Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 31, 2009 on AMC

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  • Best Episode

    What a great Finale didn't expect that at the end thats why they have been teddy in the pool and guys in suits ahh . Looks like Walt clearly paid for his actions can't see him roping Jessie in now , no spoilers people I am now on Season 3 .
  • Pretty lame for a season finale.

    Let me be clear: I don't like season finales cliffhanging the hell out of you, lefting you starving for another season. That's just catfish bait, and I hate when writers do this just "for fun".

    But this... This has been one seriously boring episode. Walt gets busted by the wrong question asked at the wrong time (boring). Jane's father works at the airport but clearly he hasn't recovered yet and fucks up (boring). The b\w opening scene with the red teddy bear, higly anticipated and hyped turns out to be very disappointing and lightly pertinent.

    This is not the Breaking Bad I used to love, with strong acting and solid writing. This looks like they're trying to impress the audience with suspense and twists, but they end up with a dumb, unbeliavable plot.

    I expect much much more from a show and a cast with this potential
  • It's Not That Huge of a Season Finale Compared to Future Season, But Still Ends Up Being a Flawless Episode

    Sorry for leaving out the introduction, but I just have to say in my first sentence that "ABQ" is an unexpectedly great season finale. Not that it has any really groundbreaking events as the final episodes of further seasons do, but simply how Vince Gilligan and Adam Bernstein realized these 45 minutes is magnificent. I'm adapting a slightly abridged review style so I can point out all the great things about "ABQ" as shortly as possibly.

    - the extended edit of the terrific black and white opening scene of "Over" that gives you chills in the first minute already. A perfectly shot foreshadowing and a perfect way to engage the audience's interest.

    - the introduction of Jonathan Bank's character who shares a fantastic scene with the devastated Aaron Paul.

    - being able to get a look at the DIA standpoint again was nice and having a donation box for Walt going through the room while they are talking about his alter ego Heisenberg was just a brilliant directorial idea.

    - another scene at Hank's office that has a huge surprise was Walt's new colleague Gus stopping by. Besides an outstanding conversation between Dean Norris and Giancarlo Esposito, the two coming to talk about Walt is what makes the scene really awesome.

    - Walt's interesting reaction to Walt Jr. succeeding with his safewalterwhite-website.

    - the scene Walt and Jesse share at the rehab facility. Their talk isn't really worth to single out, but the weird set design is reminding me of 2001: A Space Odyssey is a remarkable achievement.

    - Skyler's momentous decision at the end of the episode and the build-up to it. Surprisingly, even her explanations were interesting to hear while I consider it a great idea to for once dress Walt in bright colors just for this scene. And, do I even have to mention it? Bryan Cranston's and Anna Gunn's acting is top-notch.

    - how excellently Jane's father Donald is integrated in the story and how perfectly made the last minutes of "ABQ" are. Admittedly, the VFX aren't the best, but the scene itself is enough to blow you away.

    And for the bad parts of this episode: well, there weren't any. "ABQ" is just an amazing season finale and, in my humble opinion, the best Breaking Bad episode up to that point.
  • Season 2 Finale.

    A pretty great finale here, but one of the things about this episode left me wondering, and not in the way season finales should. Everything about this episode was really great, and we were going to see a tie in to the glimpses of the future with the teddy bear that we've seen since the premiere.

    But for some reason, it was a bit too played out here. Jane's father, distraught over his daughter's death is coincidentally works at the airport command center. He messes up causing two planes to crash right above Walt's house, a teddy bear falls in to the pool. It just seemed a bit too played out and not very realistic.

    This finale still left us wondering about the body bags and how much damage the debris from the planes are going to cause. Jesse goes to a "rehab" called Serenity, after Walt gets him from ABQ. I still hope that bond hasn't died out between them, Jesse thinks he is the reason Jane died, when really it was Walt's.

    Other than those things, we've got Walt's surgery which completely destroys his web of lies all season, which really was a great way to tie in everything together. And I got to say, Anna Gunn has some serious acting chops, I was really impressed. She leaves him after finding out Elliot & Gretchen didn't pay for the treatment, Walt was never at his mom's, and he has 2 cell phones.

    Now all I'm wondering is what the writers are going to do next. Walt got all the money he needed, Jesse is traumatized by girlfriend's death, and Walt has already been caught. So interested to see where the writers will take this show. But pretty much to sum it up, a great finale to a very commendable superb second season.
  • Can't believe that Breaking Bad is already done for the season! Season 2 finale thoughts after the jump. If you need me I'll be joining Jesse in rehab for withdrawal from Walt & co,

    Can't believe that Breaking Bad is already done for the season! I think this season has been simply stellar! Sure a lot of fans have had their reservations about the fiery plane explosion over Walt's head via the butterfly effect. But after reading an interview with writer/creator Vince Gilligan…I get it. I don't have to like it as much as the ridiculous and fantastical things that were spinning around online (kudos to those who actually saw this coming by the way) and in my head, but I still get it.

