Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 1

Box Cutter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2011 on AMC

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  • Just good, not much more.

    Just as the show as a whole, "Box Cutter" is somewhat overrated. The season four opener was entertaining and I was definitely excited to see the aftermath of season three's outstanding final scene, yet that didn't diminish the slowness and uneventfulness of it.

    There were two big things happening in "Box Cutter", which I both expected to happen: first, Gale's death, which was doubted by an awful lot of people and second, Gus killing his sidekick Victor, which was utterly predictable considering the latter being seen at a crime scene just before and Mr. Fring being extraordinarily intolerant with such things. Granted, the unusually graphic murder scene that gives the episode its title is staged laudably well and offers the hitherto best performance of the ever magnificent Giancarlo Esposito. Nevertheless, it's overly long (I didn't look on my watch, but I'm reckoning ten minutes upwards) and, besides the oh-so-unexpected surprise Vince Gilligan appears to be so proud of, doesn't really present anything special.

    After a phenomenal match cut going from Walt and Jesse cleaning up the bloody mess that Gus respectively Victor have left to some man at a diner dipping his fries into ketchup, there's another conversation worth mentioning, but that's about it for "Box Cutter". That's my opinion about Breaking Bad's return and call me pessimistic I'm already suspecting episodes as slow as season three's from this point on.

  • Slow start for new season

    They obviously had some story lines to clean up from last season. Some probably won't like the slower pace of this episode since this show has set the bar pretty high. A good episode but not a great one.
  • Horrible episode

    I don't wanna write anything. Look at the people below me. They say exactly what I think about this awful and horrible episode.
  • This is why Breaking Bad sucks

    What a terrible, awful, stupid, boring and useless episode! This is the most boring episode I've ever seen in a show. Seriously! Awful, just awful.
  • The worst episode of a TV series I've ever seen

    This is simply the worst episode of a TV series i've ever seen. In 40 minutes nothing happens. The character of Gustavo Fring is absolutely unrealistic in this episode. Jesse (Aaron Paul) is the only positive thing in this terrible and awful episode, Paul is a very talented actor, and his character is very interesting.

    Please, listen to me: DON'T WATCH BREAKING BAD!