Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 2

Caballo Sin Nombre

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2010 on AMC
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Despite ever-increasing tension between Walt and Skyler, he pulls out all the stops in an effort to reconcile with the family. Elsewhere, Saul is instrumental in getting Jesse involved in a most unusual investment opportunity.

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  • Despite some ups and downs in quality, it's still a nice episode

    After an average first episode, season three continued to not impress me with this episode. It could be that Spanish episode titles aren't helpful for the show's quality, but that explanation would be a bit too easy, wouldn't it? In my opinion, Vince Gilligan just isn't able to make the most of the situation at this moment. He now has the biggest acting cast up to that point, but the entertainment value is still rather scarce.

    Needless to say, Breaking Bad is still quite a good series and I enjoyed watching this episode, at least the first time I did so. For example, the opening scene was unexpectedly hilarious, even though I didn't completely buy Walt's sudden over-the-top anger. After Hank bailing him out and the two having an awkward conversation in the car, we also get to see an awkward conversation between Jesse and his father. But then it's Saul time again and Bob Odenkirk does what he's best at stealing the show. Exceptionally, this also applies for Jesse who's doing only one thing in this episode, but that's one of the most bad-ass things you can possibly do.

    On top of that, "Caballo Sin Nombre" re-introduces two mysterious bald men, one being Tuco's uncle Tio (racist American writers picking the Spanish word for who the character is as the character's name), the other one being one of Saul's or maybe Gus's associates. While we don't get to know a lot about these two, the scenes they're in are indubitably the most thrilling ones of the episode and make you want to see more.

    Finally, there are two very rememberable moments towards the end: first, the meme-inducing pizza on the roof scene that also includes some well-written dialogs and second, the not-really-encounter between bald Walt, the second bald guy from before, and the bald two guys with the skull boots. Ever noticed that Breaking Bad has more bald than haired characters? Anyway, this is one of the few scenes in which the ever growing Breaking Bad cast is used in the right way, actually also in a funny way as the "Caballo Sin Nombre" comes into play again.

    On the negative side, the characters of Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte are increasingly annoying while Dean Norris and Betsy Brandt seem like entirely unnecessary supporting characters. Luckily though, the good parts are predominant in "Caballo Sin Nombre".moreless
  • 302

    Nothing special here, and it's kind of depressing me considering how superb last season was, and I thought Breaking Bad getting this score was unheard of at the rate it was at. Breaking Bad is known to be a slow burning show, it always pays off in the end right? This episode seemed like a fail attempt of just that.

    No one cares about Skyler, just stop giving her so much air time and get Walt & Jesse cooking meth again, it feels like no one really is doing much, all of everyone is doing is still dealing with the aftermath of the season 2 finale, and on the second episode of the season, I wouldn't say that's progressing.

    Don't get me wrong, Breaking Bad is one of the best dramas on television right now, it's just this episode, virtually nothing happened. We know 2 men are out to kill Walt for one reason or another, and we know Skyler hates Walt, Walt Jr. hates Skyler. Probably the only eventful thing that I found myself smiling at is Jesse getting his house back. That's about it.

    So not Breaking Bad's shining moment here, hope they pick up the pace soon. Fair episode, not great.moreless
  • 302

    After a great season premiere, tonight's episode was anything but great. It was quite predictable (did anyone expect those two henchmen to kill Walt, or for Jesse not to buy the house?) and I was just kind of bored while watching Breaking Bad, something that is rarely the case.

    This episode still had some good moments, some bright spots, if you will, mainly the ones involving recurring guest star Bob Odenkirk, but as a whole this was not a very thrilling, nor memorable installment of Double B.

    The third season premiere did monster numbers, but I have a feeling this episode lost a lot of fas.moreless
  • Skyler tries to distance Walt from their lives, Jesse makes an investment, and Walt gets pepper-sprayed

    This week saw a lot more action than last week's opener. Firstly we see Walt driving along and as he tries to explain to a cop who intends to cite him for his broken windshield that happened because of the airline crash he gets a face full of pepper spray. Hank then busts him out. Walter Jr. is increasingly angry at his mother for not wanting Walt in their lives anymore. Saul does some lawyer magic to get Jesse buying the house anonymously. Cartel cousins return to Tuco's uncle who points out a name to them, "Walter White." Walt then ignores Skyler's demands for distance as he breaks into his own home where Mike, the shady cleaner who works for Saul and first Appeared in ABQ, is setting up surveillance on their home. Then the cartel guys bust in with an axe and just before Walt gets out of the shower they get a text to go to Pollos. Walt never knew they were there. Tension filled episode with much more fast paced storytelling, my favorite. Hope to have a lot more Saul action later too to show off his lawyer muscles.moreless
  • A collection of dark, yet hilarious moments mixed with some family drama.