    This season has been a helluva ride in the evolution of Walter White into his new alter ego Heisenberg. I think this season pretty effectively answered some questions about our conflicted lead. Let's review:

    1) Walt has some more time left than he thought. This season his cancer went into remission AND he had surgery to aggressively cut out what was remaining.

    2) Walt is NOT happy about this.

    3) Walt likes his new profession. Let's face it if we've learned anything from this season it's that Walt could leave it all behind, and really never needed to start, but his pride has lead to this new life. A life he struggles to let go of now that he's made all his riches. The scene where he tells those two amateur meth cooks to get off his turf at Home Depot? Pretty much sealed the deal for me.

    4) Jesse really just a lost soul that's gotten in way over his head when he decided to get into business with Mr. White. He's really kind of sweet (the ATM to the skull episode with the cute redhead kid showed us that).

    5) Skylar is a smart cookie, and now that she's chosen to leave Walt she can go Beneke it up all she wants. That's if her drug lord husband is ok with it ;)

    This season also gave our other actors more of a showcase. Jesse got his own storyline, a love story with a tragic ending AND Q to boot. Jane was a good addition to the cast, and I'm glad it was temporary because although she was a good influence when she was on the wagon, she quickly became the worst kind of influence after Jesse tempted her off.

    Hank really is smarter than we give him credit for. He figured out that Heisenberg is still out there, he might definitely be the one to figure it all out first. That's if the newly introduced Gus (who seems like a very dangerous man) doesn't take Hank out first.

    Overall this season has been stellar, even better than the first. The evolution of Walter White as drug lord and criminal master mind is such an interesting story to see unfold, not to mention a bit terrifying. Bryan Cranston is just brilliant, I'm hoping he gets the emmy nod this year, because he deserves that plus more for the stuff he's put out this year. More at
  • Great end to the season.

    You can definately say they left us with alot of loose strings.

    The plane crash - Well I can say I didnt see that coming, nor did anyone else I expect. My idea on those black and white video clips was much different, I was thinking a bomb or a lab explosion in his basement or something.

    Skylar moving away - Dont know if she will come back or not, but I do believe Walt is willing to tell her the truth.

    Jesse - Will he even be there when Walt goes back. And it was a good ep for Jesse and Walts relationship, Walt sees him as family and definately cares about him.

    All in all brilliant, and MORE people should watch this show, it is definately better than anything else out there currently.
  • After Disaster Strikes, there is the Breaking Bad Season Two Finale!

    As Jesse deals with the guilt of his girlfriend overdosing an associate of Saul shows up to get rid of all of the evidence of the hard drugs and to stick to the story. Donald shows up expecting to pick Jane up to go to rehab. Walt decides to go in search of Jesse as he falls off the grid and self destructs into a drug den like house. Walt holds Jesse and tells him it will all be fine and he puts him into a program to get him back on his feet, telling him that Saul will take care of him and is holding on to his money. Meanwhile, money begins to flow into Walter Jr./Flynn's website for Walt's surgery. While anesthetized Walt lets slip that he has two cell phones to Skyler and he gets his tumors removed in the operation. Seven weeks pass and Walt is all better with minimal complications from the surgery. Skyler packs for a weekend at Hank and Marie's and is taking Holly and Flynn with her and she says that she has had enough of Walt's lying and reveals that Gretchen said that she and Elliot had never given him a dime for his cancer treatments and the money had seemingly come out of thin air, and also that Walt's own mother not only didn't get a visit from him but didn't even know that he had cancer. She says that he has two days to clear out of the house and that is the end of it. As she gets into her car and is about to drive away Walt gives in and says that he will tell her everything if she will only stay but Skyler says that she is too afraid to know the truth. Hank believes that Heisenburg is still on the loose and shipping meth outside of New Mexico. Then Donald, who is revealed to be an air traffic controller returns to work after Jane's tragic OD and is guiding planes in when he becomes distracted and causes two planes to collide. This crash occurs overhead of Walt's house and the infamous pink teddy bear lands in the pool at the end of the episode, causing the environment to become black and white. Very gripping episode and it is Breaking Bad at the top of its game. Hopefully more people will become aware of this show and watch it and love it as much as I and we do. One of the best shows in recent history can't wait for the Third Season and the Second Season DVD to get a chance to watch more of this golden goose egg of a cable drama series.
  • A fantastic ending to an excellent season of this amazing show. (Spoilers ahead!)

