Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 4

Bullet Points

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 07, 2011 on AMC

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  • Walt and Skyler construct an elaborate story while Mike and Gus discuss Jesse.


    I think Vince Gilligan and the rest of the cast and crew gave us the show's best episode this season. Sure, it didn't have any scenes with Gus slitting other people's throats with box cutters or Walt going all Heisenberg on somebody, but it managed to cover an incredibly dense amount of story without anything feeling like it dragged on too long or without it feeling like the writer didn't include enough time on certain characters or plot threads. All in all, for an episode that didn't necessarily inch forward the plot, it certainly felt full of great moments.

    The episode title likely received its name from two different moments: the amazing cold open and the equally amazing dialogue between Skyler and Walt that followed it. The cold open showed Mike sitting in the back of a Pollos Hermanos truck, shivering in a sweater with a gun in his hand. Shortly after, a couple of guys pull up and unload hundreds of bullets into the side of the truck. However, it's Mike we're talking about, so they're dispatched quickly, but not before they take a piece of Mike's ear off. The show didn't go on to explain the purpose of this scene, but based on the "previously on" segment, it must be the cartel attempting to attack back at Gus.

    As for that scene I mentioned before regarding Skyler and Walt, it followed them as they discussed how to finally explain to Hank and Marie how they received their money. It seems like a relatively minor moment in the show compared to some of the other stuff it's done, but to be honest, I see it as a pretty big step. It finds Walt and Skyler growing closer in their lies and their criminal activity and also finds them getting closer to laundering the money. The scene where they, via Skyler's bullet-pointed layout, go over how they'll tell Hank and Marie lead to many laughs (the show seems to be playing for laughs lately). It also showed how different the relationship between the two is compared to earlier in the show.

    There's also the scenes where Walt and Skyler actually act out the plan that they laid out. It's in this situation where Walt finally learns that Hank has discovered and is studying Gale and seems to be getting closer and closer to discovering Heisenberg. To be fair, Hank is close but not that close… in fact, he actually thinks that GALE of all people is Heisenberg. And he has a slew of evidence at his disposal (including an absolutely hilarious karaoke video of Gale singing "Major Tom (Coming Home)." It should be interesting to see how in the world Hank ties into Walt's world again.

    And then we have Jesse, who continues his descent. I've been a little irritated with the way the show keeps showing us the same stuff over and over in regards to how Jesse reacted to killing Gale. However, the show is finally kicking things into second gear. Mike shows up at Jesse's house and tries to intimidate him but ultimately fails as he finally sees that Jesse seems about to go off the deep end. As a result, he kidnaps him and takes him on a long drive, which is where we're left when the episode ends. Walt shows up at Jesse's house, freaking out, and within moments, realizes that he's been taken. And based on next week's preview, we may see a glimpse of Heisenberg sooner than we expected.

    It's difficult to really review the episode because there were so many great little moments scattered throughout, and together, they all added up to a great episode.