vince gives Bruno an ultimatum. Danny has an enjoyable and productive day with Lucy. Reuben's lousy day gets even worse.
  • Episode 250
    Episode 250
    Episode 35
    Reuben's situation goes from bad to worse. Kate disagrees with Dave over Reuben. Steve is impressed with Lily and her intellect.
  • Episode 249
    Episode 249
    Episode 34
    Reuben's attitude towards Steve and Dave puts him in danger of being charged with assault. Lily has a plan to spend more time with Steve.
  • Episode 248
    Episode 248
    Episode 33
    Vince is stalked by Joey and his gang. Eve tries to entice Maggie into staying at the paper. Terri's jealously leads to a new understanding.
  • Episode 247
    Episode 247
    Episode 32
    Lucy's plans backfire. In the process she loses Geoff and her job at GoGirl. Cheree's return home proves a disaster and Eve is blamed. Maggie resigns from Eve's newspaper.
  • Episode 246
    Episode 246
    Episode 31
    Danny deals with his guilt about taking Jaime's money by roping Paul into the dilemma. Lucy creates havoc in Geoff's life, but her scheme backfires when she attacks his car with a screwdriver.
  • Episode 245
    Episode 245
    Episode 30
    Geoff confronts Lucy about the prank calls. Danny confesses stealing money to Dave. Old feelings are brought to the fore when Eve sees Steve with Lily.
  • Episode 244
    Episode 244
    Episode 29
    Vince feels left out. Reuben battles Dave. Steve is deeply concerned for Titch's welfare.
  • Episode 243
    Episode 243
    Episode 28
    Eve's Uncle Ron proves to be a problem. Terri and Jack loosen up a little. Vince is threatened by the gang.
  • Episode 242
    Episode 242
    Episode 27
    Terri and Jack return from their big night out. Alex and Monique start bonding over their baby.
  • Episode 241
    Episode 241
    Episode 26
    Boris helps Alex come to terms with Lara's death and his recurring nightmare. Kate helps Monica accept her pregnancy.
  • Episode 240
    Episode 240
    Episode 25
    Jack and Terri take a momentous step forward in their relationship. Danny's first day in his new job is full of surprises. Lucy's paranoia causes the end of her relationship with Geoff.
  • Episode 239
    Episode 239
    Episode 24
    When Danny gets an interview for a job, Eve insists he wears a suit. Steve tries to get to the root of Titch's problems. Lucy has gone power mad and Maggie is suffering.
  • Episode 238
    Episode 238
    Episode 23
    Maggie fumes as Lucy makes a power play at the newspaper. Reuben tells Steve he has had enough of being criticised and he is looking for work elsewhere.
  • Episode 237
    Episode 237
    Episode 22
    Alex feels the pressure of keeping Monique's secret. Vince and Bruno share an intimate moment. Lucy grows suspicious of Geoff's colleague Chris.
  • Episode 236
    Episode 236
    Episode 21
    Alex is concerned that Monique's options for her future baby might not include him. Kate and Dave have a romantic night... sweeping the floors. Vince is confused by a drunken Bruno's comments.
  • Episode 235
    Episode 235
    Episode 20
    Monique hits Alex with a stunning revelation. Paul does his best to help Terri and Jack. Lucy receives a surprise when she meets Geoff's work partner, Chris.
  • Episode 234
    Episode 234
    Episode 19
    Steve finds it hard to forgive Reuben for getting into trouble over the escaped teenagers. Jack suspects there is more to his sacking than meets the eye. Boris and Fiona nearly ruin the Top Tucker review.
  • Episode 233
    Episode 233
    Episode 18
    Reuben has to decide between loyalty to Steve and to his old mate. Boris loses his cool at the thought of being reviewed for Top Tucker.
  • Episode 232
    Episode 232
    Episode 17
    Reuben suffers a crisis of conscience. Eve takes a huge step forward in relating to Terri as an adult.
  • Episode 231
    Episode 231
    Episode 16
    Vince has a hidden agenda in wanting to attend a martial arts class. Eve's attitude towards Cheree puzzles Lucy.
  • Episode 230
    Episode 230
    Episode 15
    Monique stresses out and decides it's over between her and Alex. Paul and Eve clear the air for a renewed courtship. Terri revels in her new-found freedom with Jack.
  • Episode 229
    Episode 229
    Episode 14
    Fiona's best intentions backfire on her. Alex takes the wrong approach with Monique. Is Lucy heading for another bad relationship?
  • Episode 228
    Episode 228
    Episode 13
    Danny is sprung red handed. Terri sticks to her guns. Vince and Bruno bond.
  • Episode 227
    Episode 227
    Episode 12
    Eve drags Terri out of potential danger. Cheree's thoughtless actions put her job on the line. Kate has a twinkle in her eye for an attractive newcomer.
  • Episode 226
    Episode 226
    Episode 11
    Cheree feels betrayed when Erin caves in and lands her in trouble with the police. Vince is intrigued by Bruno, a charming stranger.
  • Episode 225
    Episode 225
    Episode 10
    Cheree's wild child game-playing with Erin brings some real risks to their safety. Lucy takes Geoff back.
  • Episode 224
    Episode 224
    Episode 9
    Fiona fails dismally at her stand-up comedy routine. Jack and Terri are hounded.
  • Episode 223
    Episode 223
    Episode 8
    Paul and Eve learn that Danny wants to leave school. Eve is furious when she discovers Terri and Jack's love nest. Lucy finds herself falling once again for Geoff's charm.
  • Episode 222
    Episode 222
    Episode 7
    Alex and Monique continue their dance of grief. Paul and Eve discover that Danny has been lying to them. Lucy realises Cheree wasn't the thief. Jack and Terri make important decisions about their relationship.
  • Episode 221
    Episode 221
    Episode 6
    Monique and Alex ride an emotional rollercoaster after Lara's death. Cheree and Erin are getting deeper into the street life. And Dave continues to show concern for Kate.
  • Episode 220
    Episode 220
    Episode 5
  • Episode 219
    Episode 219
    Episode 4
  • Episode 218
    Episode 218
    Episode 3
  • Episode 217
    Episode 217
    Episode 2
  • Episode 216
    Episode 216
    Episode 1