Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 31, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

The familiar shots of a pool, pink plush bear, cracked windshield, and body bags are shown in a preview. However, this time, images of evidence tags that are scattered everywhere are shown and the two men are moving the bodies into a van marked NTSB (National Transportation and Safety Board). There is a camera pan, revealing black smoke rising from an area nearby.

Jesse is performing CPR on Jane with no luck. Jesse is crying but Jane is pale and stiff. At home, Walt is caring for his daughter and get the expected call from Jesse. Walt calmly asks what happened and tells him everything is going to be okay. He says he know who to call. Saul sends a man to Jesse's house and they go inside. The man puts on gloves and picks up the heroin and other drugs. He sees the broken back door. He cleans the evidence of any drugs, including Jesse's marijuana stash. Jesse's story is to be as follows: "he woke up and found her, that's all I know". He tells Jesse it is unlikely he will be placed under arrest when the police officers show up. Overdoses don't get much attention he adds. The man also tells Jesse to cover up his arms where the injections would have been and then tells him to call the police before leaving. Back at home, Walt is preparing breakfast and calling Walt Jr. But, Walt Jr. has news – people have been donating to his site. He's already raised $490.00 from 29 people. Walt thanks his son again and another $20 comes in.

Donald (Jane's dad) is driving up to her house and expects her to be getting ready for rehab. Her phone goes to voicemail and he leaves her a message. When Donald gets there, there's an ambulance and he is overcome with shock. Inside, the paramedics move Jane into a body bag while Donald looks on. Jesse is telling a female paramedic what happened. The paramedic asks him what her date of birth is, but he can't answer it. Donald can and adds the place of birth: Phoenix. The paramedics wheel the body out and Donald leaves after taking the drawing of "Apology Girl". Meanwhile, Walt Jr. and Skyler continue to see donations coming in. Walt checks in with Jesse, leaving him a message. Meanwhile, Hank, at work, sets up a charity fund for Walt. He announces that "Combo" was shot and discusses it with the team. "Blue sky", the purest crystal meth, was being sold by him and Hank says that is unusual. He also explains that "blue sky" has vanished from town. The captain suggests that Heisenberg is in jail, so maybe that's who made it. Hank says no way, "blue sky" has been seen outside New Mexico in several other neighboring states. Heisenberg is still out there.

Walt Jr. and Skyler continue watching to donations roll in. Walt checks in with Saul and gets some sort of address from him. The same man from before brings him to the place and he suggests letting him handle it. Walt, however, gets out of the car and heads into the house. He passes a druggie on the way in and then steps over another. It is filled with graffiti and is in decrepit condition. Users are injecting and smoking left, right, and center. Jesse is on the floor – he has managed to get high again. Walt picks him up, and in a rare moment, the two end up in hug. Jesse cries, saying he killed her because he got her back on the drugs. Walt says it's not his fault. Donald heads into Jane's side of the apartment complex, a place we've never seen before. Art is strewn everywhere. He searches for a colorful dress, but her clothes are all black and gray. He is talking to someone on his cell phone, but it isn't clear whom (possibly Jane's mother). At home, Walt Jr. is still getting donations. Walt tells him to turn off the "ding" – a painful reminder of his money-laundering scheme. But, Skyler walks in to Walt Jr.'s room saying that Marie has a friend who wants to feature the family in the paper.

Hank is briefing the chief on the phone about "blue sky". Three local businessmen show up discussing a community outreach program ("Fun Run"). Shockingly, one of the men is Gus. Hank describes his position in the department, namely his work on methamphetamines. Gus says it's terrible. Then he sees the picture of Walt and asks what's wrong with him. Hank says cancer as Gus deposits some money in the jar. Walt has brought Jesse to a rehab clinic and explains to him that Walt is going into surgery on Friday. He says to Jesse to try and focus on getting better. Jesse says he now understands something: "What you said in the desert. I get it. I deserve whatever happens". Walt is driving home and sees a reporter van on the street. Walt sighs, Marie apparently upgraded the interview to a TV spot and the reporter asks them to sit down. On camera, Walt Jr. says the donations have passed $6,000. The irony clearly shows when Walt Jr. complements and praises how "good" Walt is. "Hero", "decent", and statements like "he always does the right thing" – the camera can only show how tense and uncomfortable Walt feels.

At the hospital, Walt is being sedated in preparation for the surgery. Walt Jr. and Skyler both hug him. Skyler asks for his glasses and his cell phone, to which Walt says "which one", to which Skyler responds in a state of disbelief. Walt Jr. says he didn't bring any cell phone. Walt then goes into surgery where a small section of lung is removed. In the next scene, we see Walt and Skyler in the doctor's office three weeks after the surgery. Walt sports a new goatee along with the mustache. He reports no pain and some shortness of breath. The specialist we saw previously reports a good prognosis. Skyler asks if he can go back to his normal routine and the doctors say yes. It seems like life will be going back to normal.

Donald appears to have returned to work as well. A co-worker expresses his sympathy and asks how he's doing. Next, we see a air traffic control center with several workers. One of the workers is Donald. At home, Walt asks if the goatee is good, but Skyler is packing up some clothes, saying she is leaving for Marie and Hank's for the weekend. She wants Walt to leave, as in leave the house and move out for good. Shocked, Walt wants to know why. Skyler says he's a liar, bringing up the cell phones again. He says he was medicated in the hospital but she thinks he accidentally told the truth for once. Skyler then brings up the strange behavior again, namely the "fugue" episode. Walt then denies an affair with Gretchen Schwartz. Skyler has already asked her. Gretchen called her back, saying the money for the treatment was not from her. But, Skyler checked the hospital bills as well, and almost all of them were paid, over $100,000. It doesn't stop there. Skyler also called Walt's mother to see if the money came from there. Nope but Walt never visited either. "Lies on top of lies on top of lies", she says. Skyler leaves with the baby, but Walt catches up to her on the driveway. Walt breaks down and says he will tell her everything. But Skyler says she's too scared to know. She races off down the street in her car.

Back at the Albuquerque (ABQ) air traffic control center, Donald is clearly having difficulty directing several planes. He calls one plane "Jane" and zones out. Two planes approach each other on the radar screen. The circles representing the planes go from green to flashing red. Walt is sitting in his backyard and a large explosion is heard overhead. The two planes have collided and debris immediately begins to fall all over the residential area. The pink plush bear is shown falling directly into the pool beside Walt with a big splash.