Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2011 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • Apparently the chicken farm set location was being demolished but the owners held off on demolition until the crew shot their scene for this episode. Later on in the season, extra shots from this day of filming were used since they knew that they would not be able to get back. Michelle also mentions that they lost the original Saul's location, so as you'll notice this season, the outside is not really shown.

    • It took one full day to film the entire fight scene. They had stuntman bear the worst of the fighting but most of the fight was played out by Aaron and Bryan (Aaron particularly notes the several takes of him being thrown against the wall). Aaron said they would laugh between takes because it was so fun. In addition, originally, the writers wanted to use Gus to tell Walt about the latest developments but after they saw Aaron Paul's performance they knew they made a good choice in letting Jesse relay the trip to Mexico to Walt.

    • Gus' house number is 1213, as seen when Jesse is allowed into the home.

  • Quotes

    • Jesse: [After] everything that I have done for you... You put a bug... on MY car?!
      Walt: [What] you've done for me?! You've killed me is what you've done! You signed my death warrant! And now you want advice? Alright, I'll give you advice: go to Mexico and screw up like I know you will and wind up in a barrel somewhere! (Jesse gets physical and throws the GPS tracker at Walt's head, drawing blood. Walt charges at Jesse and the two struggle for several minutes, each landing several punches on each other. Finally, Jesse ends up pinning Walt to the floor and punching and kicking him several times, his face now cut and bruised. Walt does get up, albeit slowly.)
      Jesse: (Breathing heavily) Can you walk?
      Walt: (Struggling to stand, grabs his glasses from the floor) ...Yeah.
      Jesse: Good then get the **** outta here and never come back.

    • Jesse: I knew you would react this way! I knew you would freak out and you wouldn't believe me! That's why I didn't say anything. Look, there was just this one big pot of stew, OK? He just made this one big pot and we both ate from it. What was I supposed to do, huh? Poison myself?
      Walt: Two hours and 18 minutes and you couldn't figure out a way to give it to him.
      Jesse: He never left the room?
      Walt: You had one thing to do, one thing! That is the only thing, I might add, that would save our lives. And you were right there. You were in the house and you didn't have the guts to do it! You never had any intention of killing him, did you?
      Jesse: Two hours and 18 minutes? How did you know I was at his house last night? Were you following me?
      Walt: This, this is how I knew (Throws GPS tracker to Jesse).

    • Jesse: Word has come down that they want me to go to Mexico. There's some sort of war brewing between Gus and the Cartel.
      Walt: Word has come down?
      Jesse: The Cartel has been messing with Gus' operation, like jacking trucks to like send a message. And yesterday? That dude we brought to the lab? They shot him right in front of me! Just blew his head open! Some sniper nailed him from like a mile away. Anyway, they've been holding off but from between Cartel taking potshots and you're brother-in-law trying to throw a net over the whole deal, it's like what you call a rock and a hard place situation. So Gus is gonna cave. So the Cartel wants half of Gus' entire operation and they want your formula. And he's gonna give it to them. Well, I, I gotta give it to them. I mean, I'm supposed to go to Mexico and teach a bunch of Cartel chemists how to cook a batch of blue. Y'know, Gus doesn't trust you so I gotta go! I mean, you're the chemist, man, not me. I mean, let's say I go down and go over there to the jungle or whatever and say they got actual chemists, I mean Cartel chemists, asking me chemistry stuff that I don't know how to answer because I'm not you. And what if all the equipment is in Mexican instead of English? Ugh, I dunno, I dunno, if I mess this up, I am dead. All of us! Mr. White, look, I need your help. OK, maybe you could, uh, could like coach me or something or you could give me some notes. Mr. White?
      Walt: So you saw Gus?
      Jesse: What? No.
      Walt: So you didn't see Gus?
      Jesse: No.
      Walt: Then who told you all of that?
      Jesse: It was passed down, like I said.

  • Notes

    • The show is very implicit when it comes to stating timelines. Over dinner with Gus, Jesse mentions it's been about a month since he started working for Gus, when at the time Gus didn't see any value in Jesse and figured he was better off dead (late Season 2, early Season 3).

    • Cast: Saul (Bob Odenkirk), and Walt Jr. (R.J. Mitte) are credited but do not appear.

  • Allusions

    • Jesse mentions that he watches Ice Road Truckers, a show about driving trucks in the world's worst driving conditions.

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