Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2012 on AMC

Episode Recap

A dump truck brings the supplies back to the Vamonos Pest warehouse. Walt, Mike, and Todd dismantle the dirt bike, which they brought back from the train robbery in the desert. They dismantle every piece of it and put it into a large plastic barrel. Todd cuts the frame of the bike in half. The guys then pour hydrofluoric acid into the barrel. Back in the dump truck, Todd searches for the body of the boy who is buried beneath some dirt. Todd finds the boy's hand. Mike watches as Walt prepares a second barrel.

Meanwhile, Jesse waits outside too horrified to participate in this act. Todd finds Jesse outside smoking and lights up a cigarette himself. Jesse is reluctant to make conversation and is obviously angry. Todd says "shit happens" but Jesse punches him right in the face. Later, the men all meet in the Vamonos Pest office talking about Todd's decision to kill the boy, which he defends. Walt and Mike listen. Jesse says the boy was not a threat. However, Todd says that no one was supposed to see them there and asks Walt if he's done anything wrong. Walt tells Todd to leave as they talk it over for a few minutes. Jesse says this is unacceptable when Todd leaves. Walt agrees with Todd's position, because you never know whom the kid could have told.

Walt says there are three options, none of which are ideal. They either fire Todd, they dispose of him, or keep him on payroll, but under close watch. Walt says he votes for option three and so does Mike. Jesse isn't so sure, but he is now outnumbered. Mike tells Todd that he's still in but shoves Todd against a fence saying never to bring a gun to a job without telling him. After that, Todd leaves, but he has kept the boy's tarantula in a jar. Meanwhile, Gomez heads over to see one of the officer's watching Mike's house. They spot Mike casually babysitting his granddaughter Kaylee. Mike knows they are watching so he calmly places a note underneath a garbage can in the park. Gomez thinks it's a package drop, so they investigate when Mike finally leaves. When Gomez checks it out, the note says "F**K YOU".

Later that night, Mike works overnight checking over Hank's bug to see if he's any closer to them on the case. He scans through hours of audio and finally comes across audio about Mike. Gomez and Hank discuss him saying that Mike will slip up one day.

Meanwhile, Skyler visits Marie to spend time with the baby. Marie asks about the therapy and Skyler pretends she is making progress. Skyler sobs though and Marie springs into concern asking Skyler what the matter is. She wants the children to be safe and is concerned. She divulges that the children are not safe at home and that they need to stay at Marie's house. Skyler then says that there are things if she divulges right now, Marie would never speak to her again. Marie says Skyler needs to forgive herself for her affair with Ted. Skyler appears shocked but goes with along with this admission. Skyler says she feels better getting this off her chest.

The next day, Jesse and Walt are working within a tented house. Walt is ready to get back to work after breaking for lunch, but Jesse checks the status on the missing boy reports on TV. Drew was his name and he's now been missing for four days. Walt turns off the TV as Jesse starts tearing up. Walt says that they finally have everything they need to continue forward for at least the next few months. Nothing like this will happen again, Walt says. Walt offers to finish up and sends Jesse home for the rest of the day. Walt gets into the inner tent while Jesse prepares to leave, surprised at Walt whistling a cheery tune. Jesse is shocked at how easily Walt is taking the murder of the boy.

Later that evening, Walt heads back to the Vamonos Pest office where he unexpectedly finds Mike and Jesse there meeting. Mike explains that the DEA have been all over him the past couple of weeks but he managed to throw them off to meet here tonight. Walt is surprised that Mike is only telling him right now. Mike says he has it under control but Walt is concerned. Mike decides that he is out – he needs to be out because it's getting too hot for him. Walt assumes Jesse will take over responsibility for Mike's distribution. Suddenly, Jesse somberly says he wants out as well. He doesn't want to do this anymore. Shocked, Walt says that they are sitting on potentially $300 million of dollars of methylamine (when turned into drugs). Mike says he and Jesse will take their cut of the methylamine profits and sell it to a contact Mike knows through Gus. Jesse pipes in that they could sell each third for $5 million each. Mike details that he will pay all of the jailed associated with his share and Walt won't have to worry about anything. Heavy news for Walt to take in. Walt says that they will be selling to his competitors. Mike says that the contact is located in Phoenix. Walt asks Jesse why he's willing to sell out for pennies. They could each have $100 million when the methylamine is used up. Jesse says he's not interested in the meth business, he's only interested in the money, and this is now enough to get him out.

