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  • Much of the show is probably fake

    I watched a few episodes of Breaking Amish when they went to Florida and after reading a little about it online, it seems that a lot of what is talked about in the show is fake. The people showed as leaving the Amish for the first time actually left long ago and some of them have less wild lives off camera and are acting showing themselves as doing wild things or learning how to live in a more modern world. The show makes it seem that Abe and Rebeka meet for the first time on the show, but an old photo of them show them together dressed as "English" with a baby before the show began filming. One article shows a picture of another female actress on the show getting married and now she's pregnant with a man who is not on the show (I'm guessing he's probably the man she married). The idea of showing young Amish people exploring the "English" world is interesting, but this show is most likely fake and makes young Amish people who try living outside the Amish seem trashy. Parts of the show seem more like a trashy reality show where 5 young people live in a tiny apartment to fornicate for the tv while some aspects show more sensible aspects of leaving Amish like when Katie-Ann tries getting her hair done and getting new clothes to see what not being Amish is like or when her mother is reluctant to her dressing in clothes or a bathing suit that is too revealing. This show has potential, but the producers should be honest about when and how these actors left the Amish and the real state of their lives, not some promiscuous act for tv. There's enough evidence to doubt the "reality" of this show, that I'm starting to think of it as fiction and the people on it as actors. I will admit that the "story" does keep your attention while watching it.
  • 4.0
    I have just seen what thought was the lst part of the shunning truth and now confused because I thought this was series 2 but it says series 1. Sooo whats the beef???