    Yes, I did feel cheated a bit with the ending, but would actually have been more disappointed if my predictions about all those pinky foreshadowing cold openers were correct. Kudos to the writers for keeping the audience on their toes. You know Walt's actions will have disastrous consequences, but to which extent is far less certain.
    Brilliant performance by John DeLancie as Jane's dad, one of the collateral victims of Walt. A dignified silence to cover up the broken man he is inside. You do so not want to be the parent of a drug addict. Or a drug addict yourself, judging from the faces in the shack where Walt goes to find Jesse. BB has no intention to glamorize anything considering the drug trade.
    The rest of the cast was on the top of their game as well, especially Anna Gunn who finally gets some bones to chew, as Skyler being determined to leave but too terrified to know the truth.
    And even if Hank's Ben Stein impersonation fell flat with his DEA colleagues, I chuckled.
  • yep, it's all about breaking bad

    all i can say is wow.

    def the best show on tv since dexter. andperhaps tru blood that i'm eagerly awaiting the season premiere soon.

    after 2 seasons, i guess we may draw some basic conclusions about breaking bad. it's a show that's so much in touch with our times of despair. what happens to Mr White could happen to Mr Anybody, especially with the current economic crisis and job losses.

    this show is about the very moment when we become a survivor, not much different than a wild animal in the jungle of life.

    and almost ALL main characters in this show reflect this state of mind, this turning point.

    In this particular episode, it's Jane's father who really loses it, to a point of causing plane crashes. As odd and unlikely this event may seem (especially with the teddy bar ending up precisely in Walt's pool), the bottom line is the illustration of someone who has nothing to loose anymore.

    In that, Walt and Jane's father are the same.

    And many characters fill the same profile. Of course Jesse, but also the fast food restaurant owner, Jane the drug addict turned into a blackmailer, Saul the crook lawyer, and even Skyler who's covering an ex-lover from bankrupting and being sued for tax evasion. They all have a breaking point, a story that led them to crossing the line.

    Remember "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas? ( ). More recently, Weeds also featured a similar tragedy of someone having no other choice but breaking the law. If we sympathise with these characters, it's because we all know we could eventually cross the line should we face despair.
  • perfect

    What I liked: Skyler confronting Walt about all the things he has lied about, such as seeing his mother, Jesse grieving over the death of Jane, Skyler leaving Walt, the crash at the end of the episode (and the season), the pink teddy bear that had been seen in numerous episodes this season, amongst other things.

    Good season finale. Way better then the first. I liked pretty much everything about this episode. Nothing much more to add, stellar season finale, and my final grade is going to be an A+. Can't wait to continue to see what happens. Perfect finale.
  • Season 2 Finale.

    Breaking Bad concluded its second season which was 6 episodes longer than its previous. Like last year's finale this episode left us wondering a few questions but one of those unintentionally has to be where does the show go from here? Are we to believe that Skylar will lie to her brother in law about Walt's drug business if he ever does tell her? As I have said before I hope that the Jesse and Walt relationship finds some way to get back from this as it has consistently been the best part of the show, and truly creates a fascinating dynamic that goes way beyond that of an odd couple scenario. The two actors are just so far above everyone else on the show that featuring them together is simply common sense.

    But to address this episode, I was not left satisfied the way I was last year. The writing is still really fresh, but the show failed to deliver that blowaway, "must blog about it the next day" hour that Lost for example always does with their finales. Wile still good, I just wanted a bit more action, as this just seemed like more of the same of what we get on a weekly basis. Always entertaining, but just not too special.
  • An absolutely brilliant season finale; cements the show as one of, if not THE, very best show on TV right now.

    All season "Breaking Bad" has teased us devoted fans with black and white images of a stuffed animal that's missing an eyeball, floating ominously in Walt White's backyard pool. In recent weeks, we've also seen two body bags in the Whites' driveway.

    It was a dread-filled foreshadowing of something bad: Did Walt build a meth lab in the house and it exploded? That would seem unlike Walt, a cancer patient who's been scrupulous in his attempts to keep his side business from his family, but what else could explain it?

    Nothing you would guess, but what happened gets explained at the outset of the episode in a way that at first appears to be disappointingly random. Of course, this is too good a show to settle for an out-of-the-blue head fake. As we learn as the episode progresses, everything is connected. Chickens come home to roost and the consequences of Walt's lies to his family, especially wife Skyler, are felt.

    As uncomfortable as "Bad" sometimes is to watch, there hasn't been a more satisfying drama airing in prime-time this season. The misadventures of Walt and his junkie sidekick Jesse (Aaron Paul) can be funny, dramatic, filled with tension and heartbreaking.

    The whole cast is terrific in this episode. This season finale will only make the wait for the show's third season more of an ordeal for all of us fans. Simply put, this is the BEST show on TV right now, and this 2nd season was magnificent.