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Breakfast with Bear

Disney Channel (ended 2006)


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Breakfast with Bear

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Breakfast With Bear is Playhouse Disney's newest TV program. The show is an hour long and stars Bear (from Disney's Bear In the Big Blue House) greeting young children every morning and learning about their morning routine. The show teaches kids about healthy food choices and how "bad" foods with a lot of sugar can make you feel sick. The hour long program also consits of many short sequences with animated characters such as Shanna & Shane, Felix, Captain Carlos, and Charlie and Lola.
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  • omg this is so booty face

    I know I got the rating higher but THIS SHOW SUCKS LIKE BOOTY! My sister was born with it! This show is going to be put on the lala land list! Get a lot of eyes now!
  • One of the worst kids shows in history. If a show gets put on hiatus after 3 episodes for a few months and then final 3 episodes air in an earlier timeslot it's probably not a good show.moreless

    Bear In the Big Blue House was a personal favorite as a kid. Lots of people remember that. However, most people don't remember this terrible spin-off. Breakfast with Bear was an hour long live-action program, with Bear inquiring little kids about breakfast, before they get ready for school. How'd it got cancelled? That's easy. Do you think little kids will sit through an hour long live-action program about bear asking kids questions about what they are eating, and how they get ready for school. There was no charm of the original Bear in the Big Blue House. Just silence, it dragged as if you were watching CSPAN. If you completely forgot about it, thank goodness. Luckily, BWB will continue to drift further into obscourity as the years pass and none else will remember how bad it was.moreless
  • Wow!
    Bear's back!  :D  This is such a great show for, not just kids, but for everyone.  It can help you non-morning people get out o...