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Breaking Amish

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Breaking Amish takes a look at what happens when four Amish people and a Mennonite leave the world of buggies and horses and venture out to New York City. The series unfolds as a wild ride of firsts. At the end they must decide to remain in their faith or denounce it and be shunned by their families.


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    • Fake Fake Fake!!!

      I've read some articles with photo evidence and neighbor's interviews that tell that this story is fake. The actors in this show left the Amish long before filming the show and some of them have a different life in the real world than what is shown on this "reality" show, yet if you listen to their conversations closely, they refer to things that the articles cited as evidence that this show is not telling the true story of their departure from the Amish community. The two that supposedly met and were married on the show met and most likely had a baby before the show even began, one girl had an online profile showing her wedding pictures and surprise, she's now pregnant with a man who is not on the show. The father is probably her husband and the whole story about her sexual relationship with another character is probably bull. The idea of a reality show or better, a documentary, about people considering leaving the Amish and exploring the "English" world is a good idea, but this show is fake and makes the Amish look trashy, which I'm guessing is very different from what people are really like when they grew up in such a traditional society. The show does keep your attention as a trashy social show, but the producers should admit that it is not true and come clean with the reality of the situations that the characters are really in. I guess it's not as juicy if viewers know it's fictional.moreless
    • All the Amish programs -Fake

      Being English from Dauphin and travel through Lancaster county you shows on the Amish are so fake. We here in Dauphin ( a neighboring county) come in close contact with Amish and we are all educated on the Amish. First of all you have Amish driving cars that is a no on they would be banned Mafia or not. You have Mennonites and Brethren associating with the Amish and even so much as having Brethren speaking Pa Dutch - absurd. If their paths should cross it is strictly business. The Pa Dutch that is spoken on the programs for the most part you can tell there is more English mixed with Pa Dutch then a Amish man would use. One program showed Esther I think had mascara and make up on another no no in Amish culture. If you want the public to believe your phony program you have to do a better job. Those Amish would not allow their pictures be taken or a movie to be made they would all be banished,moreless

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