Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 4

Bullet Points

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2011 on AMC

Episode Recap

Mike is in a truck travelling somewhere. He's in the back of the Los Pollos Hermanos truck carrying chicken, but undoubtedly drugs as well. The truck is refrigerated so Mike is wearing a sheep-fleece hat and heavier jacket than you'd expect to see in ABQ. Mike notices the truck stopping. The driver gets out as two Mexican men stop the truck and then after discussion, the driver is shot. Mike gets his gun ready but is almost hit by a bullet when one of the gunmen fire through the truck. Mike then ducks to hide. The two gunmen start shooting through the truck with heavy machine guns. Mike ducks for cover and is almost hit. After emptying their clips, they reload and start shooting again. Hundreds of bullets riddle the truck. Mike is still alive when the two men open the truck cargo doors. Mike quickly takes them out with 3 shots from his own gun. He steps out of the truck and checks for damage to his body. He takes off his wintery hat, keeping him warm from the refrigerated truck, and reveals an ugly injury – a grazing to his ear, which took a nice chunk of out it. Close call.

It's 3 AM and Skyler wakes to write down a note. She's been working on a gambling backstory for Walt so that this can support the lies they have told Marie and Hank. They head to a gambling anonymous meeting, where Walt has difficulty staying awake. Back at home Skyler deals cards to help Walt practice. On the table are books on counting cards and more, things like the M.I.T. method. They haggle back and forth about whether to actually show that Walt is good at card games, but then Walt suggests that gambling isn't the answer because he's in recovery (gambling anonymous) so that will be part of the story. Skyler does agree and then heads over to the couch where she has prepared a script. Walt comments, it feels more like a novella, asking if he has to memorize it! But Skyler wants to make sure they have their story straight. They soon start rehearsing their lines in the script and Walt comments that this has become a convoluted thing. They haggle some more about it. They work out cues and incorporate the cancer to work up the sympathy.

The family heads over to Hank and Marie's house. Walt Jr. and Walt head down the hall to see Hank's mineral collection while Marie and Skyler prepare dinner. Walt can actually relate because there is a lot of chemistry within the minerals, for example, how oxidation can allow certain colors to come forth. Hank then mentions that he's been working on a case for APD and passes Walt a DVD to insert into the player. Walt makes sure it's not a dead body or something. Hank says no way. The DVD loads and Walt goes into shock. It's Gale singing karoke to some music. He must have recorded himself at some point. Hank says you're looking at the ABQ's number one enemy (Heisenberg). At the dinner table, Skyler is now telling the gambling backstory to Marie and Hank, and to Walt Jr. as well, filling them all in. It's all believable. Skyler's story is thorough and doesn't require further questioning. Walt Jr. asks for a car for his birthday, saying that they can certainly afford it now.

Walt excuses himself to head to the bathroom, but instead he tries to take a peek at the evidence box from the case Hank is working on. He sees the crime scene photos and the lab notes, but Walt is taking too long. He bumps into Hank on the way back. Hank says that what they just heard in the kitchen was heavy, so if Walt ever needed to talk about things, Hank says he can lend an ear. Walt says the same thing, letting Hank know that he can talk to him about anything you know, even cases, etc. So Hank shows him the case in more detail. Walt looks through the lab notes book and the two talk at length. Walt's shock soon subsides because Hank thinks that Heisenberg was Gale and he is now dead. Hank shows Walt a quote to a "W.W." – Woodrow Wilson, Willy Wonka, Walter White, Hank asks? Walt tackles this smoothly, saying there is a poem in the lab notes written by Walt Whitman somewhere in the lab notes. Hank laments that he wished that he could have arrested this Heisenberg guy himself. He also notes that there were some fingerprints at the scene, so the APD will track the person down eventually.

After leaving Hank's, Walt heads directly to Jesse's. However, the house is still a disaster. The house is literally in shambles, graffiti everywhere, people on the floor, and more. Walt says the case of Gale is being investigated and there may have been fingerprints there. Jesse says he left no fingerprints and we know this is true. Walt asks about the gun – did Jesse pick up the casings? Jesse says no. Jesse recalls that he only got in and got out. Walt keeps pressing: did you knock or did you ring? Did you say anything? How many shots? Jesse starts bringing up the horrible act again and Jesse can't take it anymore and struggles to get out of Walt's grip. He gives $100 to two guys who take Walt out of his house.

Walt heads to Saul next. Saul tries to reassure Walt, saying that if they had anything, Jesse would have been arrested already. But Walt is still worried about Hank making connections between Jesse and the blue meth. Saul says he will sue Hank if there is an arrest. Walt wonders when this stopped being a business – he's the only one being professional. He wonders how everything got screwed up. Saul suggests buying a paddle – one to disappear with, as if up a river. Saul has a guy who can make it happen, that is, new identities for the family and such. It's an endgame solution though. Saul says the Jesse is the most likely to be targeted next but Walt says that Gus would not let the police find Jesse's body.

Back at Jesse's house, he wakes up and turns the music on. He tells the talkative kid to make sure there's food here when he gets back. Another guy, who doesn't appear to be on drugs, notices that Jesse grabs some money from somewhere in the house. At the lab, Jesse and Walt work. The camera follows their every move, mostly Jesse's moves though. At the end of the workday, Jesse returns to the mess of a house. Jesse takes a girl upstairs to the bedroom, but instead of sex, they play video games. Jesse notices that the money is missing, but doesn't do anything.

The next morning, Mike is there and gets Jesse out of bed. Mike has already cleared the house. But one guy is lying on the floor, tied up and gagged. The sober guy that stole the money. Mike shows Jesse the money they caught and Ray the new guy is also there. Mike says that Jesse is on thin ice. But they are not going to kill the thief. Mike meets with Gus and tells him straight that Jesse is being increasingly incautious. Something has to be done. Back at the superlab, Walt is working but Jesse has not arrived yet. This is unusual, so Walt heads over to Jesse's hoping that he's really still there, alive. Walt calls and then breaks in where there's no answer. Walt finds an open window and then heads upstairs. The house is empty and Jesse's phone is on the nightstand. Walt is shocked and heads back to the superlab. Walt heads down the stairs and looks up to the camera, pissed off shouting where is Jesse. Mike is already transporting Jesse away, calmly in the old Buick. Jesse doesn't even say anything – he doesn't even care where he's going.