The next day, Mike and Jesse head out to the desert. Jesse seems concerned. Soon, a truck approaches and two men get out. Mike gives them one gallon of methylamine on the house. The other 665 gallons will cost the pair $9.975 million. The men, the main guy is Declan, say they will take the sample and will most likely be able to get the money. Declan says the price is totally worth it, providing that the blue meth will finally be off the market. Mike and Jesse explain that there is a third partner but his production will be cut down without the two of them to help. Declan is not happy and would rather have the production ground to a halt. Mike and Jesse can't promise anything so they say nothing. The man revises his deal: $15 million for the entire 1000 gallons now. Mike says that third is not his to sell.

At home, Walt's cellphone rings. When he picks it up, he asks someone to come over to his house to meet. Jesse comes by and sits down on the couch. Jesse relays Mike's news that the buyer wants the entire 1000 gallons. Jesse figured Walt would say no but he urges Walt to complete the deal. Jesse grills Walt: Walt originally said, he only needed $737,000. Now he has the chance to make $5M and the deal could be done tomorrow. But Jesse hasn't seen what happened. Walt has lost his family already. Walt doesn't want to sell out and he has worked very hard so he doesn't want to throw it away for nothing. Walt starts saying that he was one of the co-founders of Grey Matter, the company introduced to use back in Season 1. The company has a couple of patents and potential but then things grounded to a halt as a result of disagreements between the other two co-founders, took a buyout when he left the company. At the time, he got $5000, which was a lot of money for him. The company is now worth billions of dollars. Walt says he's neither in the meth business nor the money business – he's in the empire business.

Skyler abruptly comes home through the front door and sees Jesse there. Walt smirks and asks Jesse to stay for dinner, showing Jesse that Skyler knows a lot more. Over an awkward silence, Jesse tries to complement Skyler on her cooking, but she says she picked it up at the deli. Skyler pours a large glass of wine. Jesse says Walt has said Skyler runs the car wash well. Skyler asks Jesse if Walt also told him about her affair! Jesse's faces fills with tension as Skyler excuses herself from the table. Walt says his kids are gone kicked out of the house. Walt says she is counting the days until his cancer comes back. This business is all he has left now.

Walt heads over to the Vamonos warehouse where he tries to take the truck full of methylamine that Mike and Jesse have prepared already. Mike, however, is there and tells him to come to the office – not a request as he shows off his pistol. Walt says Mike needs to hear Walt out, but Mike says to sit down where they spend the entire night waiting for Declan to appear. Early the next morning, Mike checks his watch. He says he needs to attend to something before the deal goes down. But he doesn't trust Walt to be alone at the warehouse, so he restrains him, to Walt's disbelief. Mike apologizes, but leaves Walt cuffed to the radiator. After Mike leaves, Walt searches for a way to get out of this. He grabs the electric cord from a coffee machine and breaks open the wiring with his teeth. He then switches the coffee machine back on and uses the two separated wires as a sort of soldering tool with the igniting sparks to cut through the plastic restraint. Walt burns himself a bit in the process.

Meanwhile, Mike heads to the DEA with Saul Goodman as his lawyer asking the DEA to stay away from Mike. Hank and Gomez hear Saul out as he explains the stalking behavior that the DEA is participating in, which is illegal. Saul has filed for a temporary restraining order against the DEA. Mike and Saul leave and they listen in on the bug from Hank's office. Hank and Gomez agree to stay away from Mike for a while. However, Saul warns that the restraining order will get tossed out, even though he presented a good chance of acceptance in the meeting. But this was Mike's plan the entire time. Saul says Mike has about 24 hours of DEA-free time. Mike gets back to the warehouse only to find the truck full of methylamine gone. Mike rushes into the office where Jesse and Walt are. Mike already has his gun out and is ready to shoot Walt but Jesse yells that there's a new deal and everybody will win. But the episode ends before he explains.