Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 19, 2012 on AMC

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  • Solid episode. Tension builds right through.

    I am a week behind, so I apologize. I am also horribly behind on reviewing this fine season of Breaking Bad. This is my first review of the season and it's a hell of an episode to review.

    The beginning with the dirt bike fit perfectly with the low music and no words. The acid is a cleansing tool for Walt, a tactic used for the third time now. The boy, who I will say, was indeed quite innocent, didn't even need to be shown. We knew he was going to be in the second barrel. We knew the acid was coming.

    Rifts between Mike, Jesse, and Walt drastically increase in this episode. Although Mike initially agrees with Walt's decision that Todd did a good thing and we need to keep him alive, we can clearly see Mike and Jesse plotting to get the hell out of this business as soon as possible. Mike's day to day life is even more jeopardized due to Walt's actions - he's constantly being haunted by the DEA, he's working overtime because he has to listen to the wire-taps, and he's still basically controlling this business. He's the hardest worker of the trio. He's also been doing something else in the meantime, working with Jesse on finding a way out.

    Mike's plan was pretty good. And the only reason why Walt doesn't sell right now is that the difference between selling now and the potential is a huge: roughly $95 million. This is huge to Walt, huge to anyone really, but Walt has changed. $5M is not enough anymore, despite what Mike and Jesse say. That potential profit is too much to ignore. I must say, I was not expecting this at all during this episode. I initially thought this episode (judging by the title) was going to involve offering Mike a buyout solely on Walt's orders. Just goes to show how surprised one can be by watching an episode every week. And I was really impressed by how solidly this entire episode was written from a logical point of view. Mike and Jesse sounded so smooth with their numbers, you can only imagine how many times those were worked out in the writing room.

    I liked Jesse's argument about the $737,000 that Walt initially calculated as adequate profits. And I liked Walt's admission of how he parted ways with Grey Matter.

    I really don't get what people hate about Skyler. She was great in this episode again. Once again, she almost confides too much with Marie. And this time, I really thought she said some stunners - insisting that she wants the children to stay at Marie's because they will not be safe at home and then saying that she cannot even start to tell Marie a thing because of the severity of the transgressions. Marie would never want to speak to her again. The tension was great and it was almost to the boil before Skyler got an outlet through the story with her affair with Ted. I also thoroughly enjoyed that dinner scene with Jesse, Walt, and Skyler. The awkward was at an all-time high and Aaron Paul played this beautifully. Jesse finally understands that Walt has lost a lot more than just money recently, he's lost his entire family. Walt is right, this business is the only thing left and that's why he's so reluctant to sell out.

    So that brings us to the final couple of minutes. The only flaw in this episode was Walt's seemingly odd compliance with Mike when he went back to the warehouse and then to being cuffed to the radiator. I mean... I was expecting a little more fight at that point. But Walt manages to McGuyver himself out of another situation and has now done something with the truck full of methylamine.

    Overall, we saw Mike's intense desire to end this business one way or another. In turn, Jesse sided with Mike again, showing once again his loyalty has not faded for him. I'm not so sure how this will end for Mike, but tonight (episode 7) will be a big episode. It will be really interesting how this situation pans out. I wouldn't be surprised if something goes horribly wrong, or right, who knows. These writers keep us on our toes - a testament to the show. I'm always surprised when I watch and that is just one amazing reason this show continues to dominate.