    Fans of Breaking Bad: don't be too harsh on the second episode of the season. Those of you expecting bald men to blow up another truck or other intense moments like that will most likely have to wait for a little while. However, what we did get was an episode focused on the lingering effect that Walt has left with his family. We also get a number of different hilarious moments, Walt diving further into his funk, Jesse finally getting some well-deserved revenge on his family and Saul making a perfectly timed return.

    The writing on this show is so good, there's no way around it. It's easy to find yourself being absorbed into the world of Walter White. I love the way this show opens their episodes too, as they can usually thematically predict where an episode might be heading. That's a lie, actually, as Breaking Bad tends to avoid being predictable. For every thing they do that you think is predictable, they throw a little twist on it. Walt getting arrested is just one of my instances where he loses his temper; he's not coping well with the idea of being away from family, and as a result, he's getting closer and closer to realizing that.. yes, he may have to resort back to his old ways. I don't think they actually said anything like this in the episode, but it's easy to see how that could work.

    The supporting cast of Breaking Bad is still just as uneven. Jesse and Saul are superb, especially Saul. He brings the ridiculous, slightly over-the-top humor to the show that is hidden underneath the black comedy that Walt and Jesse bring (I use comedy, but the show is far from a straight-forward comedy, yet there's no denying the humor, however dark it may be). He was on point all episode, and hopefully we see much more of him this season. Especially worth noting is that Saul, whether he knows it or not, has some sort of connection to the Cousins/Twins/Skull Boot Brothers trying to find Walt. It seems Saul's inside man, the man who launders the money and does odd jobs for Saul, knows Gus, the man from the chicken restaurant. Gus seems to know the Cousins, and the Cousins seem to know Tuco.. which means, perhaps, that Gus knows Tuco? It's very strange to think this is true, but maybe the rest of the season will clear all of this up.

    Regardless of how good certain aspects were, it was admittedly a duller episode, although that's like saying that an episode of Seinfeld wasn't funny: no matter what the show does, it's going to be intense. It just wasn't as intense as last week. However, we got a lot of great scenes, and an incredible acting job by Bryan Cranston, who can probably three-peat for the Best Actor Emmy. Seeing him argue with the cop and yell at his wife's voice on the messaging machine was amazing, and shows how invested into this role Cranston is. Hopefully we get many more great moments from him. So far, Season 3 has not disappointed. I'm looking forward to even better moments from here on out.moreless
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Dan Desmond

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Mark Margolis

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • According to Bryan Cranston in an interview, throwing the pizza (which was very real and very heavy) onto the roof took one take. And there's a split second where Bryan actually does a double-take, surprised at the result.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Hank: (About Walt) Sky, I know it's none of my business, but keeping him away from his kids?
      Skyler: You're right, Hank. It's none of your business.

    • (Walt brings home dinner, pizza, and rings the bell, hoping Skyler will let him into the house.)
      Skyler: We have discussed everything we need to discuss. I thought I made myself very clear.
      Walt: [But] I got dipping sticks!

    • (Upon hearing about Walt's split with Skyler)
      Saul: You've been out of circulation for awhile. You'll be just amazed at what's out there. Thailand, the Czech Republic, those women are so grateful to even be here.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: January 13, 2013 on Nova Cinema

    • Featured Music:

      "Horse With No Name" by America
      "Black Seas at the Crib" by Tight Phantomz
      "Oh Beautiful" by Pat Boone
      "Morning Sun" by Ambros Seelos
      "Magic Arrow" by Timber Timbre

    • Clearly, the shooting location for Jessie's aunt's house has changed. Jessie's dad mentions extensive renovations being done, but the home is entirely different than the one used before (i.e. where the old meth lab was). According to Vince Gilligan in an interview, the owners of the original "Jessie's aunt's" house did end up selling their house. The production team had to shift the shooting location.

    • The title of this episode is Spanish and is translated as "Horse with no name", as a reference to America's first single, "A Horse With No Name".