Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 30, 2010 on AMC
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Skyler gets involved with Walt's business while Hank struggles with recovery. Jesse has a startling discovery after meeting a girl at group therapy.

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  • What goes around comes around

    The morality of drug dealer with jesse meeting up with the girl who brother's killed Combo and he still trying to steal meth ? Why doesn't Walt invest in Laser Tag at least it will be less obvious then the car wash also hope Hank gets back on his feet then when he finds out Drugs Dealing is paying for his therapy he be pissed. Whats the deal with Gus dinner invite creepy either he knows about the missing meth or he just reminding walt that he has full control over the business.moreless
  • Meh...

    "Abiquiu" is Breaking Bad's third filler episode in a row, so I guess you can't even call it that anymore, can you? Anyway, this weirdly titled episode seems more concerned with the introduction of an unnecessary character than with actually getting the series in the direction of a good series finale. Here's why I continued to not like Breaking Bad at that point:

    As Skyler unexpectedly interferes in Walt's business, she meets his lawyer Saul Goodman which serves for an amusing five minutes. Besides that though, her involvement seems a bit out of the blue and changed some character traits of hers. Walt is the complete background man this time around and has inexplicably lost the paranoid side of his he had just one episode ago, while Bob Odenkirk did a great job as Saul as always, but still couldn't make me enjoy the scenes they shared. The more interesting part for a lot of people was Jesse's arc, in which he encounters a new girl and starts a strange relationship with her, following from his initial attempt to sell meth to her. I personally was very bored by these scenes and not even the aha moment at the end could really impress me.

    The only parts I considered to be outstanding in "Abiquiu" were the short but well-filmed meth cooking and, more importantly, Walt visiting his boss Gus at his nicely decorated bourgeois home and the two sharing the most ***-erotic moment in the series together. Giancarlo Esposito is Emmy-worthy as always and was even more fun to watch than usual, while their conversation topic could've been a tad more appealing.

  • perfect

    Jesse meets a new girl named Andrea, who has a son. He tries bonding with the kid, and all is good, until he mentions someone by the name of Tomas, who is Andrea's younger brother. Near the end of the episode, Jesse meets Tomas, and figures out that it was Tomas, a little 11 year old kid, who killed his friend Combo in a previous episode.

    Good episode. The ending really sets the stage well for the next two episodes. The main plot with Walt and Skyler was kind of boring in some parts but I was really interested in Jesse's plot and think that is why my grade is going to be an A+.moreless
  • 311

    Ah, I hate Memorial Day weekend because there is rarely any television on, and even most cable shows take a break on this day. Breaking Bad was the only show to put on an original offering tonight, and they gave us essentially a filler episode. Nothing really new happened here, but they did fill us in on a past shooting and at least hint at what the future entails. While this was far from great, BB still has that magnetic appeal that keeps you glued to the TV screen for the entire presentation.

    What probably sticks out the most about this show is that it does not insult your intelligence. They reference past episodes and they build off of them.

    I don't like Skylar being involved in Walter's drug dealings, but I don't really like her period, so that's probably not that shocking.moreless
  • The filler before two of the most incredible episodes of the show and of the last few years.

    There's nothing incredible or game-changing about the episode, but instead, the writers seem to be fleshing out the plots that were introduced in the last few episodes. For instance, the plot of Jesse meeting a woman who he likes in the N.A meetings takes a plot that seemed really sleazy (selling meth to recovering addicts who are vulnerable) and turns it into a really sentimental and growing moment for Jesse. Jesse learns from the woman he meets that his good friend from Season 2 was murdered by her son as part of a gang initiation. Suddenly, we're brought back a season and something that happened quite a few episodes ago is coming back to affect Jesse's current outlook.

    We also find Skyler getting more involved in Walt's business, something that has made me hesitant since it was introduced. I never really liked Anna Gunn's character, even though it's necessary for the show to work.. however, having them combine forces feels a little lame. She clearly has ideas that could work well, especially the possible purchasing of Walt's old laundromat, but it just feels lackluster now.. there was tension because she didn't know what he did and now she does. There's no tension between them now.

    However, this cast continues to amaze me. Two characters that have been around since Season 2, Gus and Saul, continue to prove wildly different yet equally entertaining scenes to the show. Saul is hilarious in a serious way while Gus is the kind of guy who makes you feel comfortable and nervous at the same time. That end scene where they have dinner was great and showed two great minds clashing with each other.

    This was sort of a filler episode, but boy.. having already seen the season, at least the show had something to build up to.moreless
Emily Rios

Emily Rios


Guest Star

Matt L. Jones

Matt L. Jones

Brandon "Badger" Mayhew

Recurring Role

Krysten Ritter

Krysten Ritter

Jane Margolis

Recurring Role

Charles Baker

Charles Baker

Skinny Pete

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Andrea's mother is obviously disgusted finding Jesse and Andrea together. She walks out muttering in spanish "shameless S.O.B.s. I'm tired of it, sick and tired of it all...".

    • When Walter enters Gus' residence, Gus leads him to the kitchen. They pass by a tastefully decorated dining area. This is the first clue that children are present in the Frings household as there is a small children's table against the wall. More prevalent is the small red toy car on the floor highlighted by the lamp. Look closely, it is just like Jesse's car, the Toyota 4WD.

    • Skyler incorrectly states that married couples can't be forced to testify against each other. This is a common misconception about the spousal privilege. It doesn't extent to testimony about ongoing fraud/criminal activity.

    • Episode Title: Abiquiu is a very small town in the Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. One of the only points of interest is the adobe-built St. Thomas Church (made from sand, clay, manure and water). The famous artist Georgia O'Keeffe lived there for almost 40 years. In addition, it mimics the way "ABQ" sounds, the short form for Albuquerque.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Jesse: You can't get your nut up to sell? What's the point of even coming?
      Skinny Pete: Homey, I'm on like step five.
      Badger: Deuce, yo. I'm catching up.
      Jesse: Whatever. Later.
      Skinny Pete: Dude needs to come into the fold.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: March 18, 2013 on Nova Cinema

    • Featured Music:
      "Shake A Bone" by Son of Dave
      "America The Beautiful" by The American Military Band
      "Sabado En El Parque" by Grupo Fantasmo
      "Lee" by Stan Getz
      "Tus Ojos" by Zoraida Beato


    • Ice Station Zebra:

      Saul has set up an account for Walt under the name of a 1968 film. Ice Station Zebra was centered on the Cold War, mainly between Russia and the U.S. and their arctic connections. The film starred Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoodhan, and Jim Brown.