Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2011 on AMC

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  • Ice Road Trucking


    Breaking Bad continues to prove to be the best show on TV with another stellar episode. Walt goes to retrieve the tracking bug from Gus's car with Hank in tow but when it turns out that Gus only goes to his restaurants and back Hank becomes even more suspicious. When Hank tries to get Walt to drive him to the Pollos Hermanos distribution center Walt says he has the stomach flu (which his technical description is the funnier part of the episode) and buys 2 days. He warns Mike about Hank's visit and Mike and Jesse and a crew clean out the center effectively. But not before a guy gets his head blown off by a sniper and Jesse stands there in slow-mo dumbfounded and Mike saves him from the line of fire. Gus exits the building, defiant to the cartel sniper with his hands raised high, because the cartel isn't there to kill Gus. It turns out that they want half his business. Skyler helps out Ted Beneke who has an audit the next day and with her being signer on the books it could mean surveillance on her to prove Ted a criminal. She buys some time with a clever ploy in the audit but unless Ted pays them back to 600,000 dollars he owes the government the investigation will continue but Ted has no money. It looks like Skyler will have to possibly front him the money to keep his and her cover intact and Walt faces exposure. Junior's B-day is coming up and Skyler wants to buy him a car (probably will occur in the next episode) but for it to cheap and safe. When Gus and Jesse dispose of the body of the dead guy Walt puts a bug on Jesse's car. Jesse goes to Gus's house to get his questions answered and it turns out that Gus needs someone to go to Mexico to teach Walt's formula to cartel chefs when Gus asks Jesse if he could replicate the formula she he obviously can't trust Walt. Jesse defends Walt and fails to try to kill Gus like he said he would. Jesse calls Walt and tells him all about what's been happening. When Jesse finds out Walt put a bug on his car he is pissed and the two get into a vicious fight which was hinted at at the beginning of the episode. After all Jesse did for Walt by standing up for him although Walt is just paranoid and doesn't want to die is all. Jesse banishes him from his life forever and Walt leaves. A powerful and pivotal things has happened, the partnership has crumbled and Jesse is Gus's now. Walt is all alone. This was a very heavy episode but it was saved by some light moments like when Walt tries to make small talk about what Jesse watches on TV and doesn't know what Ice Road Truckers is. Seeing Walt simply not care that his death is supposedly right around the corner is good too. Seeing him smoking cigarettes and drinking beer and having a devil may care attitude of "we're both dead so there" kind of stuff is what makes his character so fascinating to see change. A good question is if Jesse will indeed go and if it will be shown off screen or not and whether Walt will move in on Gus alone now like he did before and if Gus is really going along with the cartel or is really playing along to kill them off. Hard to believe we're close to the end of the season coming up. It's painful to see Jesse and Walt against one another, their partnership is largely what this show started out as. Hopefully they can come back together in some way unless they both die.

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