Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 4

Bullet Points

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2011 on AMC

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  • Metamorphosis: A Walter White Story

    What a fantastic episode first of all. We start out with Skyler and Walt working together to work out how to play his gambling story to when they tell Hank and Marie about it to make their purchasing the car wash believable. Walt gets bitten by karma again when Hank shows him stuff from Gale's murder case that he was given to consult on and having Walt give him tips on the contents of the notebook and the meth in question was yet another way of putting Walt right under Hank's nose. Walt goes to Jesse for details and to make sure that he can't be connected to the crime scene and Jesse's new activities get him attention from the wrong people. The house scene when Walt asks Jesse what he remembers was a real punch and seeing Walt walk amongst the zonked out junkies on his own product shows him the effect that his product creates for the public and the repercussions of his and Jesse's actions and how much their antics over the past few seasons have eroded them as people from the inside out much like the house has become trashed sort of as a metaphor. Walt goes to Saul for advice on what to do next now that his business with Gus has become all high school as far as peer pressure and expectations are and he's a total hypocrite to declare himself the only person who can take it as a business. One thing I'm not sure on is if Jesse's truly on drugs since we never see him take them, sure he supplies the chaos but I think he just basks in it sort of as a non-participant. My favorite part was when he gave the whip crack to Mike over what he thinks of him getting clipped and his defiance of those above him in this situation and his devil may care attitude about life as of late since Victor's death seems to be leading him down the wrong road. But as Saul said, you can always disappear. The ending was super suspenseful and one of the best that Breaking Bad has ever done. Gone are the days of being safe in the lab.